Wakeup Call Message
March  09, 2006


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My beautiful ones, I come to you with a song. I come to you with a garland of lace and rainbows. I come to you following the guidance from within. I come to you knowing that all is in perfect abundance and that there is no want for anything. For I come to you from afar and from right here beside you. I come with the wings of an angel and with the starry skies filling to the brim and washing over all of you with the love of The Creator, forevermore.


I AM Clandestine, and I come this day with a name that is to be chosen for its beauty and its rhythm, for it resonates with a beauty that surpasses the common thought of it. I have chosen this name to turn around the energies that resound with the frequency behind the name. This is a name that has been chosen to reap the knowledge that all is in a name, and that when the frequency is taken to the opposing end, there is a negative connotation, and therefore a review of the original is in order.


What would you say that the name means to your society? Before you utter that meaning I will ask Nancy to tell you what her dictionary says. (Nancy: it means concealed, secret.) Ah-h-h, there we are my dear ones. Remove the judgment of the name and what do you have? Is it not secrets that you keep from yourselves? Is it not that you have concealed your true selves from your consciousness?


I come now as a gift to you. I come with a name that represents you, so that you may face yourselves in the mirror and see who you really are. I come to knock on your door and ask for the key to the lock so that you may find yourselves again. I come to show you how the real meaning of a word can remove the judgment and set it free to be what it is.


Taken down to a place of ill repute, one sees ones own idea of clandestine. Is it not that there is a freedom expressed in the enactment of a clandestine affair? Is it not an idea that moves this word to a place of judgment? Is this not the same with your own lives with the words that your actions represent?


Now look at the words that you utter in place with the actions. Are these a match, or have they been molded to represent something that is quite different from what you have originated within you?

Give a moment to a thought that represents something else. Does this thought bring a warm feeling, or does it stab a bit and cause you pause?


How does this word resonate within your Spirit? Does it show recognition, or does it seek to further hide your brilliance? Take a moment and utter your chosen word. How does it feel within you and what comes to mind with the frequency? Look again at your life, and how the words you use have created your life as you see it, not as you would have it be. Is this the result of good choice of words, or is it the result of a memory of words that brought you familiar feelings, good or not so good?


Words are frequencies. They ride through your body as a train, letting off passengers and taking others on. They serve refreshments, or they open up the sleepers for your rest. These words set a pattern in sentences that create a lifestream of expression that creates the physical world outside your door. They bring to you the ultimate in expression, and they support the lies that you bring to yourself. They also support the truth that you bring to your world, and with this truth, you find words that match in frequency. As you use these words you give them fullness of meaning, and when they feel good within your body you know that you have chosen well.


Now the next step is to find the words that do not need to be uttered, but to be thought and recognized by the Oneness as truth. This is the road that takes you to the creation of all that is inherent in your beingness. This brings you to the ability in manifestation of expressing all the time in your innate knowingness. Here you have found the true meaning of the word clandestine and you have found the way to set is aside and deliver the truth open and creating in the solidity of the present expression.


With this revelation you have now given me cause to change my name to a resonance that matches your intent. Now the word is open and represents the bright end of the frequency. Now it is pure in its meaning and represents the wonder that is beheld in what was once clandestine and is now released for all to appreciate. Now I AM another meaning, revitalized and new. Now I am rolling with the energies of change, for there is a whole new frequency that is expressed when someone utters this word. It has been brought to its ultimate expression, and with that comes the truth of the spoken word.


Bring an intent and a feeling of complete and open love and you transform its frequency without changing the look of it. You change the way it feels within and the way it sits in your heart, for you have raised it to a new level of expression, and that level is where there is only the love of Spirit and the energy of that love. Purity is now the meaning of Clandestine, and with that thought in mind I now call myself Clandestiny.


Thank you dear Clandestiny,

Love, Nancy Tate