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Wake up Call: Nancy, June 02, 2017

Dear Ones,

I'm bringing you the last of the Baldor Messages. These are the excerpts and you will be able to read the messages in their entirety by clicking on the Link below.

These times are bringing us all the opportunities to explore what is being thrown at us. We can let the sources know that Love is all there is, and as we travel through the moments we do so with the knowledge that it is all a part of our road to ascension. enjoy the trip and see it all as our chance to overcome the old energy of too much, regarding it as part of the journey to the Love life that we are creating for ourselves and all of Life.

Love you all!

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Baldor Message Excerpts #6


Wake up Call: Baldor May 13, 05: Today is a day to go about your business and see what you can do to make your world the best it can be. Today you are master of your domain, and as has been the case, you are in control of what your world looks like.

You can affect the world that you live in. You and all the others around you can bring about changes on a global scale, just by being that which you would have the world be.

Wake up Call: Baldor May 26, 06: When we come to you in this manner we do so with the full authority of the yin and yang. We come to you with the recognition that there is only one and in that one there is the double gender expression that provides the totality of the expression.

The language of the spheres is endless. It is a language that cannot end; it is a communication with the All. It is the way that the Creator, Source of all is able to be with all of you, to live the constancy of itself with you.

Wake up Call: Baldor June 20, 06: Orloff is another aspect of earth. With our ability to become one with all there is also comes the ability to express in the stream in which we identify as Orloff. We are from one of your futures and in as much we have been expressing a probability in which any of you may choose to express for your evolvement in the stage of life.

As we merge with our soul expressions on earth we do so without forgetting our expressions on Orloff. We are in the process and in so doing we still hold the energy of intent that is necessary for a time longer

Wake up Call: Baldor Dec 27, 06: As you wend your way through the remainder of this holiday season remember the words of a wise man who trod through the fields of battle and saw the truth of what was taking place. “If but for one other thought than war these men would lay down their arms, they would then embrace each other and invite them home for tea.”

Your changes will begin within, my dear ones. It will begin with a song, a whisper of joy. It will then blossom out to the splendor of the hour, the days the weeks as they travel across the mind and create in the echo of the thoughts that wash over you.



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