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Dear Ones,

Because of some dizziness and a bit of imbalance that I am experiencing this morning, I have no Wake up Call today, but I do have the Baldor Message Excerpts #5 for you, and the link to go to read the full messages from the # 5 list.

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Baldor Message Excerpts #5


Wake up Call: Baldor Aug 10, 04: My dear ones, you can live in a world where light exists as the only expression of being. Even with all the carnage and fear that others perceive around you, you can come to an understanding that there is only light, and that the degrees of light are but instances of expression of that light.

When you bring your life into balance it affects others, just because you are not an island unto yourself. You reach out and touch others, and you make a difference. Be that difference that moves mountains, even if it is a pebble on the periphery of an anthill that rolled aside creates freedom.

Wake up Call: Baldor Aug 13, 04:  I bring you a message today of unrequited love, and a sense of knowing who you are. There is a path that the two can follow along very carefully, and when this happens, one justifies the other. This can be a situation between two people of the opposite attraction, or between a whole nation, or the world.

You know that there is nothing in this world that surpasses that which is given freely and comes back around, in an instant. Love is the fuel by which you can bring the result of that love to your reality. It is always with you, for it is a part of you, it is indeed you.

Wake up Call: Baldor Sept 03, 04: There is something today that I, Baldor would like to share with you. This is that there is soon coming to this planet earth a new way of looking into the universe. This new way has already begun with the onslaught of new information that is coming not only to the lightworkers and stargazers, but to the scientific community as well.

As the earth in one particular reality evolved with her people to a place where they could no longer be self-sustaining because of wars and conflict, she gave a great burp, and became another place in her reality. This is the planet that is Orloff, and this was an expression of the earth that was expelled from her universe and given over to a different paradigm.

Wake up Call: Baldor Dec 08, 04: I AM coming to you from your future, for you have passed every obstacle to the peaceful future that you intend. You have expressed the desire to go to the lengths it will take to create a peaceful and just future, with no one left out, not even those who would seek to destroy you today.

You are removing all the obstacles to the time machine that is ever revolving and bending to your wishes. You have learned how to manipulate time to your advantage and to the advantage of earth and the rest of the solar system as well.  

Wake up Call: Baldor Dec 16, 04: My dear ones, there comes a time in everybody’s life when they decide it is time to stand up and be counted. Is this that time in your life? Are you one who is ready to take the bull by the horns and take a stand for what you feel is the way to be in this world?

Many of you are probably saying that you know this, why is Baldor telling us this kindergarten stuff? My friends, it is because some of us have taken ourselves back to kindergarten to take up some of what we left there.



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