June 13, 2016                Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Nancy, June 13, 2016


I know that so many of the people around the world are in stress, or in a waiting mode for the funds to be released to use to help humanity bring back the freedom of living in a world of abundance. What we’re being told from those outside of us might be more in acceptance if we all continue to realize and live the truth of what we feel and are told from within. Also how we can help to bring about the peace of what it is like in the moment.


For a number of weeks I have been feeling like it is time for us to once again watch our disc of the Rat Race movie, which was created in 2001. It is about a Las Vegas casino magnate, who is determined to find a new avenue for wagering, and sets up a race for money. The main plot revolves around six teams of people who are given the task of racing 563 miles from a Las Vegas casino to a Silver City, New Mexico train station, where a storage locker contains a duffel bag filled with two million dollars. The first person to reach the locker wins and gets to keep the money. The film has a plot similar to It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.


We’ve had a few days of stress here at home with physical issues, etc., as I know so many people have lately. Also, one of my dear nephews passed into the Light on Thursday after dealing with cancer for 2 years. Last night, as we were deciding what to watch for our evening’s entertainment, it came to me so strong that I said, “I insist that we watch Rat Race again! I’m going to, and that it all there is to it; join me if you want to.”


The three of us sat down and began to watch it, immediately laughing as the scenes rolled forth not only in front of us, but within our memories as well. As the ‘story’ rolled on our belly laughs were filling the room with relaxation and freedom of energy, I began to realize what it was saying to me. As the progression of the message of what the people involved in the story were experiencing, it told me that this is an example of what is taking place around the world with the funds that so many people are waiting for. I was seeing that what was being experienced in the movie were examples of what is happening in the situation of the delays of the funds being released.


This told me that it is something that would help so many people who are stressed out about it all. Watching what the ones in the movie were doing and bringing the laughs that release the stress is the answer to how we can live our lives in the moment and release the stress that is part of what is keeping us waiting. It is time to stop waiting and live our lives more in the moment, not keeping ourselves in the idea that there is nothing coming to us, and that we have to wait for others to create a better life for us. We have the ability to bring all that we desire and intend to our lives, as long as we go within and follow our ideas and dreams for a wonderful life on this glorious planet that we have chosen to live on. It is our world, and as we go within to be inspired to what we can do to bring our world back to it’s pristine beauty, we are creating our own movie that can be filled with lightheartedness and laughter, even if there are flip-flops along the way. They make us laugh, and learn from the flip-flops. They help us to bring about that which we are inspired to do for us, and for anyone else that comes from the heart.


So, dear family/friends, follow your instincts and you will see and feel the rewards from respecting what you create. You will see another example of the power that you have to create the world that you know is in harmony and full of love. The movie, Rat Race spoke to me at the end of it, of what we can do, and what we are experiencing in this journey we have been taking here on earth. Let’s lighten up and go within to bring about what we see as our own movie of what we can create in the journey of old seeds springing forth in the various ways that come from our actions. It is time to laugh at the obstacles along the way, and know that we are sending our love to all who are living their parts in this movie of duality that we have created. We’re heading for the end of the story in which we see the treasure of what our journey has been. From the seeds we plant come the trees, leaves, flowers and food that creates that which is beneficial for all of us, and beyond.


I suggest that you might want to watch the movie, for it could give you a similar message, in your own interpretation that is unique to you. That is the answer for us all; to live our life in the Peace, Joy, and Love that we live in every moment.



Much Love, Nancy Tate