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Wake up Call, Recall: Baldor, 2003

Here is the Second Week's Posting of the Baldor Messages


Good morning, I am Baldor, and I come to you this morning to tell you of an event on our planet that mimics one on yours. It is the event that you know of as the Super Bowl. We call our event the Entourage of Plenty, for that is just what it is. We gather at a certain time of our year, and play a game that consists of three shifts of incredible strength and endurance. This is a test of the right use of the brain in our employment of the sensory portions of our anatomy. We carry this out on a field, just as your super bowl is conducted on the football fields, but our game is one of the use of our intellect in the carrying out of the game. Our physical might is not the object here, but only the tool in which we carry out the activities of our mind.

         When we proceed with the game, it as if there is a great bouncing ball that we are carrying down the field. It is passed from player to player through the rigors of the intellect; and the object of the play is to outwit the other in the use of the senses and the intuitive processes. This is a game that encompasses a great deal of the societal energies, and is one that carries through in its energy throughout even the off-season. We prepare for the game through the activities that we employ throughout life. When the time comes for the playout, it is a grand time, and there are players from all around our planet that participate. Play-offs are held to determine the representatives from all the nations of the planet, and the grand finale is held in a different place each year. In this it is much like your Olympics, except it is just the one kind of game, and not several.

        Our players are trained, and are in top shape at all times. This is the cause of the splendid array of players that we have. Many young people aspire to become a player in the games, for that means that they will be awarded many grand prizes if they become a player in the ranks of the champions. The prizes I speak of are those of a celestial nature. There are certain benefits that take the players into realms of study and resulting manifestations of rewards that catapult them into a journey through the nearby celestial neighborhood, and are honored by various modes of study on other planets in our immediate vicinity. This means exploration in other areas of the cosmos.

        Remember, this is a game of wit and senses. It is not a game that honors the brute force of the body, but the use of the intellect in combination with the intuitive senses and the employment of them for the justification of carrying on in the energy of the Creator. These players who come to the Entourage of Plenty have been studying and training all their lives. This is the motivating force behind many of the life activities of the players and future players. This is not a game that differentiates between the female and the male, as it has no need to find a difference.

        When the game is over for a year, there is a period in which the players of all the nations are honored for their participation. When they return home to their own country, they are celebrated for a period of two of your earth weeks. They have days named after them that remain so till the next reign of names. The winners of the final game are heralded by their fellow countrymen, and given a tribute when they return from their celestial celebration and study in the nearby planets of the cosmos.


Many of our advances technologically have been brought forth in these games. There have been innumerable recognitions of the power of competitive activity, for the purpose of bringing new technology to the planet. This is not a competition where only a handful wins; it is a win-win situation, where the whole of Orloff benefits; and the game is the prize for the people of the planet the next year.

            We found through our natural progression of evolution that there is much merit to making play of technological advancement, for within that play there is an innocence that releases barriers to new creation and inspiration. There is an openness that results from these games, and since we don’t regard anyone a loser, there is no hold on the ideas that spring forth. There is no danger that there will be a resistance to an idea by the other players in the game. It is a beautiful working together that is accomplished, and part of the game is to encourage one another to the furtherance of any idea that is presented. We know that from one idea can come the furtherance of more knowledge as to the workings of that idea. Therefore, it is encouraged to bring more from the idea, and to nourish the source of the idea. It is as if they all have energy shovels and are encouraged to use them on each other in the use of their intellect and intuition. The players actually become each other, in a sense; they meld their energies, and become the essence of the whole. This is a fine tuned ability that they develop over the course of their lives. In this way, we have produced some incredible minds here on Orloff, and we send emissaries from the games to these other planets for the furtherance of the sharing of the knowledge with each other.

            I am bringing this information to you to help you to see how the working together for the good of man can be so powerful We here on Orloff have proven this far too many times to count. We live the results of this, and we share this knowledge with all who invite it to them. We have been invited by this one to share this much at least, and now it is up to you to take this information and translate it into your lives if you choose.

        Once you incorporate your ego into the Diviness of your being, then it can be a more powerful part of your beingness than you have experienced from it ever before. The power lies in the release of the energy, not in the holding on to it. Loving your ego, and embracing the gifts it has brought to you can be a powerful tool for its incorporation into your Holiness. Knowing that you are not an individual who is separate from your Creator, can unite the parts of you that in their separateness support the weakness that has come about through you idea of separateness. Once you have reunited all of your parts, including your ego, you will come into the fullness of your power, and you will find that the games such as the one we play can catapult you into the infinity of creation.

            I leave this communication now, and encourage you to a day of an Entourage of Plenty of your own making. This is a premise that can work for you even in your own life, to start, then spread it out to others and see what happens. We love you, here on planet Orloff, and bid you a fond farewell, till the next time.


Baldor April 16, 2003


Good morning all my earthly friends, I am Baldor, and I wish to tell you of a story that is circulating around my planet, Orloff. It is a story of the trials and tribulations that are going on, on earth and the environment in which the activities are taking place.

            The story begins with a testimony to the validity of the beings that have started this huge endeavor. It states that there was once a race of people who came to earth and populated it by genetically altering their original state. It tells of the other race that came and did the altering, in order for them to have a 'Peoples' to order around and manipulate to their end.

            This race that came for conquer was a race of immense size and cunning. They operated outside the spectrum of the Lighter side, or at least within the end of the spectrum that was of the dark. They were not always of that degree, but through their wanderings through the universe and expressing in that degree of darkness, they increased their wanton desires to conquer, and spread their tyranny far and wide. They created inter-galactic wars, and carried their menace to any planet that posed a possibility for conquest.

            When the earthlings came into being on earth they were visited by these dark creatures. The earthlings were persuaded to trust in them and their gifts, for they new not of the tyranny of the others. These others carried on in a posture of benevolence and love, though their hearts were planted in the evil ways that had grown so valuable to them. They had reached a point where they had lost their original aspirations toward love and lightness, and used only the fear with which to conquer the humans, and start their plan to take over the earth.

            For centuries this went on, and the humans gradually lost their remembrance of who they were. The fear that was introduced to their lives was so strong that they eventually lost memory of their light and the abilities that came with that light. So for the succeeding eons the earth humans walked in amnesia and allowed the others to rule their world in the way that had proven successful on the other planets.

            This is the way of the light and dark of the spectrum. This is the way of the totality when it becomes unbalanced. When the darkness of a person takes over the light, and the fear sets in, there is a weakness of the innate knowing and strength that the light provides.

            In the story, the ending is one of supreme assistance and Divine justice, for the light prevails. When Heaven realized that the dark others had capitalized on their rule and were about to blow up their earth, there was a tribunal among the Federation, and intervention was seen as the only way to stop this annialation. But this could not be direct intervention, for in the energy of the earth people was the element of free will. This had to be intervention in the form of an energy that was powerful in its transformative elements. This was determined to be the energy of the Christ.

            The story ends with the new Christ energy coming in and saving the day. The people began to wake up to the real reasons that they had been mislead by the coercion of the others. They began to see how they had been lead like sheep to the slaughter. They began to rebel, and take back their power. They saw how they had been victimized by the others for all those eons, and their indignance was a strength that moved mountains of tyranny and set them free. The others were exposed by the strength and love of the people who in finding their voice, also found their strength in the inner light of their beingness. They found too that they felt compassion for these others, while at the same time knowing that they could not live in their world while they remained in their state of darkness.

            So the earthlings called on Heaven to remove these tyrants and rehabilitate them to their wishes. They knew that to wish death for them, or anything worse, would be to perpetuate the energy in which they had reigned for so long. So the people loved them out of their world and into another. They then set about the mission of creating the Heaven on earth that had been promised them. They began to bring back full recall of who they were, and in that strength they proceeded to build a Garden of Eden in which to live and carry out their purpose of evolution in the Light.

            It is a grand story, and one that is told often on Orloff. We are able to see how such a story can come about, and we see how to assure that it doesn’t happen here. We all thank you on earth for the wonderful gift that you have given all of existence, for we are being given an invaluable historical account of the value of living in the Light of the moment. We also see that you will have a wonderful ecstatic life in the Light of your creator; and we all look forward to the time when we will be visited by any of you as you travel through the universe and come upon our planet here on the edge of your universe.

            We wish blessings in your every moment, and we know that you are living those blessings, for they are the creations that you bring to yourselves in your Divinity. Till the next time, I am Baldor, and I salute you.


Baldor June 12, 2003


This is a morning for playing in the country. This is a morning for singing a song. This is a morning to bring yourself out of the doldrums, for you have a wonderful world, and you are in charge of your world. Good morning I am Baldor, and I come to you today with a message of peace and goodwill.

            Today there is an event going on, on Orloff that supercedes all other. It is an event that takes us to the top of our world and keeps us there all day long. This is an event that brings home the idea of living in authority, and keeping our lives in perfection and peace for all times.

            When we start our day, we call together all of the people in the particular village that we live in. We all meet in the Field of Victory, so-called in purpose. We then stand by while each person tells of the grandest thing he did all year, and the least grand thing. Then he proceeds to tell us his estimation of the rewards he garnered.  One by one, we go through this process. With the larger towns and cities, we group ourselves into neighborhoods, etc. for the purpose of expediency.

            Within this process lies the key for empowerment with our neighbors and family. We all know what each other considers to be rewarding; and we thusly know how we respond to and live with them successfully. There is a real sharing that takes place, and we are able to tune in to them at a moments notice throughout the year for the purpose of being of service in love and in joy. There is no one who in need does not at least have the opportunity to have those needs met by an understanding heart, or a helping hand.

            Through all this, we also respect the others’ need for privacy. We do not attend to their needs and desires if we receive the message to stay away, for privacy is needed for the resolution of the situation. This is a communication that we have fine-tuned through the years on the planet. We are using our powers of telepathy in a way that most suits us. We have kept these powers sharp and keen through the regular use of them.

            There was a time in our evolvement from the time when we were expelled from our mother universe that we practically had to start from fresh. We were left with these abilities intact, though very weak, for we didn’t have the mutual support of the energies of our universal family. As we grew in strength and evolved, we found means by which we could develop our innate abilities to a strength that represented our new way of existing. We drew on the intelligence that we each walked in and found the ways that would best support us in our deliverance of the lives we chose.

            In a way, this is what you are involved in right now. It is not the same, though there are adjustments you will be making for your lives when you are on the other side of the shift. Indeed, you are already undergoing early changes in which you are finding yourselves feeling topsy-turvy, and not knowing how to respond. I say to stop and center, and bring a warm fuzzy feeling into your heart. Think of anything that has made you feel good and bring that feeling strong and sure into yourself. Then associate that feeling with your present circumstances, and find the part of the circumstance that makes you feel like the warm fuzzy. Relativity is a valuable tool. You are not alone in the universe. We were alone for a time, for we were without our family, and felt as if we had been abandoned to make do on our own.

            You may feel this way from time to time; remember, just as we found out, you are never alone. There is always a voice to call on, and that is the voice of the Creator; and that voice is within each and every one of you, and us. When you arise in the morning feeling torn this way and that, pause and feel that warm feeling about anything that makes you feel good. Then arise with the feeling in your heart, and allow it to carry you through the day, through all the warm fuzzys of the day.

            I leave you now and invite you to whisper to me of the grandest event of your year, and the least grand of the year; and then tell me the rewards of both. Then tell someone else, and invite them to tell you theirs. It can be a most revealing pastime for you. Have a great time and a great year. We love you all and feel the family connection already. Thank you for being there.



Baldor July 02, 2003


Good morning my friends, I, Baldor, am coming to you from my planet Orloff, and I wish to bring to you a tale of light and joyfulness that may assist you on your journey. This is a tale that speaks of long ago times on Orloff and the days when we were under the rule and influence of our mother universe. This is a tale that I did not live, but that I have found to be of immense interest and relativity to the times that are prevalent on your earth.

            There once was a person who lived in the inner city of Orloff that was the constituent to your own nation’s capital. This city was called Adverbum, and it served the nation in a way that was both righteous and domineering. This was a place in which the total population was under an iron thumb, and the forces of the dark were prevalent. This was very much run like the district that now houses your buildings of government and the home of the highest position in the nation. When the city came into being it was very much like the original dream of your inception. There was a great deal of Spirit written into the documents by which the principality was formed. This was an idea that swept the universe and joined with energies that were similar in nature. So you see, the idea of freedom and justice among people is not a new idea. It is one that enjoys a revelation in waves throughout existence.

            This person who lived in our capital was a proud man who owned many horses (our equivalent) and served many masters. He used the horses in a way that gave him the upper hand in the care and breeding of the strain of the animals, and this afforded him the luxury of gaining many different varieties, thus being able to use them as breeding stock. He was a very wealthy man, and owned most of the city area where his place of residence was. He also owned a large section outside the city where his horse farm was.

            One day he received a visitor at his home, and the visitor was of a descent that was unfamiliar to him. He had never seen, nor heard of this particular variety of being before. There was something about this man that disturbed him, for the man purposely sat in the middle of the room and prayed for the souls of the horses. What was this man doing here; why did he invade his home and then pray for the animals that he owned?

            Upon being asked, the man replied, “I am the ambassador from the kingdom of nod, and I am here to assure my people that these beautiful creatures are assured their place in our kingdom when they are ready to return. For you see, their owner is under the influence of a tyrannical energy and this pervades the very beingness of the horses. They are a precious part of the order of the grand, and they cannot wend for themselves. This is my task and my honor to act as their liaison.”

            The owner immediately desired to throw the man out of his home and away from his city. There is no man who can tell him that he mistreats his animals, after all they are his reward for bringing his wealth to the city. Instead of throwing him out, though, he asked this question, “Why is it you have come to my home and not gone to the farm in the country to pray among the horses?”

            “Because my dear man, you are the source of their peril. They are but innocent prisoners, and you have erected the bars behind which they hide their sovereignty. There is only just so much that they can do while in your custody. However, unleashed and allowed to run free and secure, they will give you riches beyond compare. You think you are rich now on their behest! Consider what it could mean if you were to let them loose to their own devices. There would be a trust that they would honor, and they would gladly reckon with you in partnership. For, my dear man, these creatures are of royal descent, and they have an intelligence that supercedes yours and all of your kind. These beautiful animals recognize the power in quiet energy, and they know how to live that power and allow it to reach out and benefit all who come into their field.”

            The ward of the horses stood perplexed. These words were doing something to him. He felt the stirrings of an old memory. This memory was a faint one, yet it grew stronger, till he felt the mantle of the horse kingdom around him. He felt the muscles and the sinew of the body of the horse surrounding and being him. Then he realized he had been a horse, more than once, and he was now living the role of the caretaker of the horse. This was his opportunity to become the very essence of the feelings of the horse, and right the wrong that he had brought to these magnificent animals. This was a very moving feeling, for he knew it was changing him in the moments he stood in the bodyness of the very creatures he now owned.

            What am I to do, he wondered as the feeling grew more intense and he feared he would lose himself forever. Where is this feeling taking me? He felt the mane and tail of the beautiful animal, and he felt the long silky snout that hosted a perfect star. He knew that he would soon gallop off in search of a grassy field, if he did not do something. So he reached out his hand, and begged the man in prayer to hold onto him and pray for him to return to himself.

            “That is what I have been doing, my friend, for you are remembering what it is to be that which you now so mistreat. You are the essence of those creatures, and you still do not realize the injustice that you bring them.”

            “But I am wanting to be who I am as the horse’s owner. I want to be able to undo the injustice, and serve them as they deserve. I realize the folly of my ways, and now I have a different outlook on them. I remember how it was to be a horse, grand and free, and running in the wind. I will allow them their freedom, and ask for their forgiveness. Just pray for me so that I never have to be two things at the same time. I do not like to be the dark and the light, the oppressed and the oppressor at the same time. This is too much for me to bear.”

            The man bent and laid his hand on the owner’s head. He could feel a slight growth of the mane that grew from this man’s memory. He whispered two words into the mans ear, “In love.” And then he disappeared.

            The owner stood and looked at his hands and then his body. He could no longer feel the effects of the return to his former selves. For that he was thankful. Then he thought of the promise he had made to the stranger. I must go now and adjust the conditions at my farm. There is not enough land for the horses to run, and so I must arrange to enlarge the area in which I keep them.

        He hurried toward the door, and a huge jolt stopped him in his tracks. Why must it always be just a little bigger? Why not just give them the freedom that they must have to keep their spirit free? This old memory was relentless; the old feelings of being a horse came back with a fury. He ran out the door and into the street. He ran through the streets and alleys of the city till he was outside and on the road to the farm. He never stopped till he got to the stables. There he threw open the doors and set them all free. The horses ran and kicked and blew their delight. They carried on till they were exhausted, and still they carried on some more.

        The owner felt their delight. He knew the feeling to fly high in the frenzy of freedom. He rejoiced in the deed he had done, and the freedom it gave him as well. This was the joy, unbounded that had eluded him for so long, for he had brought to these horses the very thing that he brought to himself. He knew now, that he had been a horse those times before, so that he would have known freedom in it’s purest, and bring that to the man that he now was. It had taken the stranger’s prayers for him to recall the feeling he never intended to forget. This was his new day of freedom, and never again would he allow the oppression to be a part of his life. He would take this new rediscovered feeling and shine it forth in every aspect of his life. He would allow it to reach out and touch any who cared to respond. He knew that he could make a difference in his life and many others just by being the freedom that he had allowed to slip away and imprison the very thing he had been.

        Yes, my friends, this was the way it happened. This man went on to become a very important man in the city and the country that he grew to love. He was honored and respected from that day on. And his influence changed from one of the tyrannical ones to one who brought a state of honor and joy to the workings of the country. And he did it all In Love.  


Baldor July 10, 2003


Good morning my friends, I am Baldor and I wish to come today with a message for all of you concerning a time of your history known as the revolutionary war. This war was fought in the United States and began with the shot that was heard round the world. Did you ever realize the seriousness of that phrase, and what it means today? There is a saying that we have here on Orloff, and that is that those who dig their grave had better lie in it for it is dug to their size. How that applies to the shot heard round the world is that there is no one who is more ready to fight for their own justice than those who drew up the declaration themselves.

            When you all began that declaration of your sovereignty, you gave of yourselves one hundred percent. You didn’t mince words or deeds in your stance; you gave your lives for it. There was a knowing you had then that there would come a day that you would live that freedom. Did you realize that you were that aware at that time? You were, my friends, and you lived that awareness. Oh, it wasn’t total awareness of who you are, as you are coming to. It was a feeling and a knowingness that even you could not understand; just one of the mysteries of life.

            Now, you are coming once again to that knowingness as a feeling. Tune in to the feelings you have and the motivations that propel you through your days. Are you working through your life as in the days gone by? Are you aware of the inner guidance that is gathering all your reserves and bringing them to the surface to play out as the natural order of guidance? This is what is happening. From my vantage in the heavens I am seeing this in your auras. I am seeing the differences in the field of opportunity that you are presenting to yourselves. And I see too the fact of the challenge that you bring yourselves surrounding these opportunities.

            I am so pleased to see the progress you all make in this re-awakening. It is as a re-run, in a way, of the times we on Orloff had when we spun off from our mother universe and landed here in this position of the periphery of your universe. We too had many challenges, and they were in co-operation and co-creation with the Creator. Did you know that our Creator and yours are the same? Yes, we are family. As we went through the process of building our independence from our mother universe it was a sink or swim proposition. We had no choice if we were to come into our fullness and live our lives as we were destined. Yes, even the separation from our home was destined due to the push and pull of the energy of the universe. This is not destined in your universe for many, many million light years, for yours is a relatively young one. And this too may change.

            “This too may change?” you are asking. “I thought that there was a natural law of the universal order.” This is correct, my friends, there is a natural law, and that is that the Creator has deemed that all life springs from Him, and all interpretation of that life is according to the universal choice and the law of balance. So you see, my friends, there is opportunity for your actions within the spectrum of the energies of the universe to change the expression of the natural order of things. You see, the expression always perpetuates itself in that it is always operating from its memory. Does this sound familiar? The difference in what you have created on your world, and the order of circumstances in the universe, is that your memory is based in illusion, and the rest of the universe is based in law=base twelve.

            So here we are, back to the beginning. I watched and marveled at the beginning of your new world on the shores of what was to become the strongest nation in your world. These early declarations hold today, in the words you put down on paper. These papers are stored for antiquity and are being brought forward to the public memory and scrutiny once more. Very soon, people of your country and your world will be reminded of the principles by which your country was founded. Then they will have opportunity to see how close to those principles life in your country is today. Some will be shocked, some will be dismayed; some will hide in denial. All will be changed; and all will find that their world will be thrust into a new paradigm that will forever change the law of the universe in expression.

            So my friends, as you are going through these next times of new beginnings, and you find that once again the shot will be heard round the world, you will perhaps remember these words, and use the principles they represent in deciding the outcome of the declarations that are to be presented by those who love you and have your best interests at heart. Listen to the shot as it reverberates and sings against the strings of your heart, and be joyful. I bid you a loving farewell for the moment, though I am never apart from you.


Baldor July18, 2003 


Good morning one and all! You are about to go on a journey that will take you into the starry sky and back again. And when you are back, things will very likely look different to you. Hello, I am Baldor, and I am your commander on this journey into the heavens.

            Buckle up and stand clear while the Milky Way galaxy spreads before you like a festooned ribbon of stardust and roses of silver. This is the start of your trip, and it is the unfolding of a myriad of challenges to your understanding of the universe, as you have known it. Now you are seeing the dimensions of the galaxy as it opens and shows itself to you. This is where you live; this is your neighborhood. It’s sheen and it’s depth gives you a feeling of ecstasy as you ride the waves of its undulation. See the sparks of light as you glide along her runways of silver satin and golden weavings. Feel the smooth flow of the trolley as it takes you in and out of the nuances of sound that come from the scrapings of light against light and being against being.

            Now you are riding the waves of a new solar system. This is one that welcomes you in to its neighborhood. The tea is spread, and the crumpets are laid out in frosted splendor. Notice the trumpets of gold spewing forth their tantalizing tones of merriment. These vortexes are awaiting your bidding to enter. Come along into the delight that awaits at the apex of the funnel. Trip into the vastness of the release of the confinement where the sun meets the sky, and the contrast takes your breath away.

            Ahead you see a ribbon of light. It contains all of the colors you have ever known, and a few more. This ribbon is shimmering in its own shadow, which is something you’ve always wanted to see. You knew it could happen, and you knew someday you would experience it. As you enter into the shadows of the rainbow, you know that there is no shadow; it is merely the recesses of the light and the dark to enhance the flavor of the experience. You languish among the shadows and feel their tender touch. You discover they are the whispers of the echoes that slip through the veils that you held in place back there on earth. You look back, and you see the mistiness, and you see the draping shadows as they beckon to you to return. You know you are slipping away from that dream, and you know that it is only a matter of time and space that separates you from the realities you live.

            With this realization you see a different earth appear. You see an earth without shadows. And you realize that the shadows are merely reminiscences of the lives in the light. You know you are heading for that world and you know that this is the ascension that has been promised. You see a host of heavenly angels as they melt into your view. They are cascading down through the folds of time as they create their own special hue. This hue is surrounded by several ones else who come and sit by your side. They plait up your hair and whisper a prayer that says to your senses, thank you. They sit in your presence and tell you their songs of wonder and love and delight. Then they drift away slowly and melt out of sight, but not out of knowing within.

           The next stage of the journey takes you into your own universe. This is the part of the trip that brings you round front and center to your own piece of the puzzle. This is the part that is the one you have been working towards, and this is the one that will bring you full circle back to the place where you started. This is the one where you see who you are and the reflection of all that you’ve been. When you look into this mirror it is the reflection of millions of lives and experiences. It is as a giant jigsaw puzzle, and you have the finished vision in your head. You labor and pour over the pieces and finally you throw them all up in the air. You watch them drift down in a lazy floating manner till they all rest in their proper places. Is it magic? Is it all in order? It seems so! How did that happen, just when you gave up and threw caution to the wind! Then it all came together just right.

            That is the final leg of this journey, my friends, for you’ve come to the place you know best. This is the place where the truth is the answer and all the rest is just fluff and nonsense. You know now the trip was a fine looking trip, and the ride was the one of your life. You took detours and found that they weren’t detours at all, but alleyways full of delight and interesting involvements. This has been the richness of your time and the balance of the places of your life.

        Now you are back, and the journey is over. Or has it just started again? The wheel takes you where you want to go, and the bus is always boarding. So take your seat and fasten your belts and hang on for the ride of your life!



Baldor September 23, 2003


          Good morning my friends from across the universe. I have been a while in speaking with you, for I have been interested in what has been happening on your planet and in the lives of all of you. Today, I, Baldor, have seen a happening that I wish to comment on. This is an event that I see as a coming into battle of the forces of the darkness, and the surrender of those forces to the light.

          You may not see that as yet, for the blanket is still over the body, so to speak. However, I have x-ray eyes, and I can see the results of this coming event, and the ramifications of it. I can see that there is a parallel that is in creation, and that it is about to merge with your reality as surely as this is my intention for your planet. I am in a position here to observe the happenings on your earth, for I have a firsthand seat with this one who is my aspect. Together we form a team that is unsinkable in scope and magnitude, when she listens to me (chuckle).

          What I am seeing is the President of the great nation in which this one lives, in a transitory position within himself. I see the inner workings of this man, and I see the resistance that is building to the ones who would seek to distort his genuine self. I see the errors of judgment that his beingness has declared, and I see the workings to change those errors and bring them into the light. I am not saying that this is going to come about in a manner that will bring instant change to his demeanor; indeed the forces that are working to carry on their shenanigans are strongly implanted within his psyche. However, we all know how mighty is the sword when the Light is at the helm of battle.

          When I tune in to the earthly ways and the instances of the ravelings of the systems that are about to be implemented, I see the glow of the light emitting from all of the issues that are facing the world right now. I feel a great drawing to you all, for I was one of you for a time. I have the innate sense of what you experience, for I also tune in to the essence of my sister here, and I feel the changes that take place within her, and these reflect the changes that are taking place within all of you, in one degree or another.

          I take these ruminations to my people, and they in turn apply them to their society and their carrying out of their desires as to the word of the Creator. We live according to the Holy word of our Creator, which is yours as well. We live in the promise that is offered us with every moment, and we do it within the proponents of our abilities. This is the natural law, and as such, we are living the dream of the mighty I Am presence, as are you in your potential. You think that this is something you strive for, however, this is something that you live, as surely as we do, though in a different manner, according to our ways.

          When you live in the I Am presence, you live the knowledge that you are Holy, and you are in purpose to the cause that you bring before you. This is what you do, and this changes its face from time to time. The face of it for you is in flux, and the I Am-ness of that now is in flux along with you. This is a law of the universe, and as we sit at the periphery of your universe, we adjust our energies to further suit yours. What we find interesting is that the longer that we extend our position here in proximity to you, the more acclimated our energies become to you, and we are finding that with your speedy transformation to lightbodyness, we too are becoming less dense, according to your intent, and therefore the ability to become part of your universe is becoming truer and more likely. This gives us cause to celebrate, and we give you cause to celebrate as well; for if we in our huge intent for transmutation can accomplish this, what does that tell you about what you can accomplish?

          I give you that to ponder, and to relate to your circumstance. You are beginning to open to the scope of what it is that you strive for. Sometimes it seems a large and almost impossible dream. Look at this scope, and see the possibility pop into a scope of I will, I Am, I AM!!! If we can come from our former circumstances of repulsion from our universe, and come into the position next to yours and survive the catastrophic conditions we lived in for millennia, then look what you can do, and indeed are doing. Why you’ve already gotten as far as we in your story. Look what is happening for us. You can make it happen for you, that which you strive for. We join you in your dreams, and we root for you from our place in the bandstands. You have not only us rooting for you, but our celebrations join and blend with those of the whole of existence, for it is a grand spectacle that we see, and we are tearfully cheering you on. Go people, go! Onward to the Light and the love of all there is!

          Good day, and God Bless you all.




Baldor September 26, 2003


Good morning my dear friends, I am Baldor, and I wish to bring you some information that may clear up something for all of you. There is an ongoing controversy on your planet as to the state of the universal and galactic wars. I, from my standpoint in the universal order see that the events of war are no longer taking place. There is an energy of grace that is permeating the universe. This State of Grace is according to the intent of all who reside in the universe, starting with the councils from each galaxy and the Federations thereof.

          When I first started commandeering this position in representation of my planet Orloff, I did so with a long gathered expertise of information concerning this universe. Since our destiny, through our collective intent, is to become a member of your universe, I decided to become versed in all aspects of the universal orders and capabilities. One of the aspects that I studied intensely was the condition of wars in the universe. I discovered that though this had been for a long time a warring universe, this is no longer the case. You have cleaned up your act, so to speak, and now you are cleaning up the mess that has been created.

          This is why it is so important to come to the state of peace on earth. You are bringing up the rear, so to speak, and this is fast coming to a close. The last warring faction on your planet is in its death throes, and there is only one way to go. That is inward and then outward to the rest of the peaceful universe in which you live.

          I see that this will be accomplished very soon; and this is the start of the downfall of the minions of the warring factor on earth. The reason that some think that there are still some of the warring minions off planet earth is because they have sent some of their adversaries off planet to bring a degree of escape to their antics, and to be able to make an escape from earth should that be necessary. So you see, they have created a smokescreen, in a way, to provide themselves with a channel by which they may leave and gain a new foothold out of the pull of the earth’s gravitational field.

          What they do not realize is that their backs are covered by the Light. They think in their arrogance that they have control of the portals in the Middle East, and that they will gain their re-entrance into the earth’s influence and take over again with their new- found strength. What they do not realize is that they are in actuality being held in a protective net of energy by the Light forces and that their counterparts on earth are merely playing out their last desperate tactics by which they feel that they will regain their power and come to a reigning influence on earth once again.

          My friends, they are mere shadows of themselves. They do not even realize that they are not who they once were, and that the substance of who they are, is being held in protective custody by the Light forces. They are merely puppets of their own uncharged energies of intent. That is to say that they are operating merely in the memory of their original intent, and not in the intent of the actual moment that is now.

          You see, they have no concept of the Now, for what they live in is the energy of supremacy in the future. This is because they always look to the ending, which to them represents their power of the goal attained. They do not see the Divinity of the Now, for they are always just outside that and operating in the next, not the Now. That is why they cannot see the light, for they are in the shadow of what is the light. They are always one step ahead of themselves, and cannot see what they have just missed. What they just missed is the Grace by which they can come to the Light, and find the power that they strive for in their position in the fear energy. Fear propels forward always. Love stands still and receives.

          I suggest that you all stand still in your love and feel the compassion that is within. Feel it for these misguided ones who are living in the fantasy land that they have created. They war with no substance. They think that they have the upper hand, but they have nothing but their wild ideas of supremacy and dominion over all. The Creator is the supremacy, and He gave it to you when She created you. Those who think they have it all, have the supremacy that was their inherent right, and they share it with All That Is. They just don’t realize that, for their scope is narrow and incomplete.

          I leave this transmission now, and extend to you all my wishes for you to enjoy the coming weekend and to love all of The Creator source’s creations, for you are in the Grace, and they could be too. Blessings!




Baldor October 09, 2003


          It is my pleasure to be with you this morning in this way. I am Baldor, and I would like to share with you something that I can see from my place in the heavens. It is a ball of light that emanates from earth, and it stretches all the way to the rings of Saturn and about half way through. This is a spectacular sight, and we all feel the rippling effects of it.

          I know that this has been reported to you, however I wish to let you know that I, and my fellow Orloffians can see it from our perspective, and when we do, we feel the love that is contained within the beautiful rays.

          On another point, I would like to report that there is another glow in the heavens, and that is of the mass of ships that await their coming to your planet soon. They are intermittingly showing us all what they are accomplishing in their missions. They are resignating the airways with their presence, and they speak to all of you on earth with their messages of hope and love. They do this through the twinkling, color changing effects that you observe as you gaze upon them in the heavens.

          When this mass landing occurs on your surface, there will be those who are afraid of this coming. Though you all will be told of this, there will be some who will still not have awakened enough to keep their fear from coming forth. This is where you will be of service. There will be enough of you who are strategically placed to be of service to comfort and inform these ones. This is all happening now, this placement of ones to assist their fellow people who look to you for help. If you are questioning why your dreams of relocation are not coming into fruition, or why you are not being able to leave a place, then think of this possibility. You are needed where you are for now. Not only to hold the light for the area, but to be the emissary of light for those who look to you when the landing occurs.

          Another occurrence has taken place within these walls of love that are surrounding your globe. The beings who are in residence in these ships are readying themselves for this time. They are preparing to welcome some of you on board, and to explain to you of their cultures on their planets. They are eagerly awaiting this time of sharing, and they wish to make it as pleasant as possible for you. So they have been undergoing some transformations in their appearances so that you may all have as familiar a process of discovery as possible. Then when you are familiar with them, they will inform you of their real appearance, and transform themselves to their standard way of being. This will occur when they are assured that you will be comfortable and open to their trueness. Some of them will change very little, and those are the ones with whom you already enjoy a great deal of intermingling in your sleep-work time. You will find that you will learn much about these celestial members of your family.

          This brings me to my next announcement. I will be one of the ones who will be visiting you in the near future. I will come to you as one of the ambassadors of the interplanetary association. This will come at a time when you will be familiar with all of us, and though the idea will still be a bit fresh in your minds of your new expanded family, you will have begun to welcome the ones who come and assist you to the transformative practices that you will be undergoing. I will be pleased to be one who will be of assistance to this one’s family, for they have worked with me before.

          Now I must take my leave, for I have another meeting to attend with the ambassadors, in readiness for this most auspicious of events. This preparation encompasses much, and we will be prepared when the time comes. We wish for you a speedy and beautiful awakening, and we are honored to be of assistance in this way.

          Blessings and songs to light your day!




Baldor October 21, 2003


Good morning my friends! I am coming to you from a ship in the heavens, and I am going to tell you a story of what I see in the paradise of Earth known as the area around Mt Shasta.

          I was there not long ago, and I met with the dignitaries from Telos and from various places around the globe. This was a meeting that took place in the halls of a chamber in the base of the mountain. I was there in my capacity as ambassador to the planet Orloff. Now you know that this is Baldor speaking.

          I saw that there were many angels in attendance. These angels carried with them their human suits, and they carried them very well. When they turned to their neighbors and discussed the matters for which they had assembled, they gave the issues their every consideration. They came to many equitable arrangements, and one of them was concerning the matter that you refer to as NESARA.

          When the meeting was in recess, there was probably more accomplished over the meal that was served than in the previous hours. Everyone was relaxed and jovial, for the pressure of the protocol was lifted, and guards could come down exposing the realness of the people. This was very heartening to me, as I was beginning to think that this would stretch into a longer meeting than was planned.

          During this meal the ones who represented the Asian factor gave way to the ingredients of the food, which was excellent and interesting to the palate. The variety of the ingredients was noted, and this lead to the topic of consideration of the similarity of this to the issues at hand. When the meal was over, the discussions went on, and continued into the night. The air was casual and friendly and the matters at hand were the topics of conversation.

          While I was sitting back and enjoying this interchange, I noticed that there were many times when the ones who were speaking would give way occasionally to another who sat quietly in the corner and interjected only at those times. When he did so, it was as a pin had dropped and all could hear only his voice. He spoke with the authority of a Master of Masters. He carried an air of quiet peace. He spoke in tones of authority that no one even entertained the idea of challenging. This was the most impressive spectacle I recall from the meeting.

          What this man said was most impressive, in that he formed the statements as pure fact and was not challenging in the presentation. This was the power of his words. He stated simply and with might the words that still ring in my ears. What he said was this:

          “My ladies and gentlemen of this assembly. I come to you with the authority that has been afforded me in this gathering by the Assembly of the Galactic Federation. When I was given to this meeting and all of its parts, I accepted this coming with the knowing that it was to be the vestige of the coming times. I AM the one who delivers the truth of the coming announcement, and I AM taking this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you for the intercession that you have agreed upon. This is the start of a whole new time on planet earth, and there will be a great coming together of all of the species of this grand universe. This will come in the days, weeks and months that are to follow this meeting. And I will be at the helm in the proceedings that will direct the world in this endeavor. I stand in my violet flame of transmutation, and I note that there has joined me another grand light of white and gold to come together and entwine in a powerful trinity of light that is transmuting the powers of light and love on planet earth. This is as it is, and it is so. I thank you all for this assembly of the powers of the world and I bow to your Light.”

          With those words, he sat quietly once more and gave his complete attention to the conversations as they carried on. I saw him only once more in the meeting when he made his farewell to the ones who each came and included him in their circle of closure. He had at various times offered his words of encouragement throughout the proceedings; this one time is the one that I wished to convey to you.

          So you see, my friends, there is a gathering time when all of the ones who are working behind the scenes come together. This was not to be the last of these meetings. When they meet again, it will be at another place, for the energies will be matched to the proceedings at hand.

          I leave you now, and bid you a grand, good day!




Baldor November 26, 2003


Good morning my friends and relations. I am Baldor and I feel as family to you all. This is a time on your world when all thoughts are to thanksgiving and the abundance that you all have in your lives. When these thoughts come around full force, some of you ask for more, and some of you feel that you are well supplied with the riches of this life. All of you are operating in your own perspective, and this is evident in the glows that I see from my perspective here in the ethereal realm of Orloff. This is a grand site I see, and I am feeling very grandiose this morning, for I am rich indeed in the family I am a part of.

          When I first came to the energies of earth it was with this one through whom I speak. As a part of her we claimed rights to a great many experiences on this earth, and came to a deeper understanding of this life. Upon my emergence as a separate identity, I at first floundered a bit, as did she, and then we fell into the example of how all of you do when you aspected as well. This has been a most interesting part of our existence, for when this takes place it opens up the opportunities for us all to experience even more of what we are capable, and this is a very rewarding thing indeed.

          All of us are a part of the Creator. We come from the same spark, as you know. What you may not be aware of is that there are times when we all go back to that oneness with the Creator and experience that blissful oneness. That happens almost every night. Did you know that? This is one of the best-kept secrets of the universe, and now the cat is out of the bag. When I refer to the oneness, I refer to the unitedness that is complete with everyone. Since there is no time and space, there can be that complete oneness at all times. Now since that is so, you can see how there can be a complete oneness at all times with the Creator, for there is that moment of time when there is that return to the Godhead that is the completion of the whole. This is what sparks us and keeps us “in line” with our true selves. Sometimes the experiences we choose are so radical that when we slide of and are our experience again, we forget very completely who we really are. We identify completely with the experience we have created.


          This, my friends, is changing. I have seen very clearly in most of you who are reading this that you understand that you are not what you do, that you are truly a part of God. I also see very clearly that that are some who are still very engrossed in their amnesia, yet there are changes taking place within their souls that are causing their actions to reflect the confusion they sometime feel about what they are doing and why. These are the ones who are going to be affected the most by the changes that are coming very soon to your world. When this sweeping reform package arrives at the doorstep of everyone, they will be the ones who will question the most, and resist the most.


        This is the nature of humans, to resist that which they do now know, even if it has the potential to bring about heaven on earth for them. All people alive on earth today do not remember what it was like to live in a free and just society. This is going to change, when the people start to awaken, and they see that the parts of this package that are designed to enable them to bring that freedom and justice into their lives are the very elements by which they used to live. They may not remember that they lived those elements, for they will be going way back to other lives and bringing back those feelings that have long lain buried. Those feelings and memories all always there within you. If today they have a feeling of familiarity it is because they are a part of you in your totality of earth experience.


        So my friends observe these ones who may resist when NESARA is a new part of your life. See that these ones will be allowing that resistance to fall away after awhile, and the trust that is necessary for acceptance will build. This is a process that you can assist in, by being the example of living the promises that it brings. You who know that this is the American Dream that spreads across the globe and becomes the Dream of Humanity for Heaven on earth. This is a tool that will begin the process in a physical way of the re-emergence of the beautiful light of the soul to shine forth and be expressed not only in that moment of sleeptime, but for always and ever, Amen.

          I leave now to my duties on Orloff, for we plan our own celebration here when the great law is announced. We will be in celebration with you, for you are our family, and we have much to be thankful for.

         Blessings to you all in this time of your Thanksgiving.




Baldor December 11, 2003


Good morning my dear friends. I would like to welcome you to the 3D experience in full color and going into the 5th and beyond. There is nothing to fear here because love is here, and love smoothes out all the ruffles of the 3D experience. I am Baldor, and I come to you with a story that took place on Orloff many moons ago.

          Once on Orloff there lived an elf, as you call them here on earth. We called them angowines, for they were able to dart in and out of reality as one darts in and out of the fields and meadows on earth. This takes place with a joy of flight that brings distance and time into nothingness.

          This angowines was known as Aghile, for he was unusually fleet of foot, and his travels took him but the blink of an eye. He would dart in and out, here and there as a speck of dust on the wind. He went many places and saw many things, all that he could see and experience was a dream to him, for he didn’t take the experience in, but rather, felt the experience, which added to his lovingness and joy.

          One day he came across a bit of fluff lying alongside the road. It looked as if it was a bit of a cloud floated down from its perch in the sky. He poked gently at it with his toe, for he didn’t want to startle it. The bit of fluff just lay there, not disturbed, for it knew not the impact of the poke. Aghile poked again, for he was curious as to what this was doing laying here so inconspicuous. I didn’t tell you that he was very curious, this one, and this oft times brought a bit of trouble to his life. I think this was a maneuver to bring some excitement into his life, a challenge, as it were.

          Well, with the second poke, the fluff moved a bit, and became a different looking bit. It was no longer the interesting shape that had presented itself to Aghile, but another shape, that though interesting in its own, made him quite lonely for the first. This caused him a bit of consternation, for he wanted the other one back. So he poked again, trying to duplicate the first poke. To no avail, there resulted another shape quite unlike the others.

          What was he to do? Now he had completely obliterated the original, and he could never get it back. What was he to do, and how was he going to proceed from this point? He knew not what to do next, so he sat down beside the fluff, and started talking to it. The fluff just lay there, and didn’t interrupt Aghile, even when he paused to receive a reply. There was this moment of silence, in which finally the fluff moved a bit, without Aghile even touching him. Did that bit of cloud move because I wanted it to, or did it move in response to my conversation?

          The fluff took a bit of itself and danced toward his hand. This was unexpected, for till then there had been no response that reflected a relativity between the fluff and Aghile. The fluff then gave in to its seeming desire to be in conversation, and drifted onto Aghile with a touch that was barely discernable.

          Oh my, Aghile said aloud. You aren’t a bit of cloud at all! You have a feel of warmth and tenderness that a cloud would not have. You must be something that can think and feel and relate. Afterall, you moved onto me after my touch. You must be someone that has something to say to me.

          So he listened very closely for any message the fluff might have for him. He closed his eyes and brought the picture of the fluff into his inner vision. He saw a beautiful bit of fluff with a glow that transcended the colors of the planet on which they sat. He had seen the colors of the planet, and they though beautiful and grand indeed, were no match for this bit of fluff in its Holiness.

          Then he heard a message that was being transmitted to his heart. The fluff was speaking, and the words were as a warm liquid easing into his heart and soothing his soul. “I am here for you to find another part of yourself. This is the time for you to know yourself as you’ve never known who you are, for it is time for you to take on another part in this play of energy on this planet. I come to you this way to show you how you can relate to anything as yourself, and to know that there is really no difference. It is a time now for the transference of energies from one to the other; and I am taking a lesson from you to return to you with my stamp on it so that you may learn from me as I have learned from you. You are the essence of me, as I am of you. Only a change in molecules makes us appear different. This is a choice that we make, and it is a wonderful lesson that we bring each other. When we are through with this experience we will take it with us into the next one and our lessons will be ever so much brighter and carry so much more of a beauty as to make this life a never-ending parade of lessons that take us back to the essence of where we began.”

          Aghile by this time had tears streaming down his cheeks, and he loved this bit of fluff for the gift it brought him. He sat with this fluff in his lap for hours and knew that there was a Holy exchange taking place that no words could convey. When the time came for the clouds to drop a bit of rain on the ground, Aghile sat up and stood against the tree he had leaned against. The fluff stayed there with him till Aghile gently took it in his fingers and held it in his outstretched palm. He whispered to the fluff, “Now you may make another choice, to stay with me and out of the rain, or I will release you onto the ground or in this tree so that you may go on to the next experience. Perhaps you will find a great gift in the raindrops as they relate to you. It could be a real adventure to see what happens when you mix with the drops and then wait for the warmth of the sun to transform and mutate. I am giving you the chance to be free and make that choice, for I see that though I am bigger than you, you are as big as I am in your ability to make your choices and be what you intend to be. Even if I choose to keep you with me, you can still make a choice to be what you will be within that choice that I make. So I understand that even when we seem to be imprisoned we still have a choice to make. That is our sovereignty in action. It is all in the perception of the mind, is it not?!”

          The bit of fluff liked the feel of the rain on his countenance, so he stretched himself to his fullest capacity and let the breeze lift him off Aghile’s palm. He lifted and swayed in the teasing of the breeze, and with a fond, “Farewell, my friend, I shall never forget you!” he flew off to the great outdoors of life and on to another experience in which he raced against the raindrops and sailed as far as he could until the weight of the water took him down to a whole new land and a whole new adventure.

          Aghile knew that he had met a true friend and family member that day. He knew that he would have a brand new story to tell the other angowines when he returned to his home that evening. As he strolled along through the rain, he noticed the way the drops landed and what they did when they touched his skin, his clothes, his hair. He knew this day was the beginning of a whole new way of relating for him, and he knew he would be able to carry this gift home to his family and that life would be forever richer because of this bit of fluff.

          When you go out into the world this day, and you see a bit of fluff on the side of the road, or on someone’s coat, know that this is an opportunity for you to see the world in a different way. You will grow from the experience, and you will love the world just a little more because of it.

          I leave you now and wish you a joyful, innocent day of days. Go out and be as a child again for that is the secret to eternal youth and eternal life. I love you all!