June 20, 2015               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Benedictine, June 20, 2015


I have a message for you to spread to the world. It is that there is coming for all of mankind a new kind of treasure that has nothing to do with money and substances. It has to do with what comes from within, and what feels so right in place with the way that it shows you how you love to live life.


Yes, I am Benedictine, and I am here to invite you back to yourselves for a moment in order to refresh your memories of how you are going to move forward from this point. I am here to remind you of what it is that you came to this place in time to do. It is not that you will regard time in the way that you have been doing it. It is instead that you will be creating a whole new way to see time and to replace the old concept of it with what is in reality the absence of time.


It will be a whole new concept for you in this world, for it has been but a whisper of the time that is so indigenous to the ones who still are in that way of being. Of that I speak of the way that time was lived in the days of the newness of earth. Yes, time was followed in a way that was receptive to the changes that came from within. All of those who lived in the early stages of time did so with the fullness of knowing who they are and yet applying it to the, then new, concept of time.


I realize that you have not been given the idea that time is of the peaceful existence that brings forth the wholeness of who you are. You have been seeing, hearing and living the idea that time is of little relevance when it comes to the truth of your creation. Well, I shall give you the idea that time is not evil, it is not something that was created only for the expression and experience of duality. It was placed in this expression of living in order for you to see the other side of life, of which you knew very little.


You knew that life was an existence of expression. You knew that life was as the moment desired in your ownness and your momentary thought. You also knew that you were capable of being anything that you intended and that you could have anything in your lives that came to be the part of you that you had thought of. You lived according to that, and yet you asked along the way for something to come into your lives that would give you an expression of a difference in the way you lived.


That began the onslaught of time. It began a new creation of expression through the experience of time, as you knew nothing about. It came through the duality idea, and it spread throughout the cosmos and into the hearts of all of creation. It began a whole new pattern of experience that rolled throughout the universe in order to bring about a concept of how it might be to experience it in a way that was as if you were asleep. Asleep then was simply an idea. It was not something that was part of your daily expression. Of course there was no daily, there was no weekly, yearly, etc. It was simply the moment throughout all of life.


Now we are in the other side of the rainbow of expression. We have come to the place where it is on the way back to the concept of no time. In this journey, this circle of expression, we are seeing what it means to go backward in time, and to be able to remind ourselves of what it was to be in the moment. We have learned in some respects that we can live both the idea of time, and the idea of no time at the same time.


Yes, I am giggling too, for this sounds a bit chaotic while at the same time full of fun. Shall we take some time, opportunity, thought into this new concept? Is it really a new concept, you ask, or is it another way back to the old expressions that led us to where we are? Is the circle going to be complete, or will it blossom forth into a figure 8 and become the unending circling of newness into unending spirals of 8?  Will it be giving us such a wondrous opportunity to express and create in a way that is not only unending, but that comes to a finish in one moment and a new beginning in the next?


It is enough, I feel, for you all to contemplate and play with in your hearts and minds. I will go on now to my own concept of this, for it is a new idea for me as well, as it is an old one that has new expression. I will be back with you in the moment of what we all create, with the power we have to do what we desire. We can see it as being fun, happy and based from Love and the freedom that we have of the expression of life that we find in the moment. I am one of you, as you are one of me and all of us are the Oneness of The Creator, and on we go!



Thank you dear Benedictine,

Much Love, Nancy Tate