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Dear ones, as I was sorting through the files and folders on my computer this morning I came across this file that stirred me to open it. It wasn’t in the Wake up Call folder, just in a bunch of various files. I began reading it and I realized how timely it is for now and through the times we are in. I continued reading it, wondering if it was something I channeled or that someone else had. I figured that even if I didn’t channel it, I was so impressed with it that I had presented it with the author/channel’s permission in the Conference Call Bob and I had done back in Sept of 2004.


When I finished reading it I saw that I had channeled it, and I confirmed it by checking on the ‘tree’ site. I was drawn to tears by how lovingly the message brought the truth From Enki to the world. I knew that the timeliness was a prime example of how time slips away into nothingness when Love is at the forefront of anything. I knew also that Spirit had led me to find this treasure and to share it with all of you once more. It was brought forth ten years ago, so there are probably those who have not read it, or who might be affected by re-reading it, as I was this morning.


The message from Enki is a bit lengthy, but well worth reading all of it. I include in this posting a lead-in to it, with a link to go to the original page with the Wake up Call of Sept 30, 2004.



Enki To Everyone: Sept 30, 04


My dear ones, I come this day because I wish to speak with you frankly and with a degree of love that you are not familiar with in recent times. I come to you to explain some things that have been on my mind, and I feel on the minds of so many of you.

          I am going to tell you some things, and I am going to ask you to remember some things. I am going to be a bit frank at times, and I am going to be giving you some things to think about.

          Long ago, when this world was new, we came here from out of the blue to a land that was as yet inhospitable. We came with the idea that we could build a dream here that would satisfy all of our ideas of who we were, and who we were not. We came with the idea that we could build a world that would accompany all of the All That Is, and lead it to another deeper understanding of our capabilities and the abilities to change the way we are. To take the way we are into consideration when we created shadows and hidden agendas.

          This took some doing on our part, and so we asked for guidance from God The Creator. We asked that this power, this Source of All give us an understanding of how powerful it indeed is, and then we would know how far we could go in the opposite direction. This we thought. And so we began to build this dream.


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