June 19, 2014              


Wake up Call: Avenda, 06-19-14


This is a time for all of us to see what it is that is within us and to follow the lead that speaks to us in our own language. The language is internal and universal. It knows no bounds and it sees no limits. It is the voice of universal contact that treats us to our own intellect and also to the illusion that we have been creating in our time on this earth.


I am Avenda and I come today after many times and events to revisit this one in her own capacity. We are one in the majesty of our connection with all of you through the essence of the Creator Source. We serve all of ourselves and we see that with each understanding of what we bring to ourselves we also bring it to those who observe and take part in the same experiences.


It is a time for all of us when we see what we do and how it affects our lives. We take the responsibility, and then we realize why we have brought it to our lives. We go from there in gratefulness for being able to serve ourselves and anyone else who may be able to benefit. Of course the same equation is in place from others with whom we experience what they have brought to the table.


As we go through these experiences we rise above where we were the moment before, and when we do that we give of ourselves to all of life. Yes, all of life benefits, for they too have the ability to see and understand how we are all related one way of another. When I speak of life I see the trees, the meadows, the rivers and the insects flying through the air. I see the mountain goats and the elephants, the antelopes and the pussycats. The dogs of course are in the list, as are the monkeys and the deer. All of the life on this earth are part of our life circle of friends, for they each bring their own experiences into the fray.


I come with this information and sharing today because I am seeing so much that is taking place that is encouraging to me. I see how this one, who’s body I am sharing, is able to see so many ways in which she is climbing the ladder of success in her growth, as are so many of you. You are all working in amazing grace and beautiful exposure to the truth. As you all do so, you bring yourselves to the top of the ladder and then step over to the beginning of the next one.


I love what I am seeing and experiencing through this one. It is the journey of excellence that is showing us all how it is to bring to ourselves the beauty of the truth of Love. There are so many ways in which we can bring that reality into being, seeing that the only answer to every question is all about Love. Once we see that and understand it so completely, then we move forth and carry it to others in our everyday lives. That is the way of it and the beauty of it. We are all one as you’ve heard so many times. Can you tire of hearing it? Does that mean that you are done showing it? Not at all. It is the way of being in joy, peace and Love for all of eternity. I feel so welcome in our world and I embrace each and every one of you. We are All One.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Much Love, Nancy Tate