June 07, 2012                




I am Sananda come to visit with you this morning. I bring to you a message of forthrightness and charm, one that will give you the truth and the joy in reading it. Come with me for a minute into a fantasy world.


There was a little girl who had a dream about her world of laughter and joy. It gave her such pleasure to be skipping through life at ease and in no trouble at all. She caught the rainbows in her smile as she skipped along in the raindrops that fell through the sky from the hazy meadow shadows.


One day a silent being came by and took her hand. This being was little and fragile looking though filled with a sense of longing. The little girl looked in the blue eyes of the being and saw the reflection of herself shine back. She knew that all she need do to give the being strength was to recognize that she was the person within the being, for she could see that in its eyes.


She set forth on the journey of recognizing herself in a new way, and she knew that it would set the being free to be who it was and in the way of being able to grow and share itself with others. She knew that once that happened then she too would be free to share herself and her love of life with the rest of the world.


So, she set forth on that journey, and in so doing she brought all of herself to the cause. She set records as to how many ways she could present herself and her love of life to the people. She saw that with every place she turned there were people who recognized themselves in her. They would look into her eyes and see themselves. They would then set on their journeys of love and laughter, enjoying every step along the way.


Then one day she encountered a being who looked a lot like the other one she had seen so long ago. The difference was that this being had no light in its eyes. When she looked into his eyes she saw nothing but a blank stare. This gave her a great deal of discomfort, for she was used to seeing the bright light in everyone’s eyes. She said something to the being and in response the being turned away.


What was going on here, she thought? What is wrong with me that the being does not have any light? The being then turned, at hearing the response that she had uttered. This is just a journey of being able to go and come in a way that reflects back to others, she heard from the being. This is no longer a journey of being oneself and keeping it in a light manner, it is a journey of being able to grow and take your place among many kinds of people.


The girl then lifted her face to the sun and asked for the familiar rain that dropped its blessings upon her and cleansed her of her troubles. It was so familiar to her to be able to communicate with the rain and clouds, as well as the sun. But now it was like the rain had turned against her and it did not release itself to her to wash away any doubts she might have.


As she felt the drops of water on her cheeks, she realized it was not the rain, but the tears that streamed forth from her eyes that she was feeling. It brought such a feeling of sadness to her that all she could do was weep and cry, the tears wetting the ground around her.


Then suddenly she felt a presence and looked over her shoulder. There stood the tallest being she could ever imagine. This being glowed from head to toe and beyond. The being lifted her up with it’s shining light, without even touching her. She felt the love emanating from it, and in that moment she remembered who she was. She stood tall and sure with dry, gleaming eyes that reflected her love way out to the cosmos.


As she stood and looked around the tall being took her hand and led her out into the world. They went to and fro, back and forth, on a merry-go-round and into the dancing studio that stood on every corner. With this journey the girl grew into womanhood and everyone who saw her became her best friend and she theirs. It was as if in a dream, yet as in the reality of the moment that she led her life and lived in harmony with everything in the world. As she settled into this new way of being, she remembered how it used to be before she found herself in everything.


She continued to roam the streets and byways of the world and to share herself with all of life. The birds, the bees, and the cottonwood trees, all of life in the animal world, the rocks and crevices of the mountains and streams.  She was one with all of them, and they with her. No longer was she walking with herself all to herself and alone. She took herself beyond the boundaries of self-imposed life. She shared herself and grew to the heights of the being who walked beside her, within her, and all around her. Nevermore was she to find solace in aloneness, for she was transformed and delighted to be in the company of all of life in her world.


This, my dear ones, is a story that you are about to live yourselves. Does any part of it sound familiar to you? Do you find reason to put yourself in a beings’ eyes and know that there is freedom in the release of being alone in life? It is time for you all to see the light in others eyes and realize it is you.


That can set you free to realize that the ‘you’ in those eyes is everyone, reflected back to you for the release into the freedom in which you were created. Take my hand now and walk with me through the fields of love and new growth, for we are one and each other in the fields of Love.


Thank you dear Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate