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I feel that we're all finding something happening more and more......our friends, neighbors, and especially families, who we are being there for, are finding life to be a bit too much and it is increasingly difficult for us to be able to cope with it, because they are increasingly not able to cope.


I feel it represents the time on Maldek when we were in such a tailspin of relying on others, family, friends, and neighbors that we could not get out of the tailspin. So our world was destroyed because we didn't stop and realize that we were the ones who had the power to get ourselves out of the mess we were in. We created it by not having our eyes open to what was going on, so it was for us to finally see and to un-create. We were in so deep that we couldn't see it.


So the Mushaba beings and other masters stepped aside in their attempts to help us to see what we could do, to a certain degree in order for them to realize what they were not doing that they had the power to do. Yet a handful of them came back at the last of it in order to save the people. But it was too late because they didn't leave the first time soon enough for the people to see what they could do, what they were relying on others to do.


So now it is that time again, it is that energy, and as long as those of us who know this, and don't get out of the lives today of those who rely on us in the way we've been, then they will continue to rely on us, and to lose their power just like before. The sooner we stop being there for them, the sooner they will regain their power and mend their world. The best way we can be there for them, is to stop being there for them to rely on.


I've seen this with my family; I see it with several friends. As long as we're there for them they won't be there for themselves. It is their responsibility what they do with themselves and their children and lives; it is not our responsibility. We can love them, and visit them every once in a while. But we have to live our lives for us first; we have to set that example. It's the best gift we can give them, and ourselves. As long as we do this, then it will happen for those in need, as long as we trust that to be so.


Don't think that this is a doomsday message, for it is not. It is a reminder of what we learned on a soul level, and now is our second chance to un-create what we have allowed to happen. All we need do in order to make that happen is to first step back and apply our love and caring to ourselves. Then we look around and see what in our immediate world we can do to make it right for us. After that the pieces will begin to fall into place. We can look at the others in our world who may be struggling, and if they ask we can tell them what we did to make our world right, what we are doing that is making a difference. Then we send them our love and tell them we know they can do it, and we walk away back to what we were doing, showing them where our success lies.


We look out there in the world and see all the unrest, and we send to the creators of that unrest lots of love. Then we turn around and create a restful energy that cannot be denied or put down. There is no way that anyone who is pushing against the system can succeed when there is nothing that pushes back. Either the one who is pushing falls flat on his face, or he sees there is no wall there and walks away wondering what to do next. He then finds someone else to push against and this person too, walks away with love in their heart. This goes on, and soon the ones doing the pushing find nothing but love meeting them in their face and they begin to tumble, they begin to see a difference, feel a difference, and they either go and push with each other, or they stop and look around and ask, how do I find a way to stop pushing.


Before you know it, there are more in your world who are asking than those who are pushing, and the tide turns. Iím not saying that there wonít be help from our family who are here watching over us. Iím saying that we are here to show them that we know it is in our ballpark and we are the ones who can stand forth and make the first moves. We will find that we are much more capable of creating miracles than we thought. All we need do is believe it with all our hearts and then watch as our family stands beside us and supports our every move.


The memories of Maldek come forward in relation to what is taking place right now. Then the story begins to take on a whole new meaning. It is a story then of learning how it feels to be in power, to take responsibility for one's own life. And it is good. It is warm. It is joyful. That is when the tide turns and washes all the old stuff away. The new world rises to the surface and comes into being in the eyes and hearts of all who walk on the earth. It is time to take that step away from the family member, the friend, or the neighbor who is relying on us for help to live their lives, to solve their problems. It is time to pass the responsibility back to the rightful owner of the power to create their life in the best way possible.


With the strength of Spirit inside and the knowing in their hearts that they are able to walk alongside their neighbor, friend, family hand in hand, equally responsible for their own lives. It is time to live in harmony and full of joy, living the remembrance of our own individual power of love in jubilation and promise for a new world that sings with the song of the unity of all. It is time dear ones to come back to ourselves and let the others recognize their own power to create their world, as we do ours.


Love to You All!