June 20, 2011               Click Here for Printable, Click Here por Espanol




Bob and I were outside this evening about 8:30, when suddenly from the southeast came some dancing lights up a bit from the horizon, far enough up so that we could see them above the 11-12 ft high palo verde trees that bordered the fence. There were 7-8 of them and they were heading west. They seemed to be making jumps ahead, sometimes up, sometimes down a bit, some seeming to jump ahead, but then taking a slightly different course. 


The lights were not blinking but almost going on and off as they made their dance across the horizon. There was another light following the dancing ones, which we recognized as being a plane, for it was consistent and on course. This gave us the perspective more clearly of what preceded it. We watched as they danced out of sight, thankful for what we clearly feel was a visit from our family in the skies.


As the lights danced out of site we sat back down at the picnic table and were silent for a few minutes, each of us in our own wonderment. Then I received the information that they had come out of the portals in the Huachucas, which is the mountain range that has been burning for a week to the southeast of us. I noticed that the air was still, finally no winds, not even a stir, and it had been that way for most of the day. Then I realized that what I had heard earlier was true. The portals are cleansed; it is done there.


The lights we saw were craft from Inner Earth, coming forth to scout out the area and take the residual at the openings to the places of cleansing in the sky, taking it on their craft as they went forth, collecting all of the ash at the opening, and washing it away into the heavens, allowing it to return to the gold dust from which it had been born.


Earlier in the day I had thought of all of the wildlife, deer, coyote, rabbits, squirrels, bobcats, etc in those mountains and canyons, and wondered how they had fared in the fires. I immediately saw them all going down into the portals, flowing as sacred beings into the openings and on down into the Inner Earth. I felt such a feeling of joy and peace, for they are the innocents in this whole thing. They are the gifts to us from Gaia who stand in example for us of how it is in the innocence of living in the freedom that the earth can provide. Living in harmony with each other; respecting the gifts of nature that Gaia gives us.


I have a feeling that tomorrow when I look into the latest news on the fires in the Huachucas I will read that the winds have died down and they are on the way to a better containment. The job is done, and now we can go on from here and live in the promise of a new earth, a new way of living, in harmony with Mother Nature and each other. We can go to sleep tonight knowing that we are on the way to a new tomorrow, bright and full of promise for a whole new way of being on the surface and within this wonderful place we call home.

Love to You All