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Hi Everyone,

I was sitting reading a message about Inner Earth and suddenly I began to receive information from Horus about the wildfires in southeast AZ. I have been monitoring them because they are close by and I have lived in that area. I also realized that the fires are cleansing the energies there. What Horus told me confirmed that, and more. Here is what I received.



The wildfires that are happening now in the Huachuca Mountains and that happened in the Chiricahua Mountains last week are happening in order for the portals located there to be able to open up without any debris there to despoil the coming forth of the opening. There are three portals in each of those mountain ranges. They must be accessible for us to come through to visit with you and to help you prepare to go through them and find your emergence into yourself. That is why the fires are being controlled by so many not only on the surface, but also by us in the inner earth. We are seeing to it that no lives are lost and that as few homes are lost as is necessary.


We also wish to tell you that very soon there will be another fire that will consume much vegetation in the northwest. As this cleanses the landscape and the canyons of those mountains, the portals there, of which there are six, will also be readied for the emergence. As these fires take hold and are fought they will bring about an overwhelming wonder with the people as to what is going on. In all there will be a number greater than two dozen portals that will be cleansed by fire. There will also be twelve cleansed by waters and eighteen by land movement. Any others have been protected and have been able to cleanse themselves of anything that came unto them as time went on.


As these cleansings take place there will be, as is with the wildfires in the state of AZ, those of us who will monitor and be certain that no lives are lost that have not contracted to do so. There will be some people who will be coming to Inner earth and resuming their positions here. They came into this lifetime in order to be ready at this time and to be in the proper placement to be able to fulfill their mission on the surface and return to take up the rest of their mission with us.


As these openings are cleared and readied for the emergences, there will be an acknowledgement by those who have contracted and agreed to be visited by us. There will be many who will move to parts of the country where they have contracted to be when it is time for them to be there. It will be made ready for them to be able to host those of us who will be visiting.


We are looking forward to meeting with all of you and to be able to share with you what it is that you will be readied for as the time draws near for you to revisit Inner Earth and Hollow Earth. Yes there is a difference. The Inner earth is the crystalline structure that encases the Hollow Earth where the Central Sun shines upon the cities there and shines forth into the Inner Earth bringing with it the promise of the inner beauty that awaits all of the earth, Surface, Inner, and core that is Hollow and emits its heart of the Central Sun to all who reside on and in the body of Gaia.


We shall be with you in your dreams, and we will be coming to your daylight world. The reunion will be mighty and tender, pure and loving, and full of peace and great joy. Till then, realize that all of the changes that I spoke of are in purpose and they will serve all of you in a way that will be made completely clear when we come and bring to you our love and the truth of your beingness.


I am Horus and I shall return soon with more information that will usher you into the world of your dreams and the realities of your awakening.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate