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I Am Horus once more, and I Am here today to help clear something up. I am going to address a question that has been prompted since my last call. After the illuminati are no longer on this planet there is to be a severe acceleration into another paradigm that will stimulate the formation of a group that will bring forth the ideas of religion and how it can bring about the resolution of all of the problems on the planet. This will be a gathering of angels, at least they will portray it to be, and it will cause an uprising in the people as to how it can bring about lasting peace and understanding between everyone.


There will be those who see this as their salvation, for they have been used to this kind of information coming to them through the various religious practices that have been carried out for many eons on the planet. It all began with the onset of religion as the salvation of everyone who followed what the ones at the head of the religions taught. They soon found strength in being able to supply many examples of love through worship and the ability they had to overthrow the ones who came from a place of sincerity in their innocent and trustworthy practices of representing the Truth that lived within their beingness.


As these heads of the various religious interpretations gathered strength in influence, they gave away that which was the inherent right of the people for their own ability to come to the truths that lived within, and told them that in order to be true to their God they had to listen only to those who followed what was taught in the Bible and the various worship events that began to spread further and further.


This was all based on the story of Jesus, or as we refer to him, Jeshua. This story has been so manipulated as to fit what was being taught, and served the purposes that were in place by the people who manipulated the truth, that there is only a small number of people who know the actual Truth of what took place with that energy. Those who know that truth have taken it upon themselves to delve even deeper into what they know to be true and to gather all of the information that will be presented in a book that will be presented to the world at a time when it is most needed.


As this story gets out to the public and is seen to have merit, then the ones who are spearheading the movement to bring the religions into greater power will then find ways to debunk what is being brought to the attention of the people by those who have been holding fast on the actual happenings concerning Jeshua, and what brought that energy into the second universe to begin with.


When the people are able to see and remember what the truth actually is, then they will find themselves taking a deeper look at how the various religions have taken such a strong stand, and have had such a tremendous influence on the people through the eons. They will begin to awaken to the truth that is within themselves, and they will realize they are awakening to what their ancient memories are. They will then have unstoppable proof in the while scenario and will be able to invest in that truth to bring about a peaceful and loving change-around in what is in place that has closed the gap once the illuminati was off the planet.


This will bring about a movement so solid and formidable to those who organized and supported the religion group that they will find that they have no power that can overcome the Truth that is there in so many hearts and souls. They then too will begin to awaken, once they have let go of the resistance. Then the whole movement that was brought together to keep the power away from the people and in the hands of a select few would begin to fall away to the Truth of what they begin to remember. They will gradually realize that they cannot live with the lies that they had been promoting, and soon they will all rise up in Truth and release that which they had been so fervently supporting through their own sense of the fear of being led astray by another group that may form. Such was their indoctrination of fear so firmly in place.


So you see dear ones, what is in strength and will come to be seen and remembered is Truth, there is nothing that can permanently keep Truth abated and forgotten, for itís voice once heard is forever heard and lived by those who open up to it. There is then no one who can deny it, nor anyone who wants to, for it is then the harmony of Truth that is present and accounted for. It is then what is known in so many circles as the Oneness of all of us. It is our destiny to live that Truth and then to go from there on into eternity living that Truth in any way that our creativity, self-empowerment and freedom of expression inspires us to. That is true Love, my dear ones, and we are that Truth forevermore.


I hope this clears up this particular part of what I shared with you before. I am here with you to bring clarity in my messages and to assist you to the remembrance of that which you hold deep within to be remembered when you are ready. That is your promise to yourselves and I am here to carry out my promise to myself, and to all of you, for we are all in this together, in love peace and harmony. I shall return.


Thank you Dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate