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Hi Everyone,

I bring you a message today from Horus, and with it, as always I encourage you to use discernment. This is what I received and I have no agenda but to relay to you what I receive in this way. This is a time of great change, and that means in so many ways.

Love, Nancy




There is something that I wish to share with you and it is about the second governing body of the world. It is about the fragmentation of the universal entity known as Jeshua. That energy has been with the universe since itís beginning and as it continues into the new way of being on earth, it affects the rest of the universe, as was originally intended.


This is the way it works: when the old regime, or as you call it, the illuminati are banished from earth then this second group will step up and be listened to. They will demand to be heard and will tell everyone that they are ordained by God to step in and save not only the United States of America, but the rest of the world. They will be governed by a small group that includes one representative from each major country in the world. Each representative will meet with the others in a closed assembly that will then bring forth a pattern by which the people on earth will find their way to a semblance of order that can then bring them back to their freedom and self-empowerment. This is what this small group will announce to the people.


The reality of this is that they will be operating under their own agenda and in so doing will place themselves in a position of power that will be used to replace the position that the illuminati has woven into their power on earth since the beginning of the population of earth was begun. This will allow for the people to be able to see what they have been doing for all this time and how they have been taken in and coerced into giving away their power, their freedom and their joy in being themselves on the highest level.


As this become obvious to humanity there will be a short span in which there will be an upheaval, and then the powers that be, in other words, the power of the people in their higher understanding, will come into voice and will begin to operate in a way that is not only powerful, but peaceful enough so that it cannot be denied.


There are two men in the USA who will be leaders in this movement in the country. They are Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. They received the guidance in 2003 that this was to come about. They will stand strong and loving in harmony and balance in the position of being the ones who introduce to the people of this country that there is only room now for every individual to come to the power that is within and to speak and walk it forth. This is the only way that it can be successful. It is the way that this planet can survive and fulfill itís destined purpose.


As this comes about there will be times when it seems that there cannot be a peaceful outcome and a joyous reunion of souls over the planet. However that will change and the truth of what has been taking place will go beyond what is reported about the illuminati and then the fullness of what is and has been taking place will surface. The people will see that they are destined to love one another and that this is the planet in and on which this will take place. Then there will be off planet celebration as well as on planet, and those who wish will be escorted to their new homes off planet and within the Hollow Earth.


There is one point of guidance that I wish to make here, and that is that there is an inherent message within each of you that you wrote when you came to earth and began this journey of self-discovery and renewal of yourselves. This inherent message will come to you in the times of this evolution of the planet, the universe and all who reside here. When this happens then you will know not only what the next step will be, but also who you are and what your history is. You will be able to tap into the universal language of expression and take it from there in the cause in which you began this journey.


I am Horus from Inner Earth, and I will be coming though this one and others in the times to come. I will introduce myself in a more complete manner and there will be opportunity for you to ask questions of me. That information will come soon and you will be able to have voice in this completion of the restoration of the planet and yourselves. For now I take my leave and go to the next part of the vision that I am presenting to you today. This vision has been added to and developed by all of us, and as we continue that development we complete the inner and outer visions as they grow day, by day, event by event.


We all stand in blessings that we flow to you in this era of transformation. Know that you are loved and respected to no end. I shall return, in peace love and harmony.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate