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A friend and I had a few email conversations the other day about abundance, and very soon I felt the energy of Mushaba. So I wrote what was being relayed to me. I bring you that conversation and Mushaba's responses.


Friend: The last few days have been very intensely difficult mentally. I am going nuts almost and I am so, so tired of all the waiting and all that is about to happen this month and that month etc. I have heard about everything that could be said about why or what's going on and when etc.

Nancy: Perhaps it is time to just let go of all of what you've been thinking, reading, hearing about and just rest and enjoy life very simply.

Mushaba: I am speaking of your mind now!!! What has been going on in your mind is way too much. It is time to give it a rest. Yes! That is what I am telling you now. Where is the freedom in your life; freedom from the tie-ups that make you a slave to your own mind? When are you going to let go of what you think you must do for humanity and just do for yourself? Guess what! What you do for yourself first is what you do for humanity.

Take a trip into the quiet of your mind, and then take it to the quiet and peace of the beach at night, or the outdoors in the calm of dusk. Even if it is on a street corner, you can find the peaceful moment. You are serving everyone but yourself, and that means if you don't begin to honor what you want to do as a human then you won't be around much longer to be that human in the way that you allow yourself to be.

Empowerment isn't always something that has to be done in motion. It can mean silence and stillness. It can mean being in love with the bird in the tree and the fly on the window. It can mean stopping by the man on the street and offering him a kind word. It can be saying to the homeless woman that you chance across with an empty wine bottle beside her, that she is lovely and that you see God in her.

It is time to be the human that you came here to be. A smile that tells me you know what I mean will make all the difference in the world, because then I'll know that you are on your way to an easier time of it and that you are putting yourself first. You are worth it, so go after it and see where it takes you. No Excuses!!

Friend: I give you that smile you speak of. Look at me and see how bright and sunny my face is. What you say is what I want to do and I am trying to simply allow that to happen. If this means living in freedom and empowerment, for me personally, this means having abundance and success in my life on every level.

Nancy: I feel very strongly that it is your idea that abundance is what will make you happy, and that you want it all right now. I also feel that is what is holding you back from that peace of mind and inner abundance. I also keep hearing that word karma, and I as so many I'm sure, are tired of hearing that word. Nevertheless it is coming up so frequently these days that it is wise to look at it and see what it is telling us. We are all sewing it all up these days; we are finishing the task and will be wearing the garment of completed gowns of freedom as we put the last stitches into that garment. 

Mushaba: I feel that your karmic garment is about to be realized and that you will soon wear the invisible gown of freedom. Interesting that I should choose the word invisible, for to be invisible is to be un-noticed while at the same time to know that you are here. That implies that the only one that knows you are present is you and that is all that matters. If anyone else knows that you are present it is because you have been still enough for your inner voice to communicate with the 'rest of you'. When that happens then all of the chatter of the human mind is gone and the inner calm voice can be heard and understood.

As you do this for yourself you realize that you have all the abundance that is necessary for your beingness. You already 'are' from the beginning and that is truth. You are what you are when you are created, and that is what it is without having to name it. It will not change by giving it a word, for it does not need a word to make it what it is. Anything else that you may bring to your outer world is just that, an expression of your outer world and what your inner world can bring to it. Anything that comes from that beginning is a product of what you feel, or think that you are. Anything that you bring into your life is simply what you choose to express with.

Once you have seen the depth of that then you see that there is only one place of abundance that matters, and it will always be with you. You are so rich with potential from the beginning that you need nothing else. That does not mean that anything else is wrong for you. It simply means that you are fine as you are from the beginning. As long as you know that then you will be less inclined to cloud that outer world with all of the things, bank accounts, money that you may think will announce to yourself that you are abundant." It is one thing to gather to your world as much proof that you are alive as long as you don't need that proof to believe it on an inner scale. There is a resistance set up to that natural abundance when you strive for abundance and keep asking why you do not have it.

To simply live your life in a way that gives you peace and joy is to release that resistance and allow the potential, the creativity that you have been conditionally admitting to, to flow through into the world and attract to you that which you feel you can have with no effort. When you see it as something you appreciate having, when you know that by feeling it in your life, you are saying that you know it is part of your life. The energy of manifestation in this 3D world is expressing in the time element that sees the perfection of it being part of your world.

The feeling you have that you do not already have it naturally creates that resistance, because it represents that you believe that it is still outside of you and that you do not have the power to have already created it. That is what is keeping you from experiencing it in your life.

When you choose/desire something, that choice/decision automatically creates it's image in your inner world. When you let go of the timetable and circumstances by which it will be physically in your world, you let down that resistance. Then it can come freely in the way in which your inner sight saw that it would fit perfectly into your world. That perfection is the point of the circle of creation that blends and makes it complete.

So when you decide that you want something in your life, then the next step is to feel good about it being with you for this moment in thought and feeling. Then let it go, this idea that you don't have it yet. Let go of expecting it when you want it. Know that you have it and when it fits into the energetic patterning of your world it will be there. As long as you resist the idea that it isn't with you already, it won't materialize in your life.

What about the idea of striking off on your own to discover the real you? Why has that not been pursued? Is it because you are not ready to let go of the old you that has been struggling so hard that you feel that you must have more in your life than you do, or you will leave this place lost and forgotten?

Tell me, why is it that you are still struggling so, when all you need do is relax and give up the fight? Why not surrender to what is happening, or not happening, and allow the real abundance to decorate your life in a way that is freeing and multiple in many ways that cannot be counted? Once you let go of the need to be who you feel you are and allow yourself to stop trying to be, then you will be able to respond to the inner voice and realize what it has been trying to tell you for many years. Sit in silence and surrender to the idea of a non-monetary life and see what comes forth in your heart. Then follow that voice and see where it takes you. You could be in for some surprises, or for some new inner thoughts that you recognize as very ancient and straight to the heart of the matter. Go within and allow that outer chatter to be still and unheard.

Friend: I just want to understand how to allow this to happen so I can live it and not try to rationalize it in my head. I am focusing on the messages from you and Mushaba because I think that this is going to make all the difference from here on for the rest of my life so to me it is very vital.  I feel and know deeply that I am at a turning point that will take me to where my heart wants to be, or take me to my grave. I realize that we as humans carry so much fear in so many forms that we can no longer tell the difference sometimes. I see the fear in this and fear is what I am letting go of.


Mushaba: What you are living is what so many are these days. They are able to see what they want and they are able to envision how to get it, but when the actual manifestation of it is expected in a certain way and time, then it all gets mixed up and turned around. It becomes a maze of wrong turns, turn-arounds, and seepage of energy and ideas that cover the original and allow nothing through but more of the same distrust in oneself and others concerned.


What to do in this case is to live the moment. Make decisions according to what is in front of you. Rather than say that I want this and then begin to take steps as if you already have it is to put the cart before the horse. It is a matter of trusting that you will be led from one step to another, as the timing is right. It could be weeks, days, hours, even minutes before you get your first sign as to what to do next, what your next step will be in the whole tapestry of the manifestation of the complete picture. As you go about following the steps, do not second guess yourself, but do what is right for the time. That means that if you over extend yourself feeling that since Spirit provides you can go beyond what is right there in your world, then you are missing the point.


Do you see what I am saying? When you know that Spirit has provided, isn't it after the fact? When you allow the journey to bring it to your hands/world isn't it then that you know that the timing was right, rather than going out on a limb that may have had a weak spot at the base, and you go toppling off into someplace that does not support the knowledge that you are in the perfection of the moment? How many times has something come to you, that you physically experience and you've said with joy in your heart, “Spirit has provided again,” or “I love how Spirit works.” Listen to those words; I love how Spirit works. See what that means. Do you know how Spirit actually works, every step, or are you saying that you love the mystery surrounding how it got there?


Let's look at that mystery. Let's see what there is mysterious about how you receive a book that you want. You put it out there that you want this book and you go about your day. As you're walking down the street you decide to walk into this bookstore because you just happen to look in the window on your way to another store, and there is a book that catches your eye, not the one you want, but you just have to go and look at it, see what is drawing you. You go in and find not only that, that book is something that will assist you to something you've been thinking of doing, but also right there on the same table is the book you've been wanting. Two books, and with the spontaneous response you found both. You didn't go searching through bookstores all over town; you followed a spontaneous urge.


These are the things to pay attention to. These are the little clues that your higher self knows are there. How many times have you thought that your own higher self was guiding you and making decisions for you? Well, listen to that. How would you know to look into that window if your higher self didn't guide you to it? There are so many ways in which humans give away their power when it comes to the manifestation of something that they intend for their lives. They don't see that they have this inner guidance system that makes sense in every moment. They fall back into the old idea that life is hard, that they can't see what is around the next corner, that there is nothing that they can do when the bank account says empty and the car won't remain in the driveway. They only think of the tried and true methods that everyone else does and that is where they get stuck. They see that there are the ways that things are done and that they work. But do they always work, or only when all conditions are set up for it to work?


Do you realize that you have the ability to set up all the conditions that work? It doesn't have to be like any that have ever worked. It can be something so far from being what is expected that when it does come it seems to be quite by accident. Believe me, there are no accidents. There are only missed chances to follow those little urges, to turn the corner the other way, or follow the voice inside that says no, don't go to work today, go to the nearest movie and watch the first one on the marquee. Then in that theater you see someone you've been wanting to meet for a long time, and he is right in front of you.


When you feel that you have too many bills and that nothing can change the fact that you don't have the money to pay, then what do you do? Do you fret and worry, or do you go to the one expecting the payment and tell the truth, knowing somehow it will work out. That is the key, knowing that it will work out and then just doing what the next step is. Listening to the little urges and following the one in front of you when you were going to go back and do something else.


The secret to that, to following the urges, to hearing and feeling the urges, is to have a peaceful mind and a gentle heart when it comes to the issue of abundance and how to explore its many intricacies and pleasures. To always be in acceptance of what it means that you know on a deeper level that no matter what it seems your life is like, there is an answer for every question as long as you are in a state that allows it to come forth and answer that call. Allow these words to resonate within you. Find a tune to which you can sing their promise, allow it's free flow from your inner voice. Know that as you do you are claiming your own unity with all that you desire and intend for your life. You are claiming that which is manifest in your field as soon as your thought creates it.


Thank you dear Mushaba,

Love, Nancy Tate and Friend