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There is a coming time when there will be no leaders on earth; there will be people who are living together for the common good and the unity that is represented in the truth that everyone lives by. Until that time we are living in an anarchy and we must bring it to an end.


We will stand for the antics of this present regime no longer. We will bring to an end the means by which our rights are being taken from us, and we will do it beginning right now, this moment, by following the inspirations that come to us as we realize the growing numbers of people who are standing up and saying, ďNo More!Ē


As this takes place we are feeling the strengths of the Constitution come back to speak in our hearts and our lives. We are seeing that there is a problem in this country and that, that problem expands out into the rest of the world. We are being denigrated more and more every day, even as we send our men and women to war to be killed or maimed in the name of so-called freedom.


We must wake up and see what is taking place in this country. We must speak forth and bring the truth to those who have not as yet seen it, or realized the lies that we have been fed by the government that we only partly put into place. I say partly, for we cast our votes, yet they were not represented as they were meant to be.


This is not to be a political message; this is instead a message that very much involves the Spirit that lives in each and every one of us. We owe it to ourselves and our family of man, our family of all life forms, to step forth and carry our destiny to its final expression. We came here to planet earth to fulfill the plan to fall away from who we truly are and to ride the waves of expression back to our truth and to do so with as little help from our Cosmic Family as we can.


We are doing just that. We are moving forward. More and more people are awakening each day to the truth of what has been taking place right under our eyes. We are seeing now the truth of the laws that have been put into place that take our rights to freedom away from us. To think that we can be jailed for our thoughts is ludicrous, and yet that law is soon to be or has been before the governing body of citizens who have pledged to represent us in the energy of the Constitution of our great land.


No, my dear ones, we will not sit around and allow this to happen any longer. We will choose peaceful, yet powerful ways in which to take back our rights and free ourselves from this tyranny. We are following our inspirations and we are making a difference. We are going to walk in our inherent freedoms from this moment on, and if the present government thinks they can walk all over us and take even more of our freedoms from us, then they are going to have to build more prisons and detention centers, for we will from this moment on stand firm and immovable in our authority as sovereign citizens of this planet.


I read the emails that come my way and I at first cannot believe what is presented as the truth of what is taking place. I also read what more and more people are presenting as ways and means to change this tyranny, and how when the Masters speak through the various messengers and tell us that day-by-day, moment-by-moment we are closer to our freedom, I see how this is true. I see that people in powerful positions are taking steps to present the truth to the people.


If the people will open up their hearts and minds, open up their eyes to what is being presented by these courageous people, they will have to take note and ask themselves how much longer will they sit in front of their television sets and get lost in the lies that are presented on the six oíclock news. Wake up America and see what is being taken out from under you as you sit in your comfortable armchair. Please donít wait until your armchair has been traded for a straightback one in some detention center.


You may think that I am operating through some sense of fear in this message; however, it is through a sense of indignant power that I write this. When I sat down to my keyboard to do a Wake up Call, I had no idea it would be this one. This Wake up Call is coming from my heart and my soul. I am allowing the truth of my feelings to share this with all of you, and I am doing so despite the thought that I may bring about thoughts of unsubscribing from this list because this doesnít feel like the usual message that I bring.


I do this because I love and respect all of you. I do this because on some level I feel that this is part of why we are here. We could very well call for our cosmic family to come and take care of this for us, but I donít feel that is the answer for us. I feel that this is our game and we are the ones to play it until the beginning of our new life here on earth. We are to rise up and thank the ones who have been taking our rights away from us, and tell them that we get the picture and now the shoe is on the other foot. We are in the driverís seat now, and we thank them for seeing how much it took for us to wake up, and awaken we have.


Now it is time for you members of the self-appointed government to see how deeply youíve become entrapped in your own maze, and now it is our turn to present the way to freedom. It is our turn to take the helm and to bring back the rights and the freedom that includes the responsibility of everyone on this planet to lead our lives the way we see fit, and in the energy that is the Family of One.


Are you ready dear Family of One to step up to the challenge and to walk in your truth? I am, and so are many of you. Going forward in the energy of love for EVERYONE, rather than hate and disdain for a chosen few, is the way to demonstrate and live our power as sovereign people of this planet. Even as we teach our children how to act responsibly and with respect for others, so is it time to show the governing body how to do that, or suffer the consequences of what it takes to face their family and own up to their complicity of falling away from the ultimate truths of the Universe.


Go now my dear friends and follow your hearts, follow your soulís call to freedom and walk in that as closely as you can. I am with you and I love all that you are doing. Together we are peaceably bringing our lives into harmony with all that is.


Thank you all my dear Family for the Inspiration,

Love, Nancy Tate