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My dear ones, it is Hatonn, and I have come this day to share with you some news of the times in the United States, and the world. I come for a short message and a timely one. There is an outstanding allowance of certain events to take place; it is a continuance of events that have represented a convergence of energy that is precipitating the expunging of the negative energies from not only mankind, but also from the planet.


This planet has been accumulating many energies over time and as they mounted they came to a point where there was nowhere to go but to reverse itself and begin the journey back through the energies of time and renew itself through the clearing that had to take place.


Mind you this reversal of time is not measured in the ways of the linear, it is instead manifested in an energetic manner. It is coming out as emotional discharge and in so doing it brings on the activities that represent the emotions and the vibration from which it came. In the energies of the people and events of the day, it manifests in that timeframe as to how it is represented. What before was battle between the ancient civilizations is today repeating itself in the people and nations of today.


That is why you are seeing the particular playouts. That is why history repeats itself. There is the group that you know of as the illuminati who know all about how this works, and they do what they can to bring about that which represents the repetition. They also know that these energies can be changed and that the people are capable of changing them. For instance, the war of the ancient ones fought in an energy of competitiveness can be changed to an opposite outplaying of the war energy. It can be played out through the will of the people in a manner that is found in unity and love, co-operation and harmony. In that way the old energy of warring can manifest itself in the energy of peace, and all that comes from it.


What you can do is to continue to amass a great deal of that desired and intended peace, love and joy energy in your lives. When you think of the ones who seek to repeat warring history, regard them in an energy of light and power. See them as having seen the light and realized their innate power to turn around the warring that they see as bringing them power, and see them as realizing that the only energy that can bring about the ultimate power is love. What that will do is to bring the present momentum toward the peace that is desired in a way that increases exponentially with every heartbeat.


This is not to say that you sit back and meditate, that you don’t take action and follow your guidance for anything that you do, think, say or feel. This is to say that you give everything a positive energy. If you feel like you need to expend some energy of frustration toward anything, or anyone, then make sure that you close that energy with the access of unity, peace and love. This is for you and for all of this planet.


The ones involved in the events of the day exist in the timewarp that is being created as they take every step in their journey, every breath in their hearts. As you see what takes place in all venues of earthlife, remember that all it takes to change something is to change how you see it, feel about it, and intend for it to be. Keeping that energy and adding all of the like energy it will build and manifest.


I see you all now in your lives of choice and I see how beautifully you are manifesting what you desire. I see that some of you are shaking your heads and saying, “In who’s dream?” I say that you are manifesting it in your dream. It is a matter of who is remembering their dream and carrying it into the waking reality. From my vantage I see you there already. You have made it and you are carrying the beacon for all those who are crossing the desert and climbing the mountain. You are holding out your example to those who are stumbling in the dark and fumbling for the light switch. You are holding out your hands and you are almost within reach of the ones who are finding their way to where you stand.


Take care, my dear ones, and continue to hold the flame of truth for all who are seeking theirs. The ultimate truth is that all sparks lead back to the one flame of unity, the Oneness that is always aflame to light the way. Even those who don’t realize at this time that they are searching for their way home, may turn around at any moment and see that spark that will draw them in and beckon to them to follow.


I end this message with a song in my heart and words on my lips of the sweetness of you all. I sing to you with the most delicate sound, and the most hearty reverberation of instruments that brings the house down. The house of cards is about to tumble and out of it you will find the lotus of light shining forth to light the way home.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate