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Hi Everyone,

It has been quite a spell of time and now it is here. We moved into our rental house on May 30. We are almost settled in, with just a few details left to be able to remove the last few boxes from the house. Each of us has our own office/studio, a welcome change from the limited space in our RV. We wish to thank our dear friend, Anna, for opening up her home to us in Albuquerque while we waited to move in to this house.

It is a gentle house, an historically restored adobe in the village of Mesilla NM. It greets us with its simple, Southwestern beauty and itís comfortable energy. Toshiro is very happy with his enclosed back yard in which to play and romp. He also has four dogs on the other side of the fence to share in his energy, and to converse with, doggie-style, from time to time. They can be a rambunctious four at moments in their enthusiasm for a new neighbor. They have proven to be fun playmates for Toshiro when our friend, Joy, their caretaker, brings one or two of them with her for a neighborly visit.

Another bonus is that Bobís grown son lives just a couple blocks away; itís a delight to be able to spend time with him and share in his life. It is through his dear friend Joy, our neighbor, that we found this house.

The universe opens up for all of us when we are ready to move forward in our lives. Though some of the things that happened along the way were at times distressing, they proved to be the only way that Spirit could get us to pay attention and see the best way to achieve that which we had called for.

There were so many factors involved in decisions and choices we were making, that we had to let go of some ideas that no longer served us, though they had at one time been successful in our lives. The challenges that come along these days are best met with an openness and an acceptance that may at first feel foreign, or unfamiliar. As long as we can go within and ask for guidance through the experience, then we can bring a new perspective to the way for the manifestation of our dreams.

Itís good to be back with you all, with our new DSL service for Internet. I will continue to bring you the Wake up Calls and any other timely communications, as I am inspired. In the meantime, I feel your beautiful energy and welcome your wondrous light into my life.




 Hatonn June 05,08


My dear ones, there is a positive movement in the country you know of as the United States, and that is in the recognition that the upcoming elections are the shaking events that have the capacity to turn the events of the world around and to lead this planet into a new way of being.


This is one of the ways in which this year of earth time is a pivotal one and that there is an upcoming series of revelations that will come into the public eye and be seen as the outstanding outstanding energies of the day.


What this means is that though in many peopleís eyes, the elections and other things of the day are what forms the world as they know it, there are also others who see that the energies surrounding these things are what forma and moves these events and creates the results of what takes place.


I now speak of the lightworkers who shape this world through their intent for the ascension process to bring the planet and all life on it to the New Golden Age. With this energetic input, along with the actions of those who work and live in the light, there is a decided evolvement of earth to that result.


We all have our pathways to the new beginnings in our journey as one unit. We all play out those roles and we do so in the perfection that is characterized in every moment of every day of our lives, no matter whether it seems that way or not. Every step we take is a step further toward the desired goal. With each step we accentuate the truth that the goal is for there to be no ending, for that is the essence of existence. In this existence we make our movements and as we do we see that each movement is twofold. With the completion of one step, another is created, and another and another.


For today we all gather at the crossroads of destiny and we begin to see the familiar, or unfamiliar signs of the coming resolution of this destiny. What this does is to begin the resolution of the steps toward this destiny, and it also begins the journey toward another destiny, which has already been set in place.


Yes, once this destiny has been realized, there is another set into energetic response, and this time, as in the present one, you and The Creator are in agreement for what is to be accomplished. With this new destiny there is actually a continuance of that which is already in place. Remember that there is no ending to Creation; all is a unfolding series of energetic happenings that are created according to the intention of all concerned, which is the One of all Creation, the I Am.


What I speak of now is the walking through of the remembrance of the Creation of this Universe, and all those that came before and have since. You will be remembering the infinity of You and you will be delving further into and enhancing that which is already Created. You will be taking that energy of Creation that is inherent within, that Mushaba Force energy, and you will be creating from and in that ability you have to exercise that infinity that you are.


In fact, that is what you are doing today. In following your innate intuition and inspirations you are exercising that ability you have to create anew in every moment. You are becoming that which you have till this moment been reading about and sensing. Now, and I speak of Now as this moment in time in which you first realized the scope of that which I speak, now you are already beginning to move toward the realization of that new destiny. Yes, there is no beginning and no end, there is but the continuation of that which is through the individual expressions of that which is Intended by the Whole.


Now I ask you, what it is that is dear in your heart? What is the most desirable way for you to be creating in this moment? These are the questions that you can ask yourself when deciding whether or not you are following your destined journey. The place of destiny for you is in the heart. The heart is the bed of the soul, and in that bed lies the creation of all that is love in your life.


The heart is also the workplace of your body, for in that place is the creation of that which you chose to do to move your life forward. Remember that forward can mean backward to, or sideways, depending on which direction you are facing, what movement you have most recently made. You can be facing one way in one moment, and in the next you may turn and face another way. In each moment what is in front of you is what is your future, and what is in back of you is your past. Where your feet are in any moment is your present. See the fullness of this, and create from that perspective and you will see what this means in the Now times.


As you are inspired and create in your heart you then send it to your mind and allow the movement to be born there. You will see how powerfully you can create when your movements are born in the heart, rather than in the mind first. The mind is a powerful place from which to launch your movement, once it has been born in the heart. Observe your lives and see how much this has happened with you. See how much it has been the other way, and the result that it brought you then.


I Am Hatonn with you now, and with this message I welcome Nancy back to her home of the heart and of her intent. She and Bob have found the way to the realization of their intent for peace and happiness in their lives to be the manifestation of their dreams for home and hearth in a place where they find community and comfort. The road to this realization brought some turns and twists that may not have seemed to be to their liking. However as the trip unfolded the realizations of how and why the events took place became apparent.


The journey through the illusion into the energies of instant manifestation may take longer and have unexpected detours. Yet, sticking with it and living in the moment is the way to find the realization of your intended goal. You are the bearers of your lives and with the energy of the unity of One you will, and are, the intended result. This holds true in the events of the day and your world can be every bit as wonderful as you desire it to be. Take it one step at a time and see along the way that it is the moment that builds on itself and the power of that moment is as powerful as you make it.


I bow to the mastery of you all, and I sing to you of your harmony in my life and in the lives of All.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate