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Ambrose of Mushaba


Dear ones, I come to you this day to bring some news of the cosmos. I come for there has been a decided revolution of access to the outer reaches of what you term space and what is accessible to you in a manner of speaking.


I am Ambrose, and I am one of the emissaries from the planet Mushaba. I come for the first time to this one as a welcome committee so to speak, for I represent the entire planet of Mushaba. I bring with me a great deal of information that you may find to be relevant to your lives on earth at this time.


When our planet, Mushaba was moved to its position in the Pleiades from Andromeda it came with a mission to this part of the universe. It came to employ the energies of the Pleiades for the eventual renewal of your memories into the realization of who you are and what our connection is with you. We are here now in your midst and as we walk this planet we bring to you in your everyday lives the remembrance of how you can access your inner knowledge and live your truth.


We donít do the work for you, for that would be against what our mission here on earth is. We call to you in all of your moments and we exercise our abilities to communicate with you through the DNA. Your DNA is constantly expanding, and as it does, more and more of your own truth begins to emerge in your lives. You experience changes that represent at times to you mass confusion and unreliability of experience. You may feel at times that you are losing your mind, and in a way of speaking that is exactly what is taking place. You are losing your own mind of the 3D reality in order to allow the emergence of the Mind of Christ, The Creator of All to come through and guide you through every moment.


As we of the Mushaba Planet interact with you, we bring the remembrance of who you are and the knowledge of a greater amount of life in the cosmos. We support energetically that which flows through your mind and heart and speaks to you of something far beyond the density that has been your world for so long. We step forth in our physicalness of earth life and speak to you of our existence in ways that resonate throughout your beingness and speak to you of our kinship.


Some of us have assumed roles in the governance of this world; some of us have taken on the identity of people who walk in all phases of earthlife, such as science, education, medicine and economy. We present a presence that in former times on earth were revered and put down in almost the same breath, for many of you did not see the depth through which we affected you and in the confusion sought to remove us from your lives. This was a direct result of the mirror we presented to you of who you are, and were in denial of.


Now you are at times still in that denial, however there is more of the original identity and connection that is being accessed, and for many of you there is an inner recognition that cannot be put down. For some of you there is an opening of communication that is superseding any fear that may arise. The result of that is an opening into your own truth and with it comes the inner joy that walks with you through all that you do. As you allow that inner peace and joy for life to guide you through all of your life, then you will remember the parts of your original lifetimes that pertain to this lifetime. With this you will be able to access the depths of why you are here now and why you have chosen the identity and circumstances that have brought you to this point in your lives.


I come as an emissary not only of the Mushaba Race and planet, but also of yourselves. I have spent many lifetimes on earth and I too am awakening to my true Mushaba self. I have adorned many garments of earth society and I now am living a life that is mainstream and commonplace. For the time being it will remain that way, and in so doing I am building an energetic momentum of love that will propel me into a vastly different role of earthlife. I will at that time come forth and play a role that will propel all of earth life into a different idea of what is taking place and why the people have chosen the roles that they have in many facets of life here in this day.


There is a representative of Mushaba who is playing a part in the governance of the country known as the United States of America. This person will become known for his strength and purpose as the days come closer to his time of awakening. This country was founded on the principle of freedom from oppression and the rights to live in peace and to express as is innately guided. Since this country began it has enjoyed only a minute speck of that truth of freedom. What your history books portray and what actually took place has been a finely woven tapestry of untruths and speculative ideas of what is. As this tapestry comes unwoven and the real truth of what has been taking place comes forth, you will see that this is not confined to this country. You will see the presentation that has been taking place all over the planet for eons of time.


When this realization opens up more and more, and the necessity of self-truth becomes apparent you will find that self-realization will set you free from all that has encaptured you for all these times on earth. You will go back in time and see that time itself is a creation of the playmaking that has been being created right under your noses. You will find that certain pieces of information will come unbidden and you will not be able to put them down. You will be pressed from within to acknowledge them and then you will find yourself living those truths, and they will work for you in a way that youíve not experienced here on your home planet before.


I ask you to look around, observe what is taking place in earthlife. I encourage you to decipher the inner as well as the outer working of this planetís societal outcroppings. Never before in the history of planet earth has there been such a debacle of truth as there is today. Even in your own communities you will see that represented if you look deep enough. This is because of what is taking place as earth and all life on it interacts energetically with the rest of the universe.


All of universal truth is being accessed and that is what has torn many aspects of earth existence inside out and round about. Hold on for a while longer and allow the waters of change to flow over you and cool the seething beast of recognition of the truth of the lie that has been governing you for so many eons. As this momentum comes to a head there will be a great universal gasp, and then all will begin to fall into place and the rest will be as heaven on earth.


As I sit back and allow this communication to close I encourage each and every one of you to look into your souls and know what is in your heart that speaks to you as truth. Walk forward in that truth and live your lives according to that truth. When you look around you and make choices in your everyday life make those choices from your heart and soul. Realize that all is not as it seems and the players in your play are here for very specific reasons. As you make your choices and sing your songs of life do so from that place of silence that speaks surely and clearly of what surrounds all of the decision-making that you bring into your life.


With the present governing race taking place, there are a number of outcomes that can be. More than you may know it is your choice as to what the outcome will be. This is because of your interaction and agreement with the universal energy that is guiding this planet toward its eventual release from its present captor. As you watch with detachment what takes place in the United States and see the results of otherís decisions you will be able to discern the unweaving of the tapestry as it takes place.


From that you will be able to see when it is time for you to draw your thread and pull it from the design. As you do, then you will see what is revealed from your interaction. Realize that every single tread has its place, and without it the design would be incomplete. So too does it go with the removal of that thread. It will be one in a series that is removed and will lay open for all to see what the truth is. From there is your clear way to freedom and the life that speaks of truth and love forevermore.


I leave this message now with a greeting from Mushaba. There is only one way that you can win, and that is to stay the course and allow the truths to emerge as they may. We are your brothers and sisters here on Planet Mushaba and as we walk amoung you and interact with you know that we come with the greatest love that can be. We are part of you and we support you in every way. Never forget that you are all powerful, and that is direct from The Creator and the first universe. Sing your songs of power and walk forward in the Light and Love that is You, the I Am.


Thank you dear Ambrose of Mushaba,

Love, Nancy Tate