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I Am Sananda, and I come to you this day with a story. This story begins at the time when I was born on earth and named Jesus, or Jeshua as was the name I was given at birth. The name Jesus was given me by ‘others’ as my mission became known to them. That name came into being, for they knew not the difference, by those who found my work to be to their liking in a way that satisfied their ideas of life and their philosophies of living in a world of opposites.


As I walked this earth I came upon many who had heard of my coming. They had seen in their own ministerings of that which was within, the coming of a representative of the Love of The Source. They had seen in their teachings that a man, not unlike them, would come among them in a way that would remind them of their own innate abilities for change, and for the ability to create in their world a life that suited the present time in which they lived.


As I moved over the globe and left my messages at the doorsteps of the people of the world there were those who found my message to be at odds with their intent. They found that if the people were to believe what was contained in the message they heard and felt from my teachings, that they would take a second look at what these ‘others’ were representing and would turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the teachings that came from the ego of the ‘others’.


This was not in keeping with what that group of people had in mind for their world. Those people who found my message to be at odds with their intent set out to change the story of Jeshua and to create their own version of what had come to be a popular story for the people of the world. In so doing they found many who were willing and eager to follow what they had in mind, and to support the journey that was unfolding. They were promised wealth and glory in exchange for the support they gave.


This continued for many centuries, and as the story grew, so too did the energy surrounding it. The reality that was lived through the story became stronger, and in it’s wake came a belief system that flourishes today. That belief system has covered the globe and temporarily replaced that which I lived in those years of my travel around the globe.


Yes, indeed I did travel around the planet in my long lifetime. Even though the present story would have me living a short life, I did indeed live to be a ripe age of ninety-one. There are some who say that I was sixty-eight when I died. Indeed that is the year in which I went into seclusion. I spent those years contemplating who I am and why I was still here on earth.


In that seclusion I spent much of my time conversing with my celestial family. I was being initiated into the brotherhood of the Light and in that initiation I was regaining my ability to traverse all elements of life and to carry on my mission between heaven and earth and the rest of the solar system. I made several trips to the other planets that at that time were in harmony with my energies and in those travels I became a vessel for the goings on that interspersed the earth energies with the rest of the solar system.


Today that same energy is being monitored and assimilated by others who have taken over for me. They are overseeing the assemblage of angels who have come to be of service in that way. With the onset of this stage of the connection of earth with the rest of the solar system there is a grand finale taking place with this stage, in preparation for the next stage of interaction with the planets in the solar system, including the return of Nibiru to the immediate field of earth and her surrounding entities.


This, my dear ones is the time for your home planet when there is coming a family reunion. As you experience the energies that have been addressed by other channels and their messages of how the energies are showing themselves on earth, they are being beamed into your souls and are speaking to the fields that represent the connection you have with all that is. You are now being directly communicated with by your supreme essence and as you are assimilating the energies of the coming time and influence of Nibiru you are as well being adjusted by the energies of Source and the communication that you are having on the level of your original blueprint.


What this translates as is that you are being guided by the Source to the activities that surround you, and your part in them. You are all an integral part of all of it, and as you find yourself inspired to the activities or thoughts that came your way, you will be laying a foundation for the next step that you are to experience and add to the coming shift in consciousness.


Worry not my dear ones that you are feeling stoic and uninspired at this moment in time. This is the moment in which you are clearing yourselves of all the preconceived ideas of what your mission is. You are assisting your own inner self to the silence that allows the voice of the Source to speak with you and be heard. Resistance will delay the acknowledgement of the voice, yet you will come to hear it, for it is inherent within you to answer the call.


I take my leave now and I tell you this. There is a beginning on earth of all of the truth to come to light. In this truth will be the freedom that you so seek and intend for your life. As you draw nearer to that which now may seem so far away, you will discover that there is but a micro-second of space and time between you and that which you intend. The way to the perfection of the moment is to live in harmony with your desires and your surroundings, and to live the joy that the realization of that harmony brings you. In your appreciation and gratitude for the perfection that is you, you find that the Source is with you always and is lighting the way for your return to yourselves.


Blessed Be You, forever.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate