June 12, 2007               Click Here for Printable,  Click Here por Espanol


Hi Everyone,


There is so much going on out there in the world of dangers to your health, your schools, your country, your children, your food, your income, your.ÖÖon and on and on! We are hearing about it in so many emails; sign a petition for this and write your congressman for that! How many times can we call and write and fight all that is going on?


And how much time will we have left for the important things in life, like love, and play, and joy, and hugging and smelling the sweet fragrance of a flower in bloom, and talking to a child who is weary of all that is upon him in school and seeing the smile that erupts when you tell him you love him? How are we going to spend the rest of our days on this earth fighting the things that we are told are upon us to hurt us and take us over? When are we going to stop focusing on what is so wrong in this world and begin to make our own world every bit as enjoyable and powerfully loving as we can?


Do you want to spend the rest of your life focusing on what is wrong in this world? Do you think that you can make a difference in this lifetime doing what is being suggested on the internet?


Why not stop right now and look around you, look at your family, your loved ones, your neighbors. See what you can do to make your personal world more in tune with who you are and what you want. Why focus on what is out there. Do you really think that fighting it is the answer? If so then look at all the times you have fought something. What has been the outcome and how long did it take for that outcome to satisfy you?


Take another turn and consider your actions now and here. What can you do to make your world more enjoyable? Can you clean up that part of the yard that has been bugging you for weeks? Consider how that might make you feel better about your place in life.


What would it gain you to spend hours in front of the computer telling everyone about how you dislike this, and are fighting that, when you could be hugging your children or spouse as they make another joyful action in their lives. Wouldnít you rather laugh at your lovable dog as he comes dancing to you, toy in mouth, spark in eye, ready for you to play and romp and laugh in his antics of innocence?


Do you think that you have to wait till another lifetime to enjoy the here and now? Donít you believe that you deserve to reap the benefits of being in the moment and finding the joy in providing the best world for yourself and your loved ones? How can you even consider that you can beat the system with the same tactics that they call for in your fighting? Donít you see that they thrive on the very fighting that they instill in you?


That is what they want. They want you to be forever in a mode of fighting. In that way they win. When you stop playing their games and play your own that reflect the joy and peace in your heart, what stage do they have left to play on. Surely they will miss the deafening roar of applause with every move that they make that is designed to conquer.


I vote for surrender! Surrender to the Creator, who will help us to make our world a great place to live in. That is how to take care of the problems we are faced with. Look at it another way, and just say NO! No, the nice people at this store will not force me to buy that which I know is not good for me. They will loose money and that is not what they want. We will not think that we have to give in to the system, when all we need do is build our own system of co-operation with those who agree with our way of thinking.


Remember when you were growing up? How was your world then? Did you find some peace of mind and did you know that you could bring a happy thought into your life when it seemed to be too dismal?


It always happened, didnít it? We were always able to stir the juices and come up with a tidy tidbit to bring us back to a fit of giggling, a happy thought or a hugging warmth for the one next to us. It is our nature to be free and in peace and laughing. That is our true Spirit. Live it and let that other world go. Take the plunge and believe that this is the way. I will see you in the reflection of my eyes shining back at you across the fence of our lives. How about a cup of sugar neighbor? Raw sugar of course!