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I Am


My dear ones, did you ever ride on a star and find yourself lacking in finesse? Did you ever take a walk through the sky and find that you have no peace of mind? Did you ever sink into the ocean and know that you are much smaller than everything? My dear ones, this is not an exercise to see how small you are for I Am here to tell you that you are the stars, you are the sky and you are the ocean. You are all that is as surely as you are not.


Take the chance that you are being offered right now and look into your eyes in the mirror of life. What do you see; do you see a shadow or a bright light shining back at you from the depths of your eyes? Where does the fantasy leave off and the reality begin? Are you not that which you see, or are you that which is so incredibly bright that you are blinded to the truth of who you are?


I invite you this day, my dear ones to see the depth of who you are. Be not afraid of what you see when you let yourself explore the inner workings of your being. Does it not feel wondrous when you access even a minute portion of that which you see and feel? I invite you to call that in, in the next times, for with that inner vision of who you really are, and what your capabilities are you will be able to surpass even the mightiest of swords.


Yes, you are capable of surpassing anything that your outside world can bring to your throne. You can overcome all that does not feel in harmony with your inner being, and you can do it in a way that does not push against that which is knocking on your door. You can do it by accessing that inner strength and softness and allowing it to lead you into the outer extremities of your world. In doing that you can change the way in which you live and breath in that outer world, and it will be effortless.


I come to you this day as an emissary of you. I come and speak with you in this way for I Am you and I Am All That Is. I Am the voice of the mighty and the meek. I am the originator of all there is and the ending of it. I come and I go and I never move. I am all that you see and hear, and I am nothing. There is no getting away from me, and yet there is no place where you can find me and wrap your arms around me, lest you wrap them around yourself.


I hear your words, “This is all well and good, but what of the reality of life on earth right here and right now? How can you say that there is no strife and no sorrow in the world when all you need do is pick up a newspaper and turn on the television? What of what is all around us?”


I say that all of that is a result of your imagination. The collective imagination supports itself, and with that truth comes the further truth that anything that is recognized and held in emotion and feelings is created as reality in numbers. What you bring into your collective consciousness is what you create as a reality that you live and breathe every second of your life.


Knowing that is it not prudent to begin to change how you regard your world? Is it not realistic to see your world as that which you love and adore? Is it not prudent to live it in any way that you can? You are powerful beyond that which you realize, or you would already have created your world in the image that the collective consciousness intends and desires, or have you not? Is perhaps what the collective consciousness wants that which the world looks like? And why is that? Is it perhaps that the collective consciousness remembers not the power of who they are?


You can begin now to live that image. You can find the way of life that you desire, and every time something comes knocking on your door with a word of caution or calamity, or with the opposite of that which you desire, you can tell that knock that you are home in a different way, and you can allow it entrance once it has wiped its feet and left it’s burden outside. You have that right and that power of creation, for you are Me.


I come to you today in the light of the love that emanates from all that is pure and simple. I show you the inner workings of yourself and I mirror to you that which you are capable of. When I do that you see the representation of that of which I speak. It is yours to see and yours to live. You make the choices, and in that truth you acknowledge that whatever comes from that choice is what you live.


Take your choice; see that what you choose extends to the ones with whom you come in contact. In their eyes you can see your reflection and when you do you are seeing all that you create in the image of that which is all One. You are that powerful. Remember that the next time you step up for what you believe in. Know that your beliefs are the result of that which you see and feel and hear.


Know also that your beliefs are ever changeable, and to ease into the flow of that changing world is to allow the flowing of the universal energy to guide you from the vantage of the all-seeing and the all-knowing You. Take yourself now into the world and see the here and the now of what you create. It is powerful and it is You.


Thank you dear I Am,

Love, Nancy Tate