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There are times in people’s lives when they ask themselves, why am I doing this, why am I fighting so hard to make things work? Isn’t there an easier way? And then they hear a little voice from their past saying, well if it is worth having it is worth fighting for. This is the kind of conditioning that is sweeping the world right now and is taking its course to the wastebasket of forgotten dreams all around the globe.


I Am Hatonn, and I Am here to let you know that as these words of honor and thrift come into the minds of many, they are bidding their last farewell to a way of thinking that has excused itself from the minds and hearts of more and more people every day.


Why is this so, you ask? It is a mystery to me that is worth exploring, even though the truth lies in the evidence that there is nothing that beats being able to run into a river and come out on the other side feeling unscathed and enjuvenated by the adventure of it.


Long ago parents, and their parents before them took to the mines and showed the supervisors a good, long days work. They left the day’s toils with a small bundle of rewards and a heavy step for the labor had been long and hard. As they approached their homes, the miners’ families hurried out to greet them with a smile and an embrace, with words that praised, and comforted them for their labors. Their day truly began as the sun set on the toils of the day, and the true spirit of their lives surrounded them in their family and the love that accompanied every moment through the evening and into the slumber of the night. It was that loving embrace in those few hours left from the toils of the day that fueled them for the next day’s activities.


Then after some time of the backbreaking activity the workers came to ask themselves, what else is there to life? Is there not something else that will bring to me a sense of accomplishment? I live in this modest home with only the next day’s activities to look forward to. Is there nothing else for me but to line the pockets of the King and his followers? Is there nothing in it for me except a modest roof over my head and a few crumbs on my plate served to me by the only saving grace, which is my loving family?


The seed had been planted, the ideas had sprung that would fuel the flames for a long standing run of ideas that would strengthen and grow, only to be stomped down over and over again by the very ones who saw it festering and found ways to stop it in its tracks. Those who stood to gain the most from the toil of the workers know also how to keep them in their service, and they did it so very well.


‘Come unto me my dear devoted servants and I will promise you the moon and the stars and the rewards of a long service to me. Come and I will show you how in just a short while you can grow in stature and you can come to be an integral part of the mining system. But you have to prove yourself worthy. You have to prove to me that you are a hard and devoted worker and that you are made of the stuff that gains the most rewards.’


The workers listened to this, and they saw the examples being paraded in front of them. They saw how there was no end to the praiseworthy accomplishments that came the way of a hard working career and long hours of toil. They told themselves, that their goal was to be as worthy as those others who were paraded in front of them at regular intervals.


What they did not see was that after those who rose in ranks to the prestige that they represented were so worn out and compromised they found little merit from the villagers. Gradually those who before had been well liked by the people in the community, were now being repelled and scorned, for their ways had become irresponsible and arrogant. They were no longer respected and liked members of the community, but were looked down upon by all except the leaders of the mining operation.


This did not set well, but it was tolerated for some time. As the tolerance grew, so too did the numbers who grew to the stature of leaders of the mines. This caused much furor in the villages and after a time the numbers of peaceful gatherings and airs of the community had lessoned to be almost non-existent. The people saw that the ones who had grown in rank were no longer friendly and they gave nothing to the community except their disdain. They seemed to think that they had precedence over all others when it came to matters of the community. This left the villagers in dire circumstances and soon the warring amoung each other began in earnest.


This is the story of the days after the Annunaki came to earth and established gold mining in order to deliver gold to Nibiru for the repair of the atmosphere of that planet. This is when this infighting and these ideas of hard work and honor began to take hold in a society that was considered to be free. In this free society came the ideas of grandeur attained by hard work and climbing to the top, at all risks to a peaceful and loving harmony with the community.


Today, we are on the upswing from this way of thinking. The ideas of hard work and toil are becoming outmoded. This is because of the increasing energies of truth that are being beamed into the hearts and minds of humanity. They are being taken back to the beginnings of their life on planet earth and they are revisiting their origins in all there is concerning emotions and feelings. They are being shown the egoistic ideas that they have nurtured and bound to them throughout their lifetimes. At the same time they are seeing and remembering the truth of sovereignty that accompanied them when they first came to earth and embodied in the hu-mans that were created for this purpose.


Stay with us, my dear ones. Remember that we are all in this together. You are almost at the time when the circle closes and the new way of being begins again in a way that is birthed from the realization of what it means to live a cycle of earth life in amnesia. As you all remember that this is the end of a cycle, and that you are beginning to remember that which you forgot you are capable of, you are also remembering that all that is worth having is here already. It is right there within a moment’s realization and as you know this, you also know that to work hard for something is honorable if you desire to do that for the experience it brings you, for the feelings of adventure and of delight in the doing.


In this energy I then say, my dear ones, if you wish to go out there and work hard for something, then do it, for the experience. Labor in the fields if you wish, for the experience, and the feelings it brings you. There is no thing that is wrong or in appropriate if it is something you choose to do solely for the experience. You are a feeling, touching and emotional human being, and in as much you are here to experience that.


So do so! Work hard, toil long if you care to, and then come and sleep in the arms of truth and know that you have access to the truth by being who you are, rather than by the toil that brought you here. Sleep in the love that is Holy and then awaken and go back out there and toil, or play for as long as you want to. The only thing that will change is that you have answered a call that you delivered. You have the choice, toil or play, and I Am here to tell you that there is no difference from where I stand and from where you stand alongside me.


I’ll meet you in the park, and we’ll have some fun turning cartwheels and sliding down the slide into the arms of the Beloved. And we’ll feel so grateful that we’ll go out there and do it again.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate