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My dear ones, there is a time and a place for everything, as is commonly said on planet earth. I Am here to tell you that that time and place is everywhere and at anytime. There are no boundaries anymore on planet earth except those that are still lurking in the shadows of your minds.


I Am Hatonn, once more with the return that I promised in the previous message. Though I said that I would be back the next day, there was a lapse of time and place that proved to be the undoing of that perceived return. This is one of the things that are taking place now that is even more of a conundrum, as some would say.


With the onset of the energies that are prevalent there was a setting of space and time that has gone in circles ever since. As this circle rotates it takes on an energy that attracts other energies that resonate with the frequencies that are prevalent in the intent of humankind. As one tunes in to the idea of time and place, and assists others to events that require an effort of timelessness, there is a decided backlash that carries along with itself the intent energy. As that energy finds its own resonance with that within the circle it draws it to itself and the access of that energy is then imparted to the one in intention.


This is what is creating so many of the outages of power within the physicalness of people these days. There is a communication between the soul and the circle of energies and in that communication there is an overriding of the intent of the consciousness. In this overriding there is also a communication that speaks directly to the consciousness in the wisdom of the soul. As this communication is received and assimilated within the beingness of the person, there is a resistance to that which seems to be foreign and against the intent.


This results in the physical symptoms that show themselves as weariness, aches and pains, insomnia, restlessness, fever, and any number of other conditions. This is part of the process of ascension. As people experience these or other symptoms they are in fact allowing their souls and oversouls to speak to them of truth that has not been recognized as yet by the ego. The ego resists and in that resistance the physicalness is affected.


What we suggest is that you speak to your ego and thank it for making itself heard and known in this way. Then explain to that ego that this is all part of the journey that you are taking together and that the ego is not going to die, despite what it may have heard. People have been told that the ego is wrong and not for your best good. They have been in fear and resistance of their ego. Now they are beginning to hear that the ego will be ascending along with their physicalness and soul, and they are resisting that.


We are here to tell you that there is no need to fear, or resist. Your ego is what propels you through life, and it too is valuable to you, as is any other part of you. With your ego you can move mountains, swim rivers and bring to you that which you desire. The ego is in the process of growth as well, and rather than thinking you will be leaving it behind, remember that it will rise with you and will flow in and out of experience right along with you as you unfold the treasures of this new world that you are building.


We are here with you too. We are following you and treasuring you though your experiences of this ascension time. We hold the energy in place when you feel that you might fly off into oblivion, and you even hope that you do, for you sometimes feel that anything would be better than what you are experiencing right now. We hold your hands and we soothe your brow. We are with you and we do what we can to keep you knowing that you can withstand this, for we give you glimpses of what is ahead, and not too far ahead at that.


My dear ones, since the energies of change are filling the passageways of thought and feelings with much that is to be addressed we encourage you to seek our strength and solace as often as you desire. Also seek the strength and solace that your souls have for each other, for there are multiple ways in which this can comfort. You will find that you will come away from each others company feeling renewed to a degree, even if it is to know that you are not alone in this time and place in the ascension process.


As you go to sleep at night, know that you are being caressed and soothed by the angels. Know that you are bolstered each night by the power that you have for yourself and everyone else. Know that the love that is expressed between all you come in contact with in that sleep time is enough to fuel every particle of light in all of existence for one second of earth time. This is what is brought to all of you.


You are beautiful powerful beings. As you go through the next days, weeks, months, you will be encountering many varieties of feelings, thoughts and actions. Take each one at face value and know that it is all of value. Know that you are preparing a table before you that contains all of the nourishment that you could ever want. Know that as you make your preparations you do so with the full knowledge of what is in your best interest. Taking the steps one at a time is what builds all you could ever desire. The fullness of that which you experience is measured in the smiles on your faces, the warm fuzzies in your heart, and the peace and love that streams forth from your countenance.


Go now into the here and find that peace of mind. Feel your heart as it streams over with the joy and love that creates that which you desire. Sing your songs of happiness and live your lives of creating peace and all that is fine. We love you and we see you in the Golden Light of infinity.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate