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My dear ones, I invite you to my shores for a moment to listen to the waves lapping on the sands of time. I whisper to you of the promises I made to you those eons ago when I followed you to the new adventure that you would engage in.


Today I come to you on the last wave of the waters of descent. As the waves lap against the shores of discontent and wash away the residue that has been loosened from its entrapment, I say goodbye to the remnants of the forgotten dreams, and hello to the revitalization of the renewal of those dreams.


I Am Hatonn, and I see the liveliness with which you come to the beach and set into the sand the etchings of your new plan. No more is there a recording of what once was, for it is all brand new. These new etchings are irrevocably changeable and ready for an errant wave to sweep in and change the destiny of the thoughts that you express. This is a time for new energies of change, and you will find that with these changes comes the rolling motion of irrevocable, forward going.


You see, my dear ones, you are in the wave, you are directing it and it is taking its orders from you. Every drop of water in the wave is being directed according to the thoughts and feelings that you carry and display. You are mending the breaches that have come into the energy of earth and you are rendering her the epitome of perfection even as we speak.


With the next wave that comes along you will find a rendering into oblivion all that has come in the path that supported the idea of separation. No more will an avenue be left open for that outmoded idea, for it will have been transformed by the Light and seen to be the unity of all there is. You are in the process of creating that which is the Intent of The Creator, and of you.


There will be a time coming in the next month when people from all over the planet will gather and be still, or dance, or speak, or sing, all for an hour simultaneously. They will do this in the interest of firing the Grid of Mother Earth and bringing into her core the illumination of the Intent of humanity, as it is The Creator.


This Intent will bring Gaia back to her perfection, and will crystallize the core that is now in transformation setting the energy for the final action that will crystallize and ring through her body the tone that will Light the Fire and send the signal to all of humanity, all life on planet earth, and on out into the universe. There will be total and complete communication in that moment of crystallization, and in that moment all will be One in physicality.


From that moment there will be many people who will feel the difference, they will know that life for them will never be the same again. They will walk forward from that moment and bring right through the universal grid a sound that will be so true and pure as to be able to communicate with every living particle in existence. For that moment there will be complete and total Oneness.


Then from that point all of life will carry on in the energy that each of you has chosen. To some it will be as if there has been no change, to others there will be an adjustment period, and then they will live life in a way that is more vital, and sharper than they have remembered it to be. This means that each of you has a unique imprint in which you are existing, and no one person is above, or more anything than another. It is a diversity that brings all of expression into union.


I have one final note for this message and then we will all go on to other avenues and ventures. I thank the people at the former list server for the means by which to send the messages out to reach the masses. As in so many ways of life here on earth this is a time for change. The changes that are upon you all are wonderful and packed with the potential that matches your Intent.


As we welcome in the new servers for the lists, we do so with a feeling of gratitude for all involved. There is a decided energy that is being born, and in that energy lays the sweet sound of success. Watch as all your dreams come true and the wave of change brings in that which you intend for your lives in record time.


I shall speak with you again. Till then, my dear ones sleep in beautiful splendor, dance across the sky, and sing the sweet tones of love forevermore.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate