June 04, 2007              





Nancy: Hatonn, what can you tell me about the server problems that have cropped up again; also about why we feel so scattered so much?


Hatonn: My dear one, there is coming a huge wave that will require all of your stamina to withstand. I do not mean to frighten you for that is not the case. What this wave will be is that of the final undoing of the negative energies that are bombarding the planet now. These energies are not what you would consider to be bad, or harmful. When I say negative, I speak in terms of energies of positive and negative polarity.


What this wave of negative energy is doing is to push, or detract from itself all that is of like vibration, even as it is pulled to itself. It is doing the push/pull thing, and in so doing there is a great deal of resistance put out by those who feel the pull the strongest. These are those who find the pull to be that of resistance, rather than of ease of flow.


As this wave empties itself on the shores of earth, it will have pushed all of the negative energies that have surfaced on earth and from within all of humanity at that time, out away from the earth and into the cosmic transmuting heat that is awaiting its return to itself. The positive energy will be revitalized and the anti-matter state of the universe will be accomplished in another huge wave of reverberation. This will take some time from the first push and pull of the negative energy from earth, for there will be that resistance from many of the leaving, they will not wish to let go of the familiar, and that will act itself out in the energies of earth time. That will show itself in its own time and manner as a tidal wave of photon energy that is being utilized in the evacuation of the matter energy that is prevalent now.


This will take place in a way that is in agreement with the Intent of the Source, for it cannot be any other way at that point. This is why there are so many people who are finding it difficult to focus and to be able to find the ease of flow that they have been seeking, especially with anything that has to do with the past. No matter what they do, they cannot keep focused on the energies of the past, for they are in movement outward.


This does not mean that there won’t be a revisiting of the articles of the past; what it means is that they will be seen and experienced with a whole new experience. They will be made new and present, now and here.


My suggestion to you is to find something in the here and now to occupy yourself, for that is all there is that can keep your attention. This is not the time to go back in old files and bring them back. This is not the time to revisit old memories and expect them to gel with today. This is the time to see anew that, which is in your face and in your heart. See what is before you, and involve yourself with the new.


The items you have been revisiting are of value to you at some time in the future (I have been looking through the old messages and other writings of mine). You will know when that time will be, for your passion will direct you to the items you are to be bringing into the present. You will find a new value to them, and you will know what of them will be worth bringing to the present, and the ones best left to the past, for those will have no life or interest for you.


Till then, you can withstand the energies that are prevalent by surrendering to them in the here and now. You will find that to be a fine way to meet this force that is upon you now. When you push against a force it pushes against you. When you surrender to it, it goes through you and on into oblivion.


Your coming play will reflect that which is stimulated by this changing of energies. As this wave subsides you will all find the inspiration, energy and passion to put into action that which comes to you. In the meantime, you will be visited with some more of the components that will enhance this play.


Go now and be the moment. Be the present as it presents itself to you. You will find that to be the order of the day, for this day and more to come.


Nancy: Thank you dear Hatonn. Oh, one more thing, this is what drove me to ask for this information: Is this what is taking place with the list and site servers? Or am I not to send anything out right now?


It is time for you to rest and give yourself a break. It is time for the energies of change to have their way with the computers and the technical aspects of some of the energies that are involved. Remember, even the machines of the day are part of the energies of the whole. Anything that is of the past will find a resistance in this time period. This can and is resulting in technical difficulties. I suggest that you flow with what is taking place and allow what is to guide you in what you do to involve yourself with the servers. Part of why you are fatigued at times is because of the resistance you feel for the technical issues. Go ahead and attempt to use them when you are inspired to; find your acceptance of what is when they do not respond. It is all in the way you feel when it happens. Acceptance is everything.


Nancy: I understand, thank you so much.