Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 6, 2003


             It is a morning for the contemplation of the parts of your life that bear revision. It is a morning that bears well the solitude for the contemplation. This is St. Germaine, and I am here to propose something to you. Why, of all the times do you suppose there is strife in your nationís capitol to the extent that it is right now? When has there been such difference as opposed to the solidarity that presumes to keep a nation in harmony?

            I propose you look to yourselves, and mankind to find the answer. I propose that if you were to ask most people on the street, you would find that they have been wrestling with some kind of upset or emotional disturbance, and that they are wondering why there is so much turmoil in their lives.

            I am here to tell you that this kind of thing is as a result of the changing times and the changing energies. Because it is nearing time for the shift, there is much stirring around taking place. All the energies on the planet are being shaken loose and are clearing out the fields of all living matter on earth, even Earth herself. Closets of the mind are being emptied, drawers of the soul are being opened and their contents examined. The world is readying itself for a great rummage sale, and the buyers are the energies of Light. With that purchase they will turn the cast-offs into treasures and return them to the pool of riches from which they can be drawn for the furtherance of the new energy expression.

            My friends, I am suggesting that your nationís capitol is a reflection of your own homes and bodies. Iím suggesting that there is a great clearing out, and that it is simultaneous in nature. When this comes about in a group, or peoples, there is great change that results. There is chaos, and then the calm. From this comes a beautiful harmonic tone that is heard to the far corners of the universe. I suggest that you see this time in your lives as a great melting pot of emotional energy discharge; and that there is great beauty and calm coming from it. Do you feel the new lightness after you have gone through a crisis and are resting on the other side of it? Get used to it, for it will some day be constant. It will someday be the natural way of being, and you will find new power in that rest and peacefulness.

            Now I address another matter relating to this; and that is that of the minorities in your country. They are the backbone of the commerce in your industries. They are the heartbeat of the love that runs the industry and the commerce. They are coming to the place where they will be recognized and favored with a gift that will come back to them ten-fold. You will be seeing a wonderful exposure of their dedication to their country, for to them this was the land of great opportunity, and the land where they could find a new beginning for them and their families. This is what America was built on. This is where this country finds its strength, in the people who believe in and expect to unite with all of the people here in a common cause. They know in their hearts that this is the energy that gives strength to the whole. It is a family that they see here in this country, all working together and harmoniously gaining in wisdom and strength of purpose. If it seems to be something other than that, it is because they have come and seen something that they did not expect, yet they remain, and write back to their homeland that they will remain, and happily so.

            Why is this so? They have felt the energy of greatness here. They have felt the energy of freedom. This is the energy that lives within each and every one of you, for that is the decision you have made for yourselves in being here. Whether it is an outward example of your lives or not, it represents the intent of all of you. Freedom and harmony are the intent of all of you, and this has drawn these others to your shores and your borders in order to share in the bounty and peace of mind that you all know you are creating for yourselves. This is what this country is all about, and now you are being given a chance to bring that intent to the open and in your lives as living proof and example of that which you intend for your lives. And too, my friends, your intent includes to share that kind of life with anyone who is not able to find it where they are, for you know that once established here, the pendulum swings far and wide and encompasses all, till finally the whole world is living that freedom and harmony that this country represents and shares with open hearts and hands. There is no substitute for a helping hand and an open heart. That is what creates great nations and great families. This is the future of your world, and I know you are creating it in the image of the Divinity that lives within each and every one of you. I stand by and watch your pathways, and I see them all leading to the epitome of the golden throne. It is a sight to behold, and you are the Gods and Goddesses of the kingdom. Wear your crowns well, for they can crown you as thorns, or they can crown you with jewels, depending on what you bring to the sitting.

            I leave this communication now, and encourage you to a bright new day. Blessings are upon you!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate