Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 4, 2003


              It is a morning filled with glee and anticipation for the coming announcement. It is a morning in which there are many factors to consider, and one of those is the authority by which you all live your lives. Good morning, I am St Germain, and I wish to tell you that there is coming a partial opening to the announcement that is forthcoming. This is a new development in the strategies that are set forth in this venture. This is a strategy that has been implemented for the purpose of bringing to a conclusion all of the interference by certain parties to end the new way of governing in the land.

            When I say new way of governing, I speak figuratively, for there has been that ability within the documents drawn up lo those many years ago. Those documents have not from the onset been followed to the letter, even though that was the purpose and intent from the beginning. When the ones signed these documents into being, there was a subversive group who from the start sought to create their own version of the documents. They carried on in a hidden manner until there was a variety of unknown factors that were influencing the outcome of the laws from the start. This caused an outlandish amount of secrecy and subversion within the government, and laid the blueprint for the government that you are under now.

            We are not going to allow that subversion to continue; and there is nothing that can alleviate the effects of the long-standing errors of judgment and annialation of certain energies of might and justice. However, operating out of the realm of the laws that were put into place by this blueprint and network of people we will put into effect the proper and original democracy that the forefathers first intended for this nation. There will be a shift on a material level, and that shift can hold real potential for the shift of the ages that is coming on a spiritual level.

            This is the promise that you all have made to yourselves, and we are here to assist you to carrying it forth. This shift into a new way of being is inevitable; it is coming, for you have announced by your increase in vibratory rate that you are ready. This is your choice, and we can only act through your choice. When this planet first came into being, there was an intent, and this is coming to a completion. This is the culmination of all of the eons of living in purpose for the great experiment, which extends far wider than many of you realize.

            Now I tell you of another fact of life that you are not aware of, and that is that there is coming another announcement. That is of a nature that examines the origins of not only man, but of this planet earth. This announcement will be coming in a time when there is no matter that is too great not to be heard or understood. There is purpose in this oneís life to bring this information forward, and present it to the people in a way that bespeaks the origin and purpose from off planet. This will come in the future, and will be accurate in the telling. This is all I will say on this for now. This one is perplexed, for she was not aware that there would be any mention of this before the fact of it. This is done in order to light her fire of creation and suggest that there is purpose in the timing.

            When the group this one was a part of recently journeyed to another state, they took with them an idea of the result of their journey. When they returned they did so with a consequential action that reverberated throughout their beingnessís and the places that they left behind. The results are being felt by them, and by some of the places where they re-connected. There are groups such as they who have been carrying on with journeys such as this, with similar results. It is all part of a great exodus from the state of amnesia that the world is in. This is falling away with each journey of transmutation and transformation. It is a beautiful thing to observe, and a wonder for the spirit.

            Now I leave you to the day, and I ride the tails of the maelstrom that is currently winding itís way around the globe. This is a day of wonder and of great energy for change and transmutation. Step up and be a part of it, and you will add to the momentum. Blessings to you all.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate