Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 30, 2003



            This is a morning full of good will and fortune. It is a time of cheer and a time of merriment, for there is a beauty in the air, and all you need do is tap into it. I am St. Germaine, and I come to you with a declaration of independence, a declaration from the trials and tribulations that life would sometimes deal you.

            You do not have to experience these kinds of things in your life. There is a way to go beyond what is offered in the form of misrepresentation of events and ideas that would have you giving in to the energies of doubt and loneliness and judgment. There is no one who cannot lift themselves up out of these self-deprecating emotions and into the lightness of love and joy in living and relating to the world around you. What you can do is see the wonder that is presented in every blade of grass, every smile that lights up a childís face, every rainbow that connects the sky with the earth. Every step you take can be one that takes you further into the wonder of the life you create. There is no parallel that cannot be a step into another place where you see butterflies and dewdrops, and abundance and mirth.

            I realize that for some of you the days seem crowded with melancholy and overwhelming obstacles to the peace you desire. This is all of the mind, my friends, and you have the ability to create your days differently. You have the ability to take an otherwise challenging situation, and render it a joyful and satisfying turn of events that brings you to the top of the heap. It need not be a large heap, just a small rise, for you to have overcome the obstacle to the peace in the situation. When you change your mind about any situation you can change the way it affects you and your life.

            I realize that this is not the news you wanted to hear from me this morning. I realize that you wanted me to tell you that there is a program in place and that this freedom is well on itís way to making a difference in your lives. This shall be, my friends; it shall come. Now I am addressing an issue that is surely affecting the outcome of this program. This is the state of mind of all of you. It makes a difference in every thing concerning your lives how your think of it. I have lived long and have experienced many challenges. In those challenges I have seen many times when I was frustrated and angry. These were my stepping-stones to the realization that my mind was controlling my world. I knew that unless I changed the way I thought, and acted on those thoughts, I would always be involved in things that were not to my liking and intent.

            I am telling you, that you are that close to being the master of your world. You are coming into a place that wears your description of mastery, and you need but to know the fullness of that, and live it. There is only one place where you can start that change, and that is within. This in turn will reflect itself on the outside, where your creations show themselves. You wish for this law to come forward. I present to you the challenge to see it already in place, firmly and with the potential for the fullness to represent itself in your life. This is a law that you along with us, have drawn up and created to show itself in your world. Give it that last burst of energy to put it over the edge and into your lives with the knowing that creates. See it as working in your lives in the energy for which it has been created. It is your manifestation, see it there, see it working. It is in effect, see that and bring it into your reality right now. We can only go just so far with this; it is up to you to shove it into manifestation right now. This is the power you have; this is your might.

            My dear ones, this can be accomplished in an instant; one moment is all it need take. With the collective energy of knowing and seeing, it can present itself into your world and be your reality. It is that simple. You have added tremendously to the cause thus far; now give it that last great oomph, and it will burst forth upon the scene, and celebration will be the order of the day. In fact, celebration is now, for it already is. Bring that celebration into your now, and you will see the results. Fanfare and jubilation are upon us, and we are abundant NOW!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate