Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 23, 2003

            This is a time in the history of man when it is imperative that one stays grounded, for with the advent of the encroaching events there will be a tendency to go in several different directions at once, and none of them in a direction that is familiar. Good morning, I am St. Germaine, and I wish to encourage you to a state of peace that can carry you far beyond the limitations that befall you now.

            When the coming announcement falls on the ears of the populous, there will be many who will rise in anger and frustration as to the validity of the words they hear and the answers that come to their questions. Those of you who read these words are the ones who can make a difference in the lives of the ones who surround you and look to you for some degree of clarity. They know that you have known of this, and they understand that they can trust you to a degree. This is the reason that you have stood up and listened to the words of this coming event through the last several months and years.

            When this happens, there will come to you a variety of mis-understood ideas about what this law represents. That is why it is important for you to be clear on the points that will be covered. It is a great resounding of energy that surrounds you all these days, and this energy is coming from the source through all the ones who are here to assist in the presentation and implementation of this law.

            Realize that this is more than just a material presentation. It is as well a representation of the energy that is coming for all of you. When the idea of a prosperous society becomes a way of life and not just a new thought that is somewhere out there and unreachable, then you will remember that its beginnings were in this event that is about to happen. I bring you a preview of that event. It is as if the world has opened up and spilled forth all its dirty linens and the gold and jewels as well, all in one outpouring that will collect in a jumble to be sorted and gone through, categorizing in neat and understandable piles of energy. From that point you will see the implementation of the various foreign, yet somehow familiar, aspects of living in a world where the struggle is but a memory that fades away in the morning light. For now, there is a strange but familiar ring to the promise that we speak of, along with the atrocities that the dirty linens represent.

            With this point I come to another, and that is that there is no greater love than the love that one feels for oneself, for in that love is reflected the love of God, the Creator. This is the love that speaks clearly and softly and tells you that this coming prosperity is your inheritance. This is the representation of the abundance that is a part of the makeup of the Creator. While living in the material world, you manifest in the material form. This manifestation has no substance but the energy that is represented in that substance. When you live in the wealth that represents itself in things and bank accounts that deal in multi-digits figures, you are living in the idea of abundance. You derive a feeling from it; you represent yourself as being that abundance. Then when the abundance is taken from you, do you still feel that abundance? Do you still feel as rich as when it showed itself in the material plane? If so, then you will know how to deal with NESARA and use the energy of it to your advantage. If not, then you have given yourself an opportunity to find that equation that shows you how to see the difference in the material and the spiritual aspect of this law. This to is to your advantage. So you see, this law is being brought to you for the furtherance of your growth and your ascent to a higher degree of vibration. When you reach the point that shows you that there is really no difference between the material and the spiritual, then you will have come to a place where you have found another level to the reality in which you exist. You will see that whether it is one penny, or one million dollars, it is all the same. Whether it is one piece of shiny silver, or one large beautiful car, it is all the same. There is no difference in the idea or the physicalness. It is all derived from the energy of the Creator, and it is manifestation of that energy. Ideas are the outward picture of the inner thoughts. This law is just that, and what you do with what this law represents, is a representation of the energy of the Creator within you.

            You are all honored for your path in this moment. You have all come to the place in this journey that suits your evolvement. There is no place in this life for mistakes and wrong choices, for it is all as you have decreed. There are no false moves, nor no blind promises. There is only deliberate action and intent. Remember this and see the potential that you give yourself every moment. You are all glowing in the bright promise with which you bring yourself to this time. You will find the potential and explore it in what ever you do. I will tell you this, that you have given yourself a full range of ideas in which to carry forth from this coming event, and it is grand; and no one gets left behind.

            I leave this transmission for now, and I wish for you a grand day, full of adventure and joy.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate