Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 2, 2003


            My dear ones; I am back with this one to tell of the times that took place on the trip to the place of energy called the Integratron. This is a place that was built by a man who understood the ramifications of taking his life into his hands and doing what he knew to be a wonderful thing to mankind. He also knew that there would be a resulting advantage from this structure, and the technology it represented, that in the hands of some could cause irreparable harm to many. This is the way of technology in the hands of the ones who would use it to their own causes rather than for that of the benefit of mankind. This is also the way of the power of the Divine, for in the hands of some, there is a subversion of the power that can result from the full use of it in a way that is out of the stream of the Love of the almighty energy of man and creation.

            On this morning I, St. Germain wish to tell you of a bit more of this trip this one and her friends took; and then I will tell you of a matter that is pressing on the minds of so many. On this trip there was much healing done on the energy fields of this one, and the others. Sometimes there can be found great advantage to being in a spot of disruption to the energy field, for the restoration of that disturbance. This is the case for these ones, for they returned to the place where they many years ago signed in their fields a declaration of giving that represented a portion of their beingness was to remain behind in a certain creation that was to undergo an evolution along with theirs. This was an assurance that the evolution of this creation would grow in the energy and promise that was set by all concerned, and followed to the uniqueness that was the intent of the group. Sananda was one of the group as well, as he was known then as Jesus, or by the group, as Jessiah. When these ones returned to the place, they reclaimed their parts of their fields, and now have not only that restoration but have the imprint of the energy of their creation as well. There is the oneness of the group within the oneness of all of creation.

            You may be wondering why I rather than Sananda brings this message to you. I am here to tell you that I too was there in my capacity as the counselor for these ones as they sat in their meetings and brought to the front the various parts of their lessons. They were exploring the nuances of the lessons that the restoration of their fields was experiencing. They found that they had much more clarity and ability to access their truths and to find the courage and fortitude to present the lessons to each other. Within this restoration and the subsequent lessons was the ability to surge forward and know themselves more clearly. This was one of the reasons for the journey to the land of the Integratron, and the giant rock that served them so well. There will be more this week about the experiences of this journey; for now I come to a different subject.

            When the light shines on all of you, and the crow sings the news of a new day in the world that be-knights the kingdom of the almighty presence of the King, there will be a new way of living and governing that will spread far and wide. This king, my dears, will be not one individual, but all of you. You will be the king of your own kingdom, and the ones over whom you rule will be the molecules and atoms of your own matter being. You will once again realize that you are being given the opportunity to reign in your own sovereignty. You will have the reigns in your hands, and you will be assisted by the heavenly host to remember how to use them. There is a great deal of light that is coming your way, and this light is the very beacon that you have called for. When this light comes, it will show you what abundance is. It will show you that what you see out there in your world, you can utilize within, for it is already there, has always been. You have never lost your sovereignty, merely set it aside in your amnesia.

Now you are being given the representation of the potential that you can bring to yourselves, in this gift to the world. Through this gift is the message of hope, love, peace, abundance, and compassion. Never before has such a gift been be-ribboned in one great package as this. Now you are being urged to take this gift and find the truth within that represents the truths that you are discovering within yourselves. Make that match, and you will find that you will reign without any effort. It will be as taking your next breath, for you will find that there is a naturalness to it that speaks of the presence of God within all of you.

I leave this message now, for there is work to be done, and a wonderful day to be experienced and created. This one is looking forward to the coming hours, for she has great plans to find her solace in the urges that propel her forward in the footsteps of her Divineness. This is the blueprint for all of you; step out in your own higher footprints and watch the magic happen, for it will, and it does, and it is. I love you all, and bid you good day.



Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate