Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 17, 2003


             Good morning my dear ones. I am St Germaine, and I have a message of trust and familiarity this day. When the time comes for all of you to hear the announcement that is forthcoming I wish to instill within you the desire to follow through to the end the provisions set down within the documents that are presented for your perusal. There may be some points on which you will waiver and feel betrayed. I promise you that until you have heard all of the amendments, you have not heard the fullness and scope of the whole thing.

            We have had to keep our integrity at the forefront, for some of the measures that certain parties have taken have sought to force us to actions that would imperil the integrity of the documents. We did not fall into the trap, and within the entirety there is upheld the utmost authority and integrity.

            You are the ones who will be living under this law; and you will be putting into action the auspices of the words that are represented in this law. As you sift through the many changes that are represented, you may find that there are some aspects that you are unwilling to pursue. My dear ones, I urge you to assimilate the entire presentation before making any assumptions as to the validity of the points, and the means by which you will carry them out in your lives.

            I am seeing the possibilities within this for I have asked various people of the general public to survey the documents and give us their opinion. They were most helpful, in that they pointed out a few articles that were benefited by their suggestions of change. When this came about, we found it to be an improvement that benefited the citizens, and brought more opportunity for personal authority within their own hands. There was a general revamping that took place of the whole law, and revisions came under the auspices of educating the people as to the authority that they held for their own lives.

            For too long you have been coerced, manipulated, and taken advantage of, and this is going to change when this law comes into effect. I advise you all to look very carefully at your lives, and find what you may have given up that belongs squarely right back in your hands. This is a process that you will have opportunity to rediscover, and use to shape your lives according to the way you desire and intend. No longer are you going to be told to do some things a certain way. No longer is there going to be a set of rules by which you must take your every breath. This is going to release you from some of the bondage that you have so long lived under. Some of that bondage has been self- inflicted, and is up to you to recognize.

            Now, my friends, it is time for you to step back into your shoes of authority and find the governing of your own lives to benefit the whole of mankind. For some of you this may prove to be a difficult process at first, for there has not been that opportunity for you in the past. We are here to assist you to that. You all have within you the spark of light that can burst forth into a great flame of light by which you can lead an exemplary life full of passion, abundance, love and purpose. You have within you the potential to rise out of the decadence that has held you captive; and there is no need any more to hide your brilliance under a cloak of suppression and control.

            You are the shining lights that will stride from this opening document and take the initiative to live the freedom that this country was founded on. When this influence starts reverberating through your lives, it will find its way completely around the globe; and you will live your lives in planetary harmony and fellowship.

            This is a great opportunity for growth my friends, and we are prepared to teach those of you who ask for assistance in being able to comprehend and live the freedom that is being given you. We are not saying that you will be handed everything on a silver platter. We are saying that you will make the silver platter yourselves, and you will chose what to put on it, and in what manner, according to the Divinity within your innermost being. This is the God that lives within each and every one of you. This is what you will be able to express far more than you have to this day remembered how to do. It is coming my dear ones. And I am going to be right here with you and through the graduation day, for you are all my brothers and sisters, and I intend to stand in the great hall of justice and at the family celebrations and toast the joy in which you live your dreams.

            For now, I go in love and peace to the meetings and preparedness of the upcoming event that will be a catalyst for the freedom that is already yours. Grasp it my friends, and know it is yours. Adieu!


Than you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate