Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 9, 2003


             A brand new day is here my friends, and a brand new way to read your story of life. I am Sananda, and I am here to tell you of a time when there was very little that seemed to come from chance and there was only that which one deliberately chose for oneís life. That time is now, and in the future now, for all is now.

            The concept of time is an invention of matter, and that is the crux of this story I bring to you now. When there was very little time and reality that was not molded according to the intent, there was also very little that was not chosen for the knowing it represented. This is the time of fully awakened beings, and it is going on right now. When now is realized, one is experiencing the reality that he chooses. This is the reality that he feels is most appropriate to his perceptions and to his knowledge of the fullness of his life.

            I speak of generalities now, for that is where you reside, within the generalities of the mind and the experience your mind chooses to have. When you are in that experience, you are choosing to interpret it in the way that comes to you as choice. This is the creation that you bring to your life at the moment. This is the choice that you invented for your experience of the moment.

            I tell you this in order for you to find the solution to the memory loss you seem to have experienced. This is not a loss, but a setting aside of perceptions. This is a decision to realize only partially, that which is happening in your life. Do you realize that all you can ever bring to your life in your perceptions is happening all right now? Yes, you are creating the most you can conceptualize for your life right now, and you are only remembering part of it. That is the part you are living consciously. Now do you see how it is that we tell you that you are capable of creating the unlimited reality that is perfection of Divinity? When you achieve the planned for dream, and the events and objects of that dream are around you, you have chosen to bring those realities into your present consciousness from the ethers where you created them with the onset of the dream. They are just on the other side of the veil that is right in front of your eyes.

            When I walked the earth as Jesus, I did so with the full knowledge of who I was. I learned the earthly ways, and I studied the metaphysical ways of the earth perceptions. Upon bringing those perceptions all together with the knowing I carried, I was able to create the miracles that you create now. I am creating them now still, for it is all happening now.

            This one dreamt last night that NESARA had been announced. It was the first time that she had dreamt it. It seemed so real! Thatís because it was; she had visited in her sleep the reality of life with NESARA in place and making the difference in your lives that it promises to make. She saw how it can affect her life, and how it can be a wonderful opportunity to live the reality of being fully realized in your potential. She saw also how it can be a substitute that can lead you even deeper into the sleepiness with which you sometimes go through life. She saw it as a wonderful opportunity for growth; and in that saw that it really is more than just some laws and changes that will come about in the material world. She saw that in itís representation of the material, it is subject to change; and in its representation of the spiritual, it holds great potential for the awakening of humanity to its Divinity, through the lessons it brings.

            So dear ones, I come to you this day in the Light of the Divine and tell you that there is no time that is not full and complete. The time that you experience is but an invention of the material world that you have also invented. You have the ability to function within any part of the reality that you create within your mind. It is all there, ready for your perception and your living of the dream. It is within your reach, for you own it, and it is yours for the choosing. It is a matter of removing the veil from your vision of that which you intend. It is a matter of bending time to suit your intent. It is a matter of seeing that which you have brought to your reality. Begin by knowing that what you desire is already there, and that you are living it. Then you will see it come into your reality, and you will have released the veil on that part of your Divineness.

            I see for you full realization of your dreams. I see for you all there ever is and all you ever thought of. I see for you a rainbow with gold interlaced within every strand. I see for you your DNA fully reunited and working for you to see the completeness that you are. I see you in love and compassion, and I see you in peace and joy. I am with you always, and I am you, as you are I. Go in love and joyfulness.


Thank you dear Sananda,

Nancy Tate