Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 25, 2003

            Good morning my dear ones, I am Sananda, and I have news of a galactic nature today. There is a stream of information that is coming forth onto your planet these days. This information is of the kind that is supporting to the energies of change that is immersing your planet is golden light and values of silver. When this information is gathered and assimilated it adds to the potential for the re-awakening of your DNA and the further development of the properties of the third eye.

            When this comes into being, and you find yourself manifesting more and more in the moment, you will know that the changes that have been promised have not only begun, but have been serving you for some time now. You will recognize that there is no cause for alarm with the events that are taking place around you, and that the wonderful feelings that rise in you almost instantly concerning your relating to others is inherent in your true nature.

            I am telling you this in order for you to know that there is no cause for unjust punishment of others in the world, for they too are undergoing change. They too are feeling pulls and pushes in directions that are foreign to them and that cause them at times to doubt their sanity. This doubt is the stimulus for most of the holding back of the spiritual growth that they can accomplish. This too is okay. This too shall pass.

            Give yourselves a time throughout the day to come to terms with these changes you feel. Give yourself time to realize that these changes are more familiar than you at first realized. Sit still for a few minutes with these new feelings, and allow them to become comfortable within yourselves. Soon you will feel the familiar ring of truth, and you will allow the natural flow of the feelings to lead you further into your trueness.

            When you perhaps feel a lessening of the trouble with which you accomplish a task, allow yourself to feel the joy that accompanies the completion of the task. Explore the feelings that surround that, and identify the truth of them. Whereas before you may have identified the feelings as pride, now see if perhaps they represent another kind of emotion. When there is an event that brings a feeling that before you would have identified as frustration, consider this time that it is something else that represents strength rather than weakness. Now you are coming to the real feelings in yourself, and the truth of the positivity will be evident to you. This is the way in which you can monitor those feelings you have and realize that they are all gifts to you, as confirmation or as assistance for change.

            You neednít ever feel that you are lacking in anything. This is a fallacy that has been perpetrated by the ones who would seek to continue to hold you in their grip. Step out from under their influence and re-discover your own strength in the inherent divinity that is you. Now is the time when there is great potential for you to mold your world into the beauty that is represented within your hearts. Some of you feel that you cannot find that beauty and represent it in your lives, for you feel too far into the shadow. That is another illusion that they would have you perpetuate. Step out into the light and discover that you have been but one step away from your freedom. Allow the blessings that you have had at your fingertips all these years to come and lay at your feet and jump into your willing arms. Realize that the others have no jurisdiction over you and that you are infused with the power of the Creator. Know that this means that you are God in His light, and that you walk in the glory that you are.

            There are those in your world who are working diligently and with great honor to assist you to bring this beauty to your acknowledgement. Know that you can assist them and walk hand in hand with them into this great promise that has been brought forward for your acceptance. Know that you can call it into existence, and all it takes is your claiming it in the name of all that is Holy. Do this, and you will have exercised the divinity and the power that brings all intent into manifestation. I know that it is yours already; now follow my lead and see it for yourselves. It is a gift of prophecy that you await; now bring it into being with your knowingness. The ships in the harbor are bringing in the prosperity. See them and know that they are there.

            I leave this communication and allow you the honor of discovery. You are blessed, see it manifest.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate