Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 27, 2003

            Today is a day for the understanding of certain points of interest concerning the involvement of so many to the destruction of Atlantis. Greetings my friends, I am Kryon, and I wish to bring forth some points relating to this subject which may clear up some misconceptions that are floating around within people’s psyches.

            There is a misconception that there are one or two people who in the days of Atlantis came to certain actions that directly caused the destruction of their homeland. This is the advantage of being able to see the whole picture; and when you are fully awake you will be able to realize that the feelings of guilt and mistrust of your fears of progression in the fields you may be following, are but representations of the fear deeply imbedded, that you caused this destruction.

            My dear ones, examine this possibility and feel the trepidations you may have. Allow the memory to seep in, and the feelings to come forward. Allow the innate divinity to step in and show you that many contributed their hand in this event. See the energy in which these events occurred, and realize that they were but strings in an intent to move forward in the newfound technological evidence of life in the cosmos and the enactment of that life on the earth.

            You were visited regularly by the ones who shared the cosmos with earth. You were taught the advancements that your extraterrestrial visitors brought to your lands. These were they early stages of the experimentation and implementation of the technologies they brought to you. These were the early stirrings of the force you call ego, and these were the brainchildren of the actions you took in the pursuit of learning.

            When these new technologies came into your awareness, they served a purpose; and that was to stimulate you into the progression of higher learning, and to bring forth the ancient makeup of the inner remembrances of your lineage from the cosmos. Yes, that is where your beginnings lay. You all originated, at least in part, from those who live in the cosmos. When you came to this planet there were those who were created here, and they were mated with some who came with an intent. This was part of the plan that was set down by the Creator, and designated by those who chose to participate.

            Do you think that there was no plan except that to colonize earth? There was an intent in this premise. There was purpose to this colonization, and the ensuing events. This purpose was for the eventual outcome, which you are living now. This is the fulfillment of the original plan, and we are seeing the absolution of the karma that you all as a peoples accumulated in the living of the plan.

            Allow me to intercede with this statement. There is no one person on the face of this earth, and within the interior of the earth, who is more involved with the events of the destruction of any civilization, than any other person. You all had your part in bringing this event into the annals of history, and you all are absolving the karma in the events of the day. Do you see how that is taking place? Do you see how this is the coming to the front of the energies of taking back the ruination of your world and changing it to the eventual salvation of all that you have ever had part in?

There is no stronger bit of evidence than the outcome of the events of the day, and the results that they are bringing. This is still playing out in the shortcomings that seem to be showing themselves in your world. Look, for a few moments my friends and see the events as they would look in the ancient past. Look at the world events and see the unrest that is being exhibited. Does this in any way feel like what may have taken place within your society in the days of Atlantis? This was a time when the golden Era was being tarnished by the new concepts of being a step ahead of the God that you always knew. These new ideas were bringing a stirring to the energies in which you formerly flourished. This resulted in the coming forward of ego. This was the energy in which ego was born and exercised. This is the transition time, as it was then. This is the mirror that you hold to the time in which you saw the beginnings of great destruction.

Now all that destruction is showing itself in today’s events. However, you are on the other side of the mirror now, and you can see the results, before they happen. You are viewing the history before it comes into being. You are giving yourselves the advantage of knowing the history and preventing it from happening again. Are you up to the task; are you seeing the energy behind the history and the day’s events? Will you create the utopia that was your home, your Garden of Eden, or will you repeat history?

            I say you are extending that mirror into your present day, and you are creating the image that stretches beyond into the Golden Age of Lemuria. I say that you have come to a place in your evolvement where you HAVE learned from your mirror, and you are bringing all to bear in the further evolvement to the wondrous beings that you are. Forget about the paralyzing effects of the guilt and fear. These have served you well to come to this point. It is time to thank those energies, and proceed with the intent for this time; that is to bring forward the completion of the mirror and create a whole new paradigm in which the mirror is on the outside and all around you. It is you, and the image is the same, no matter how you look at it. It is golden and it is in the image of the Creator.

            And so it is.


Thank you dear Kryon,

Nancy Tate