Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 26, 2003

            Good morning, I am Kryon, and I greet you this day with an idea for a fun afternoon of joy and laughter. When you finish your daily chores and find that you are done sooner than you thought, take a break and go out into the sunshine. Find a tree, or two, or a million and spend some time wasping in the shade of the life within the trees. They have a wonderful message for you and they will tell you of the trials and tribulations that are coming to an end. They are waiting to tell you of the beauty that they see coming for you, for there is a brand new day awaiting your bidding just around the corner.

            When you do this and follow your heart to the place that beckons you, find the closest robin and sing its song with him. Do this with the sweetness that comes from deep within your soul. Make the song real and powerful, and you will hear a whole chorus of birdsong that awaits your verse. This is the way to the healing that you all are calling to you. This is the way to the nurturing that Mother Earth gives to you with every breath she takes.

            When this calling becomes the impetus by which you find yourself on your doorstep, keep the answer bright and strong. Keep the clarity sure and wonderful, for it will lead you to the message that tells you of your secret information. It is time to bring that secret out into the open and share it with the others. You will find that it really isn’t a secret afterall; it is something that the whole world has been clasping to their breast, for fear of the consequences of others knowing too. For to know would mean that your world would have to change, and that change could be frightening, done alone.

            My dear ones, there is no one who is alone. When you step forward and make that change, don’t you find others there who have made the change as well? Of course you do; they are in the circle, and they are as timid at first as you are. Then the shining sets in, and you soar through your days and you reverberate through your nights. There is a saying that we have on this side of the veil, and it is, “When the sun shines over the canary, he becomes the whole symphony of birdsong. He spreads his wings and flies with the others, free and joyful in his flight.” You are that canary, and you are spreading your wings, beginning today, this moment.

            I would like to tell you a story about a child who let his mom dictate his every whim. He so loved her that he quieted his own voice lest he not hear that of his mother. One day his own voice whispered to him to go out and play in the yard with his kitten. His kitten looked into his eyes with a pleading, and purred into his heart. The little boy yearned to go and settle his bidding, but his Mom wanted him to stay and be her playmate with a book and a few toys. He so loved his mother, that he sat and played with her dolls. This was not to his liking, but his Mom loved him so. The kitten jumped into the middle of their play and sidled up to the Mom. He purred into her heart and soon she was tickling his tummy.

The kitten rose to his feet and ran to the door of the yard. He looked back at her and mewed to come forth and open the door to the fun. “Oh please, my sweet Mom will you do this just once and come to the lawn and be happy?” The boy pleaded thus to the one he adored and saw a slow smile come to pass. She lifted him up and ran to the door, the child inside her released. Then in the cool shade of the sweet smelling grass, they played and they tumbled and laughed. They came to a place where they knew not the time and they played on into the eve.

Then the door opened wide and a voice called from inside, “May I come and join you right now? I’ve sweet bread and chicken and lots of juicy watermelon, and salad fit for a king. The cool lemonade will wash it all down and sooth the palate indeed.”

            They looked toward the voice and saw the proud dad standing, his hands full of promise. They welcomed him thus and saw that he shed a tear of joy for the sight of his family engaged in play for a time, for he had prayed for this long days and long nights. This was a time when the dew hit the vine and the frost crept up on the orb of sweet flesh of squash and glowing of skin to mellow itself in the cool air. When winter set in and all was in hush the family remembered the soft fall day when the kitten was at play and the child came forth in them all. That changed their lives for always and they never put their lives in a holding pattern again. They allowed the spontaneity to have its release, and they grew together, more solid.

            So play, my friends and follow your hearts to the songs of birds and trees. They know how it is to play in the breeze and answer the call of their dreams.

            And so it is!


Thank you dear Kryon,

Nancy Tate