Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 11, 2003


             On a day like today we love to see the clouds scatter across the sky and mix with the dewdrops as they meet the morning eye. We love to watch the hillsides covered with shadows that speak of times gone by. Good morning we are the Galactic Federation, and we come to you with news of a different kind this day. We come to you with a tale of the newness of life with the start of every day.

            When you wake in the morning and watch the first rays of sun touch the trees and flowers, there is a connection made with Mother Earth. This connection is the one that keeps the balance within all of life, and when it is not realized and felt, the balance looses its strength. This is why the fairies and nymphs are here, to keep that balance that the humans sometimes stray from. These wee friends of the earth are the gatekeepers between the earth and the illusion. They ward away the vagaries that would send Gaia into a tailspin and allow disruptions to take place.

            You have much to thank these winsome creatures for, for they are part of the energy of balance and love. They are part of the eco-system; and they were created by Mother Earth in her co-operation with the great Divine power. She knew that need for them, for in her wisdom she knew that you would in your journeys at times forget your connection with her. This indeed has been the way of it for a long time. There are those of you who have involved yourselves so deeply with the material, fast-paced world that you have forgotten the healing properties of Mother Earth. We are here this day to remind you, and offer a suggestion.

When in the morn you awaken and start your day, take a few minutes to wander into the great outdoors and pay homage to the beauty. Even if you reside in the city on the 24th floor, take the few minutes to find the street and a tree, a flower, anything that represents a connection to the earth, and touch it, hug it, love it. Step out into the fields and meadows when you can. Walk through the forests, and follow the banks of a river. Find a path in the desert winding between the sage and the cacti, your wide-brimmed hat gently flapping in the breeze. Plant a small garden of flowers and/or vegetables and tend it with the care that you tend your home, for it is your home. Find the love that lives there, and return it ten-fold. It will complete the circle and bring you ever closer to the Divinity within you.

Why do we tell you of this, when we usually tell you of the affairs of the galaxy and your relativity to it? We realize that you in this time of change must keep your connection to the earth strong and sweet in order to more easily and completely make the transitions that you will be making. For all these many eons you have been a part of Gaia, and she of you. You will not make this transition without her, and she will continue to support you as long as you pay homage and keep the connection strong. It is not a matter of conscious choice that this happens with her, it is the way of nature; it is a law of creation. Since you and she are one, if one part of the whole is not recognized and nourished the whole suffers. She supports you with her love and her nourishment through the soils and the waters. The stones and the minerals hold power for you her beauty holds the touch of love that says you are precious and beautiful. Her mountains hold the power of majesty that says, I regard you with this might and this power.

When you walk upon her and build your buildings on her soils, she smiles and says okay. When you dig into her earth and deposit layers of soil upon her surface leaving the gaping wound exposed to the elements, she sighs and gives forth her gases. When you cover her over with concrete and run your machines over her surface, she gasps for breath and gathers her energies for more sustenance to be able to withstand the pressure. This is taxing on great Mother Earth, and without the love and appreciation that she had for so long, she is finding the struggle more and more of a challenge. She is finding inner strengths that she had forgotten about, and she is bringing them to the surface. This is her salvation and her attempts at survival. She will have to use these desperate measures to be able to sustain life for all of you, unless she is given more of the love and energy that she had those many years.

So we say to you who find your hearts reaching out and toward Mother Earth to honor her and give of yourselves to her, for she is your salvation and she supports the life you live in her presence and on her greatness. She is your Mother, and she loves you unconditionally. She asks nothing but to be able to continue being the support and love that she gives so completely. In giving her that which she gives you, you will keep the circle strong and sure, and assure life and beauty in love on planet Earth for as long as you desire.

Thank you my dear ones, and have a wonderful day caressing the beauty of Mother Earth.



Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Nancy Tate