Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 24, 2003

            Good morning my dear ones, I am coming to you from my place in the heavens known as the fifth triangle of Opotomies. I am known in these parts as the Digotaronda of Displacement. In this role I am to serve the almighty presence of the wandering family of the creations of God the Creator. I am here for the purpose today of allowing the energy of change to come and infiltrate the ground on which you walk and live your lives. Within this energy lies the appointment of the Divine to infiltrate the oneness of the All and allow the division of the species in their individual expression. When I came into being it was from the idea of separateness. I was then the earliest ideas in expression of the manifestation of the separation from the Deity. When this happened on your earth there was a great cyclonic event, and this caused the ripping apart of the membranes of unity. This in some cases happened in an instant; in others it took place over a period of several thousand earth years.

            When the division was complete there was an opening in which ideas of salvation came springing forth. This came about from the release of the knowing of unity, At-oneness. Creation of the duality was the springboard from which all limit came about. This is the coming times when the opening will bring back all the ideas of separateness, and the duality will once again be relegated to the confines of itself. Its illusory concept will be once again be but an illusion in itself, and will have only its memory to perpetuate its existence. There will be no more energy of support that is open and circular, therefore it will have to be as itself in its limitedness. This is what you call a black hole, in effect, therefore, when you see a black hole, you are seeing an end of a certain idea that no longer has the ability to manifest itself in its own image. It only has the ability to reread itself in eternity. As you see, even in the illusion there is the infinity of the Divine.

            As this energy approaches the heart of the existence that you now live in, you are finding more and more the existence of another paradigm. This paradigm holds the potential for a whole new string of ideas. It is malleable and fluid, in that it is full of potential that lives in the energy of self-perpetuation in infinity. The Creator God has no bounds; there is no limit to the ability of the Deity, therefore, since you all are of the Creator, there are no bounds to you. When you express further into this realm of unlimitedness, you will find that doors will open, and ideas will spring forth from that potential that reflect the inner knowingness that you are created within. There is great reality of mind within these potentials, and they all are serving the pathways that you have chosen for the times that you are in. When these choices reflect the oneness that is, in the mobius of the divine, then you will have direct access to your Divinity. You will have removed the last ideas that you have collected that you are separate from the One who created you.

            When this happens, you will find that there is much less resistance to anything that you think, or conceptualize. This is where your innate knowingness of your true self comes in. In this in-between stage of the opening, there is a period of time, determined by you, when the ideas and thoughts, and the manifestations of them, will reflect the stage at which you find yourself. In other words, this will show itself in the way your life shows itself in physicality. This is why it is imperative to be an open steward of your life, in your thoughts words and deeds. When you create your life, it is from this triad. When you find your life not to your liking it is because you have found your self-identity in more of the old illusion than in the new paradigm. This too is in purpose, for within that lies the map for your road out of the old and into the new. From this, you will see that what it is that you have been doing is not working and it is time to lead your life through the intelligence that lives in the heart. This is where the mind of the Creator lives within each of you. The heart I speak of is the great Central Heart, the one that houses all of your innate divinity. Here is where you will be receiving the guidance completely and spontaneously. When you have a thought, an idea springs forth from the intent of that thought, and from that idea springs the manifestation of the idea. In your limitedness there was always the filter, called the ego; indecision, exaggeration, small-mindedness, limit, etc. In this new energy, there is instant compliance with the thought and idea, for in the divineness there is the intelligence of Spirit, and the wisdom of creation of purity. Therefore, only appropriate thought is brought forward.

            My friends, the way for you to assist this process is to monitor your thoughts and allow the divinity within you to select the purity of your being. Pay attention to the feelings you have surrounding every aspect of your life. There is a maelstrom of activity that is taking place at this time with those on your world who would keep you in their illusory world. They operate at their tip-top in that illusion; they dare not give themselves over to the divinity, for to do so would take them from their sense of power and authority. This is their world, and you do not need to have a place in it. You have your place, and it is within your choice. You have the authority to take your place in the freedom of the divine and live in that light. This is the time when all awakening men and women are finding their way to their inner heart. They are treading the path of knowing, and they are finding a deeper familiarity with where they find themselves. Stay sure and strong, and you will find that the more you are where you are, the stronger and surer you lead your life.

            I leave now this communication, for it is time to move the clock and regard it as always. There is no clock here, for I see you all as the light beings that you are. Your clock is slowing down and will soon stop, for the clock is based on count number ten and the seven is bringing you back to twelve, and that is the eternal time, which is all at once.



Thank you dear Digotaronda,

Nancy Tate