Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 5, 2003


              Good morning my friends I am Diaclosities, and I wish to tell you a story about a boy and a girl who found themselves in the midst of a chaotic endeavor. This was an endeavor that they both knew they would probably find themselves in for the last time, so they really paid attention to the points of it that made them feel good. When they did something that made them feel good, they wrote it down in a diary, of sorts. Then when they found themselves not enjoying the feeling, they disregarded it, telling themselves that there was nothing to that, and that they really were feeling good about it. Then they wrote that good feeling thought that came forth from that. This was the way they carried this endeavor out to the end. Then when they finished, they referred to the paper that recorded their experience. They found that there were so many different ways in which they had done the same thing, in many different ways, that it all seemed to be the same. Yet it lasted for over a week. This endeavor was to play a game of chance, relying on the circumstances around them to provide the stimulus.

            I will outline the procedure of this game, so that you may choose to play it if you wish. On any day, with yourself or with another, for it matters not how many play this game, take any event that happens from the outside of your home and follow it to the end of where it takes you. Then record in your diary the feelings that you had along the way. In this way you will have to pay attention, be very present to yourself, as you go along. Remember, that if you do not feel good about something that is happening, record it as a good feeling; that which you interpret as the opposite of the not-good feeling you have. What this does is to show you how you can turn your feelings around and experience that which can give you a joyful, happy life, no matter what the circumstances are around you.

            When this game was first thought of, it was as a result of two people doing this quite automatically. They decided that they were going to play the game of life deliberately and not bring troubling feelings into their life. So they became aware for a whole day of all the feelings they had. This was quite a challenge, for they realized through this that they went through life for the most part in a stupor, just sort of reacting and not being aware of their feelings, or actions that resulted from them. They knew that this was the reason that they were so miserable, because they had just been allowing life and other people and circumstances to run their life.

            So they played this game, and they found that after about a month of playing this game regularly, it became second nature to them, and their lives were changing. They began to see life as a wonderful pastime, and they were having a great many more happy feelings than not-happy feelings, turned around. They are now living in this realm that I live in, for they have found this wonderful valuable tool to the achievement of the destiny of their life, lived in purpose and created with deliberateness for the joy of life. Playing this simple wonderful game is a tool that you can bring to your life that can be earth shaking in its scope. You can make the earth change under your feet, and watch the blooms of your life spring forth and multiply just by playing and being present in that play.

            I encourage you to the play and the game. I will be monitoring you and enjoying the show, for I see in many of you that you are already engaged in a similar pastime. This will streamline it and give you a view of yourself that will prove to be most rewarding and revealing. I wish for you happy games and happy feelings, for they are there, around every bend and behind every shadow. Bring them out into the light, and watch them transform. Your life can be everything you desire when you live it in the present awareness that this game can bring you. This is my gift to you this day; enjoy it and make good use of it, for you are wonderful party people! Happy trails!


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate