Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 3, 2003


             Good morning to you all! I am Diaclosities, and I welcome you to the day. In our world we are seeing the roses and the sunrise as they touch each other with their light. We are seeing the life of choice and reverence mellow together and become one. We are seeing the tides as they push against the shores and kiss the sands with their cool lift of spirit. It is a grand way to start the day!

            Now we are living the promise that we brought to ourselves, in the glow of the full moon. It is a grand life, and it is yours for the claiming; for you are we, and we are you in potential. We hold the promise that you make to yourselves, and we caress the memory that you have of us.

            When you get here in this realm, and you walk the shores and byways that we are walking, you will feel a familiarity. You will recognize the energy from your dreams. You will know that you have been here before for a second and a lifetime. You will know that you were destined to be here, for it was told in all that you planned and dreamed. It will be as putting on a glove and walking in the footsteps that yesterday you put in the sands of time.

            My dear friends, there is a saying that we have here, and that is, “You are never over the hill here, just over the trials and tribulations.” This is the way of it here. This is no ordinary realm in which we live. This is where the dreams of yesterday are played out, refined and delivered to the moments of our lives. This is also where the changes can come about with ease and joy.

You are just a mere millimeter away from living this realm. You will find when you are here that it seems but a second ago you were still mired in the muck that you struggled in, that is the swiftness with which the transformation is made. You will become that which you know you are from one moment to the next. It is called the shift by many in your present realm. Yes, that is the word that promises this realm. That is the reality for which you are striving. I say to you that there is a time when you set aside the striving, and just know that you are here. Feel it, go to the inner reaches of your beingness and recognize the breath of lightness. There you are; there you were all along.

 Find the lightness by which you now live your life. Find that it is not loaded down with all the “have to’s” and “shoulds” that you lived within in your preceding realm. Find the freedom of the moment, and live that freedom fully and joyfully. The results will show themselves in some of the faces that the “shoulds” and “have to’s” would bring about. The difference being that they came about in the joy in which you saw them born, the knowing that gave them birth.

My dear ones, you are soon to see the birthplace of the changes that come about in this realm. There is to be a starting point through which you will see and experience the hope for the blessed life. This is going to be brought forward in the material world, and then you will feel it in your hearts and in your souls. It will help to lift your heart up beyond the confines in which it has fallen through the years of oppression that you have agreed to experience. It has all been in purpose, and it has all been fruitful for this realm; for you come to this realm as fully realized beings. This is the beginning of the rise from the influences of the ones who have sought to bring to you the opposite of the energies in which you were created. They have done well, my dear ones, and some have lost their vision in the murkiness that they created. They are so powerful! You are so powerful!                      The Light is prevailing, for it always does. This is why you all knew that you could immerse yourselves in this play and come out on the other side in the lightness with which you entered the corridors of time and space. You knew that your world would be fuller; you knew that you would be a grander you. You knew that in the end of the performance you would all gather and congratulate each other on a job well done. You just didn’t know the degree by which this was to be. This is the serenade I give you, my friends. This is the song that sings it all. It is a grand and wonderful realm that awaits your coming, and you are just on the threshold.

Now I say to you farewell, for this communication. I am never away from you, for I am right by your side in the mirror of the realm in which you now reside. You are my twin as all who live here are twins of all of you. We reserve your spaces here and preserve your dreams. Coming home will be as a song and a prayer of thanksgiving. Sing it loud and clear, for it is your song. Blessings to you!



Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate