Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 19, 2003

            Good morning my friends, I am here to tell you of a time when the world was young and so were you. I am Diaclosities, and I was here in my glory as one you knew as Hercules. I roamed the soils of my homeland and walked in the shoes of a warrior of the mighty. I placed myself in danger everyday and every night. I continued to plague the wicked and the insensitive, and I did it in the name of God.

            As I stormed into battle after battle, I carried my sword of truth high, and I fought proudly and in mighty defense of the God I defended with my last breath. This was the truth I carried throughout many of my lives, and when I came to the end of those lives, that is how I died. When I reached the other side, I saw how I had misrepresented the idea of God, and continued the myth throughout many lives. So strong was my conviction in life that you must have a foe to prove your might and your testimony, that I did not allow the real strength of truth to come forth in itís gentleness of purpose.

            Oh, I was a gentle man in many ways, and a gentle woman as well, in those lives in which I adorned my vestiges of battle. When not in combat, I assumed a role of love and tenderness. This only intensified the role of warrior, for I saw the fullness of purpose and the identity of the love I felt for all of humanity by fighting the fiercest battle in defense of the love of humanity. I did not see that the battles were in defense of me, and my ideas of the value of life and the way it is lived.

            My role as the defender of the weak only encouraged them to more weakness. My battles against the tyrannical only kept that idea of tyranny alive for those who felt victimized by them. My wars on the wicked and the evil ones only served to keep them in purpose for as long as there was a defender to come up against them. This was the illusion that I helped to perpetuate. This was the ground from which I employed my sense of worth.

            Then one day I came upon a tiny spider. This spider hopped upon my sword and just sat there proud and arrogant in its stance. I, being a mighty warrior, was not afraid. I looked at the tiny spider and I dared it to move. It remained steadfast and unmoving. I shook the sword and tried to alter its position; it moved not an inch. I twirled the sword and thrust it into the ground. Still the spider remained where it had first alighted. I bent to see it more clearly. What was it about this spider that fascinated me so? Why had it taken my attention so mightily? As I drew nearer in my gaze at the spider, its little head turned and its eyes gazed into mine. I was held spellbound. Those eyes were as deep and as huge as all outdoors. I could not remove my gaze from them, for they held me transfixed. I saw such beauty in those eyes, such utter stillness and love. I could not move; I could not speak. I remained stooped over, staring into the eyes of eternity for what seemed to be forever.

            You see, I felt that in the instant that I was thus occupied it was forever. This is how it is in the annals of time. I went somewhere that day in that stare. I went home to the place of my origin, and I saw myself for who I really was. I saw God, and I saw all of creation. It changed my life, and it happened in that one instant of time. But right there on that spot on earth, beside the sword that shivered in the light, that spider took me to eternity and back. I learned something that day. I learned that it matters not the size of the warrior, the breadth of his skill and daring, or the battles he wins on the blood-soaked soil. The battles he wins inside himself are the battles with his own darkness. These are the battles he wins with himself, and these are the peacemakers that bring him closer to who he really is, and the Creator who gave him life. I stopped in my fight for the oppressed long enough to see that I was the oppressed, and I was creating that with my fighting. That is when I stopped fighting, my friends. I put down my sword and picked up my shovel and started creating life, rather than taking it. I created food for the hungry and the oppressed. I fed the armies of angry ones and found that their anger was from hunger. That hunger came from the emptiness inside that was represented in their vacated spirit. From that point on, as I walked the fields of battle it was with a treasure trove of food and love.

That was the turning point in my life; the one that set me on a course for this place where I am now. Oh, I found a great many ways to experience this life after that one. Nevermore did I take anotherís life in battle, or in any other way. When I found my way to this place within I did so through love of myself and of all that is.

I will see you soon, as you gaze into the eyes of your spider, and see eternity. I will gaze at you from the other side of those eyes and you will see the God I see, for He is within all of us. We all see each other as we see ourselves, and we see God in all of it.

            I go now and encourage you to not step on any spider, but to thank it for being around. It may be your spider and your window to eternity.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate