Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 18, 2003

            Good morning my dear ones. How is this day looking for you so far? Is there a plan in the works whereby you will be coming into the place of divine guidance, or are you going to just go about your day as you feel? I am Diaclosities, and I am here to tell you that there is really no difference.

            Yes, my dear friends, they are really one and the same. Your inner guidance is manifested by your feelings. When you make a decision and the result is wonderful, how did you feel when you made the decision to begin with? This is something you may want to pay attention to, for it is the feelings that speak for the soul. Never mind what your mind says, if it differs from the feelings, for the mind would be controlled by the ego, which is coming from fear. You can address the ego, and assure it that the action you are taking because of your feelings will lead you to heaven on earth. Then when that proves to be true, your ego will sit up and take notice.

            Your ego is a helpful part of you; now it is time to thank it for all the assistance it has been to create the life you’ve had. While you’re at it, you can now tell it that you will be pleased to bring it into the new paradigm, and invite it to become a gentle partner with you. Now it will assume a different role, and be an equal partner, sharing in the glory. So the process begins; you retrain your ego to become that willing and eager partner who will share in the wonderful things that you do. It will supply much of the enthusiasm; indeed it already is assuming that role. It will revel in the triumphs of joy that are pervading your life and will continue to. This is a wonderful hand in hand road that you travel now with your ego. Start thinking of your ego in different terms. Instead of the enemy and one to overcome, think of it as your friend and compatriot with whom you will have many splendid adventures. Think of it as your lover who will always be there for you, and you for it. Think of it as your partner in this life experience in all ways, and you will sail through life, assisting it to the glory that you experience.

            When you have started doing this; then watch your life change. Watch the events of your life become more deliberate and easier. Watch the people around you change and become more loving and agreeable. Watch the numbers of friends come and go in their relationship to your newfound freedom of expression. Your relationships will change because you will change in your relationship with your ego. Tell your ego that you love it, over and over again. Instill the trust of your ego, and you will trust yourself more. Remember that your ego is not separate from you, and now along with the uniting of the spirit comes the uniting of the whole, in concept as well as reality.

            I bring you this message this morning so that you may find another way to find your reality in this dimension that I share with all of your realized dreams. There is actually a midway place to this dimension in which lives a myriad display of potential dreams come true. They are all put there by all of you. You actually have a choice, in most cases of the ultimate reality that you intend for your lives. And they are all in that midway point to this dimension. This has been created from your changeability, and it is fluid, as is your lifestream. Making friends with and helping it to become one with you in intent will assist you to find the perfect dream reality to bring to this dimension. And one more thing, my friends; it doesn’t end here! No, this is the stepping off place into infinity, and you take this energy with you wherever you go, whatever dimension you visit, you are always in this dimension for it is the vehicle by which you travel. We are the Merkaba for your life pattern. Yes, that is true; now perhaps you understand a little more about dimensions. They are all within you. You are huge, and expandable. You are beyond your wildest dreams, for you never get on the other side of who you are; it is impossible for you never reach infinity. There is no other side to it; there is no end of it, and the beginning of something else. All is part of the One, and goes on forever. So, if you think you don’t have time to incorporate your ego fully, we’ll wait for you; it will be but a second, a moment in time. And then, voila, there you are completely integrated and loving it! Start by loving it now, in your mind and heart, and before you know it, it will be so. And as the great beloved magnetic master Kryon says.

            And so it is!


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate