Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 13, 2003


             This is a morning to soften the lines on your face. It is a morning to smooth the passages of time, and find the lost youth of yesterday. For now is the time when time begins to march backward, and all of you will know a new freshness when you allow it to come in.

            Hello, I am Diaclosities, and I tell you of the potential that you live within right now. This is a legacy that you left yourselves when you left your successive lives and came into this one. This is the time when you have chosen to come into the changeability of the time between the worlds. This is it, my friends; this is the time that spans the two worlds of duality and amnesia, and that of the awakening to the fullness of who you are.

            In my world, which we hold in security for you, there is something happening that is grand in its scope. We are holding an energy that whispers to you of its grandness. We are telling you what it is like here; and we are seeing into your potential future, for we are living the grandest of it. And we are showing you in your dreams how it can be for you. Oh, there are choices still, and you have created them with your thoughts. We have seen those as well, and we are living the promise of the grandest ones.

            Would you like a preview? I will give some hints at random. Beverly in Cincinnati; if you go to the part of your city that represents higher education and enroll in the fine arts section of that university, you will meet someone who will offer you a beautiful opportunity. Roulfe in Ottawa, when you get up in the morning of the second day from today, the phone may ring. If so, when you answer it, listen very well, for it could bring you an idea for your next venture. Mr. Adolph Crison, tell your daughter that you love her, and that you would like to see her. Bonnie, you are about to find a lucky penny; give that penny to the next person who comes along, and tell them that you like something about them (their hair, clothes, smile, etc). Rudy in Choctaw, go about your business and you will find it suffocating; take a different turn that you have been contemplating, and you will find an open door that leads to the gold. And finally, Missy in South Bend, you will benefit from telling your boss that you are going for a vacation; this is the time for you to make your move.

            You see, my friends, there are choices that you make, for all kinds of reasons. These choices are not always the ones that take you toward a grandness. They sometimes take you further along the comfort zone, or into a mess that you didnít see coming because you had your blinders on. When you make decisions that take you to the gold, you have made them by listening to that still quiet voice inside that allowed you to step forward in strength and confidence. Even though the choice may have revealed a bit of fear, when the choice came to you in strength and solidity, it came to you in truth. Trust that voice, that feeling, that knowingness, even in the face of wondering whether it will actually work for you. When the fear arises, face it squarely and ask it what it is telling you. What does the fear represent? When youíve gotten beyond that, then youíve discovered the other reason for making the choice. Itís a way of clearing out the garbage; itís a way of moving forward lighter and freer.

            Have fun along the way, and know that whatever you choose, it does not have to be forever. Any choice that you make will be a learning experience. It can be the thing that gets you from point A to point G without even skirting the points in between. Youíre that much further ahead, and you took the chance to get there. Play with your ideas. See where they lead you in your mind. Know that you are at the wheel, and it is your life that you lead.

            I am on my way to a picnic; anyone wish to join me? Thereís blueberry pie, and fried chicken, potato salad, green salad, watermelon, and cool lemonade. You notice I mention the pie first; yum-m! Have a great day; see you in the next turn of the wheel!


Thank you dear, fun Diaclosities,

Nancy Tate