Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 12, 2003


             This is a morning for playing in the country. This is a morning for singing a song. This is a morning to bring yourself out of the doldrums, for you have a wonderful world, and you are in charge of your world. Good morning I am Baldor, and I come to you today with a message of peace and goodwill.

            Today there is an event going on, on Orloff that supercedes all other. It is an event that takes us to the top of our world and keeps us there all day long. This is an event that brings home the idea of living in authority, and keeping our lives in perfection and peace for all times.

            When we start our day, we call together all of the people in the particular village that we live in. We all meet in the Field of Victory, so-called in purpose. We then stand by while each person tells of the grandest thing he did all year, and the least grand thing. Then he proceeds to tell us his estimation of the rewards he garnered.  One by one, we go through this process. With the larger towns and cities, we group ourselves into neighborhoods, etc. for the purpose of expediency.

            Within this process lies the key for empowerment with our neighbors and family. We all know what each other considers to be rewarding; and we thusly know how we respond to and live with them successfully. There is a real sharing that takes place, and we are able to tune in to them at a moments notice throughout the year for the purpose of being of service in love and in joy. There is no one who in need does not at least have the opportunity to have those needs met by an understanding heart, or a helping hand.

            Through all this, we also respect the othersí need for privacy. We do not attend to their needs and desires if we receive the message to stay away, for privacy is needed for the resolution of the situation. This is a communication that we have fine-tuned through the years on the planet. We are using our powers of telepathy in a way that most suits us. We have kept these powers sharp and keen through the regular use of them.

            There was a time in our evolvement from the time when we were expelled from our mother universe that we practically had to start from fresh. We were left with these abilities intact, though very weak, for we didnít have the mutual support of the energies of our universal family. As we grew in strength and evolved, we found means by which we could develop our innate abilities to a strength that represented our new way of existing. We drew on the intelligence that we each walked in and found the ways that would best support us in our deliverance of the lives we chose.

            In a way, this is what you are involved in right now. It is not the same, though there are adjustments you will be making for your lives when you are on the other side of the shift. Indeed, you are already undergoing early changes in which you are finding yourselves feeling topsy-turvy, and not knowing how to respond. I say to stop and center, and bring a warm fuzzy feeling into your heart. Think of anything that has made you feel good and bring that feeling strong and sure into yourself. Then associate that feeling with your present circumstances, and find the part of the circumstance that makes you feel like the warm fuzzy. Relativity is a valuable tool. You are not alone in the universe. We were alone for a time, for we were without our family, and felt as if we had been abandoned to make do on our own.

            You may feel this way from time to time; remember, just as we found out, you are never alone. There is always a voice to call on, and that is the voice of the Creator; and that voice is within each and every one of you, and us. When you arise in the morning feeling torn this way and that, pause and feel that warm feeling about anything that makes you feel good. Then arise with the feeling in your heart, and allow it to carry you through the day, through all the warm fuzzys of the day.

            I leave you now and invite you to whisper to me of the grandest event of your year, and the least grand of the year; and then tell me the rewards of both. Then tell someone else, and invite them to tell you theirs. It can be a most revealing pastime for you. Have a great time and a great year. We love you all and feel the family connection already. Thank you for being there.


Than you dear Brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate