Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 16, 2003


             This is a morning in which the clouds pass away and allow the sun to shine bright and clear over the horizon. It is a morning in which to see for miles and never leave your doorstep. I rejoice whenever I feel the breeze blow against my cheek and rustle the leaves on the trees. It is the symphony of the planet that touches my senses in the morning. I am Avenda, and as my host wakes in the morning and starts her day I glory in the simple pleasures that living in the world afford, Her dog, Toshiro is a fine example of how it is to have a communion with the pet who is in your homage. He is a large presence in her life, and the match was made centuries ago. This is the last reincarnation that this sweet dog will undergo in this form. He will choose another calling when this long life is over for him.

            I wish to address this matter this morning, for there are so many of you who have allegiance with a wonderful dog or cat, or some other species of pet with whom you have great rapore. There is a special bond between a pet and his ward. The animals are here to fill a special place in a humanís life. They are here to show unconditional love and understanding. That understanding is in the love, and is not necessarily communicated in a way that the humans can convey. They just know and feel this understanding; it is more a sense that the pets understand them, for the pets represent a purity of God to them.

            When one brings a pet into their life, they do so with an expectation of caring and nurturing, and with a desire for companionship. There is a need the humans have to be in the company of one who will stand by them, no matter what. The pets fulfill a need that the humans have to be nearer to God. It is a way that they can find that God, and never have to look inside.

            However, this is where the catch is. The pet proceeds to live a life that impels the human to do that very thing. He is forced, through the energy that is imparted, to look inward and find the source of the love for the animal. This may not be a conscious thing; however it happens, none-the-same. Pretty soon, the pet is acting in a way that the human can find rather bothersome. He finds some of the petís actions irritating, and doesnít understand why this is happening. What has happened to the pet that he should have developed this habit, or way of being?

            My friends, this is the mirror coming into place. This is where the irritation comes from. Stop and look at why your pet may be irritating you. What is it that crops up in him from time to time that you donít like? Perhaps it would be wise to look at the action and the resulting irritation, and find that same action mirrored in yourself. See how your pet can be of beautiful service to you? In the meantime, he just goes on loving you. No wonder you look to him to find God.

            The pets are going to take you into the next phase of this life; and then you will find that there will be a whole new paradigm for the pet kingdom as well. Havenít they earned this right? Donít they have a place in this journey as well? They are faithful and true, and only turn on you when they are attacked, or threatened. They wait all day for you to return and spend a few minutes with you before you turn your attention to something else. They are loyal, and sit by your side when there is a houseful of people. They romp and play with you; then when you tire of the game, and theyíre just getting wound up, they lay at your side and love you, uncomplaining. Some times when they sense you just need a little coaxing, they nudge at you playfully, insistently, till you give in and go to that place within that needs to play and lighten up. They know you, and they serve in love and obedience to the sense of purpose in which they were born.

            They too have a passage of evolvement in this life of years. They too find a purposed stream of activities through which to evolve to a state of growth that reflects their experience. They most often choose to come back to the same owner many times in succession, or sometimes skipping a lifetime or two. This is for the purpose of bringing growth opportunities to themselves while at the same time doing the same for their human.

            Who is your present pet? Was he familiar to you from the start? Does he remind you of another pet you had, perhaps the most recent? Look at the circumstances around which you found him this time. What was his first reaction to you, and yours to him? Why did you name him what you did; is there any connection to the name of a former pet?

            When you play with, feed, hug, brush, bath, take on a walk, or just sit and pet your pet today, ask him what else you can do for him. You may be surprised what comes to your mind. Be open, and allow his message to come to you clearly and strong. He may just say, ďJust love me.Ē


Thank you dear Avenda,

Nancy Tate