Morning Wakeup Call Message
June 10, 2003


             In the morning of 2003, June 10 there came a promise that one made to herself. This promise consisted of a nuance of energy that she referred to as time. This time was the forefront of activity, and the activity was the experience of time. Good morning, I am Avenda, and I speak of the relevancy of this one’s life to that of another, any other.

            This is the kind of thing that has driven men wild in the retelling in order to convey the principle by which they speak. All that was necessary in order to dispel the principle by which they spoke was to include the factor of spirit. This explained the whole, and emptied into the principle with the simplicity of the perfection of the universe. When this came into the equation, it became the essence of the whole. It became the very substance by which time could be monitored. There came into that equation a degree of time that was influenced by perception.

            In the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, there was a great deal of usage of the moldability of time. This enabled the ones who lived in those times to create many abbreviations of what they termed time. They were able to delve into the substance of time, the experiences created through time, and double the amount of time it took to carry through in some of the experiences. They did this through the use of their mind in conjunction with the crystals that they employed. They cut some of those crystals and refined the positioning of them in relation to the celestial bodies. They garnered energy from those bodies that gave the reactions from the crystals different identities of time, and its relevancy to those who manipulated them.

            This was accomplished with a great deal of forethought. There were mathematical formulas devised that enabled them to more fully understand and manipulate time. They came to understand the concepts of time travel, and in so doing, they traveled through time and changed events in time. This caused disruptions of the energies, and encouraged further manipulations. The resulting energies of experience became warped, and this caused a disillusionment of certain factors of their existence. The core of the earth began to establish itself more in disruption than in harmony. This brought unsettlement within her layers, and great earth changes stared to disrupt the peacefulness with which she existed.

            This soon showed itself on the surface, through the upheavals that erupted from time to time. Portions of land began to erupt in volcanic activity, and great rivers and streams either closed up, or widened into giant chasms. This is what lead to the destruction of those great landmasses. Both of those civilizations perished because of the manipulations of time in relativity with the crystals and the cosmos. Lemuria went first, and their manipulations lay the groundwork for the manipulations of the ones on Atlantis. The difference was that the ones in Lemuria came to realize that the disruptions caused by their greed for power had started a chain reaction that they could not stop without a complete revamping of the manipulations that they had undergone.

            There was a particular group that repeatedly undermined certain one’s attempts to reverse the damage they had done; and soon, there was no turning back. The deed was done, and history lost some very pertinent data by which the records of this civilization would have been known as fact. Those who attempted to save their continent fled to Atlantis, and worked with them to reverse what they were doing. However, the reign of power was so great that the destructive steps were already in place, and they too were doomed to disappear under the sea with no visible records of their existence.

            This all could have been averted, however, the end would have come at some time, for the energies of potential for this to happen was already in place. It was all part of the plan. Call it planned obsolescence; call it self-fulfilled prophecy. It was engineered by the forefathers of time for these two civilizations to make their mark on earth and leave a legacy of destruction and karma for the earth and all life on it. This is one of the pieces of history that has not been brought forward. This is part of the legacy that these two continents left for this generation to discover. Yes, this discovery was programmed to come forward at this time, and indeed it is happening all over the globe.

            I now come to the end of this message, and relay to you that there will be more to come concerning this, through another means of communication. Look for a transcript of this and more information as to the history of earth and the life forms she has experienced. I leave you now with a happy day in time. I love you all. Blessings to you.


Than you my dear Avenda,

Nancy Tate