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There is coming a time when all of you will be in the know about what is taking place on your planet and within. For now it is a matter of settling in and enjoying yourself as the days grow into weeks and months of the workup time to the full ascension of earth and all of life within and on its surface.


I am Hatonn, and I come to you this day in order to alleviate some of the worries that you have and some of the doubts that are shadowing the earth at this time. As we go through this process we are seeing what is coming forth in your lives and how you are encountering the breakthroughs that are steadily climbing for you. It is a matter of being able to take your strides in what comes your way, and see that they are indeed temporary and designed to clear the old stuff from your beingness. As this happens you are finding that once the clouds have lifted you are feeling more Joyous and at ease, lighter and more in tune with yourself.


This is a wondrous time for you all, and as we see what you are expressing in the overtures of your clearing we rejoice for we see that as the old terms of life expel from your beingness, the new lighter energies are blossoming forth and expressing themselves in a way that is unmistakably Love.


We ask that you see this as the fulfillment of the promise that you have given to yourselves as you saw each phase of the clearing taking hold and setting free all that has been an encumbrance in the past. We see that as the events around the world that are taking precedent in some people’s lives, are but mere annoyances in the moment, and are then set to rest within those who see them for what they are, separate from them. The freedom that this brings you, as the ideas of the annoyances fade away, is by far more of what your trueness is than so many of the hindrances that you all agreed to so many millennia ago.


You have done it, dear ones. You have gone beyond those hindrances and come forth from the boundaries that you set into place. When you set them in place you knew that at some point they would fall away because you would allow it. You knew that some day you would look back on all of this and tell yourself that it was worth it, because it gave a gift to all of existence. Now you are rising even more than you realized you could into the spectrum of idealism and knowingness that takes you to an unbounded evolutionary process.


That process is entirely of Love. It is geared to move you forward in the Love energy that you are. It is already seeing you in the newness that you are destined for. As you begin to see that newness more and more, you will realize that you are in this for all of existence. You will know that nothing that you did, experienced, or brought into manifestation was wrong, for it was all designed in the interest of what you are expressing in your potential.


I leave this message now with these words. As you go on into eternal bliss and express what it is that you have chosen for your journey, you are adding to the completeness of what The Creator saw for you. You are hand in hand with the All That Is and it is completely Love unbounded and in harmony with all of existence. Blessings are upon you, of your own design. Gather them to your bosom and dance through the eternal Now forever and a Day.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate