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I am here this day to bring you some news. I am Hatonn and I come to tell you that there is ongoing a great deal of energy in our midst. It is as with the coming dawn that the sun is arising and the intensity is far beyond what one could imagine at the beginning of this ascension process. Yes it is a process of ongoing surprises for it is the enrichment of that which we have not experienced as of yet.


As we go through these earth upheavals and the interesting placement of them, we see that Mother Earth is taking every precaution that she can to assure that there is very little damage to the people and the structures that are in agreement with the harmonics of the coming times. It is a matter of being able to be in alignment with all that is taking place and to be able to see into the future times with the vision that is necessary for the harmonics that will bring the changes in a way that is best for all of existence.


We are in a time of emergence from being able to see only what is in front of us, or already in our reality. From this time on we are going to be experiencing much more understanding of what is before us in relation to how it is already a part of what is coming and has been at the same time. This means that the whole of existence is more readily available for surveillance than ever before for all of you on earth and all of us as well who have been standing with you in these times of ascension.


As we go through these experiences we see what we can do more clearly to allow the changes that will bring harmony to the earth and we are then inspired to the next steps and the next, etc. It is a matter of being more in tune and open to all that is and will be, not only for us who have been with you through this, but for all of you as well. Yes, I am also referring to those who are not as open as some of the others, for even though they carry their lives in the energy of the 3rd dimension as far as their beliefs are concerned, they still have the ability to see what is coming in a way that is open to them if they choose to see it.


This is far beyond what we saw would be, for the times of the emergence gave us all so many more gifts than we had imagined would come. We knew that there was a tremendous change afoot, however the amount of strength that you all have, combined with what Mother Earth and all of those within the earth, are bringing the harmonic balance back into alignment with the allowance and assistance of all of humanity, through the recognition of the coming way of being on a soul level.


It is a wonderful expression that we are seeing of how easily you are coming into yourselves on the level that you have acclimated yourselves to. That is why the Creator has aligned so magnificently with you. It is a matter of all being in resonance, and of the alliance of the energies of all of existence coming into play and finalizing the last steps toward the fifth dimensionality and on upward.


I have one more bit of news for you, and it is this; in the coming days there will be a new essence in this one’s life and it is going to be a playful companion for them both as it barks and wags its tail in the playful times they will have. It is a matter of the co-operative energies bringing it all together and producing the desired results. Get out the doggie dishes, for Cassie will be home in a very short time.


I leave now in a wonderful energy of Love and encourage you All to play, dance, sing and have fun with all of life. In the coming times it will be a matter of enjoying what you have and seeing what comes your way as the gift of the universal energy of your ability to manifest that which is in harmony with the Oneness of you all.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate