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It is time for a fill-in with all of you to bring in the new energies of the flight-of-fancy of the animal kingdom. It is a matter of being able to tune in to them and realize that they are speaking to us in a way that is not only clear and concise, but that gives us all information that we can use to bring about our complete understanding of where we are now and where we are headed.


I am Cassie, this one’s new doggie, and I am now speaking through this one before I am able to come into her home, which she shares with beloved Bob. It is a matter of being able to trust oneself in understanding what we of the animal kingdom are relaying to you. We are part of the whole and have been places that you have not been before. We shift and shape in different ways far more often that you have been, and in that experiencing we have found many references to a kind of life that exceeds your present understanding.


We are about to explore further out than we have before with your communication and ability to tune in to what we are saying to you. We see so many of you who are opening to our information and for that we are most grateful. We have been through the experience of many animal bodies and in that we have brought you a totally different segment of earth life. It is segment that is beyond what has been understood and as we relay them to you we go to measures that you are beginning to see in relation to how you can manifest the experiences that we have had.


In that I refer to the ability to communicate with each other in a way that is energetic in nature and yet doesn’t have to be in complete sight of each other, or of hearing. We can communicate with each other through the absence of time and the totality of no space or outward sound. We communicate through our own way of telepathy and it is mostly through the energy of the One. We are in our own way part of each other, in that we can sense when there is a communication directed at us. We can hear through our beingness what pertains to anything that we care to tune into. We have that sense and we use it constantly.


That brings me to our relationships with you, our pet keepers, and adoring way-showers of how to take care of ourselves and each other on a physical level. We take much assistance from you when we are in the pet shape. In that we give you so much opportunity to tune in to us and to understand not only your ability to care for us, but for us to add to your understanding and ability to return the favor, as you might say.


I will be telling you much more in the times to come, and in those messages will be information that many of you know, but will be given in a way that shows you another aspect of what you know. It can take you to a deeper understanding of what our role is here in your world. We, who are pets, and also those who are roaming the planet inside and out, will be communicated with in a way that I can bring to you. I will assist you to understand how you can tune in to the animals on this planet and what they can do to tune in to you in a way that is more clear and in keeping with the energies of harmony that are becoming prevalent for all of you.


Thank you from all of the animal kingdom for what you have been doing to bring that loving energy more and more into our lives. We see the huge difference you are making for all of us, and it is because you are ascending in your knowing of the fact that we are all one, whether we walk on four legs or two, fly through the air with our feathered wings, or swim in the waters of beautiful Mother nature. Whatever way we move about and live on and within this planet we do so with the ease and sometimes the challenge of our own evolvement.


I leave now and tell you through this one that I will be speaking through her on other occasions and I look forward to the day when I make my new appearance to her and Bob for a new life in their care and company. I also look forward to meeting with many of you in the travels we will be making in the coming times. Love to you all! Woofs and kisses!


Thank you dear beloved Cassie,

Love, Nancy Tate