July 29, 2019                Click here for Printable


 Wake up Call: Nancy Tate, July 29, 2019


As we go through the coming days and find that what we once thought would be the way that our lives would become in the coming days, we will see how our thinking has such power that it is representing itself in how we are living and what we are finding comes to our lives. This can tell us in so many ways that we are already on the brink of rediscovering who we truly are and what this time in our lives is all about.


It is a time for us to recognize that we do have the power to create our lives in the ways that we want them to be. We have the creativity to bring into our lives that which we think of as being the way we want to live and how we can do it in a way that we'd not realized until now. This can bring us to the point of realizing what we have created recently and how we feel about it.


There are so many things that can give us reasons for what has been taking place in our lives that we either like, or don't understand the reason that they are part of what we are experiencing. It is a matter of looking at what our thoughts have been and then taking the truth of our power from there. We can see if we are in the process of creating our lives in the way we want them, or if we have been following old patterns that we've not even realized have come from our thoughts and feelings of the past.


I speak of the moments of the past, for in this moment we can all create what we desire and know is what we want. It is a matter of being able to allow ourselves to admit that we have either been following old stuff, or have found the way to bring what we want into our lives in the moment to moment way of being.


I am speaking from my inner self as I write this, and I see that I don't have to say it is someone else that has brought this to you, but it is from my inner self. I have been going through an interum that Spirit told me would be part of my life in the recent months. I now see what it has been for all of us, and for each of us in a way that has created our lives according to our thoughts and our feelings of how we have been experiencing our lives, even more than in the past times when we have been awake and understanding what that means to us at the time. Now I understand even more how our thoughts of the moment can influence the next ones, etc. to bring about what we are experiencing and how we can create it in the times to come.


To know it, to have read it here and there is one thing. However to live it in ways that you have not lived it till now is proof to me that this is the time for us all moving forth in what we have been told. We’ve known this for years, but on a deeper level, some of us may not have actually lived and seen it as we go through the experiences in our lives. To actually see the power of our thoughts and feelings, gives us the knowledge of how to make decisions and movements in our lives.


I feel that many of you who are reading this are saying that you know what I mean, and it explains how so many people are experiencing changes in their lives that they had not felt would come about. It is a time for awakening even more, and I join you all in the journey of opening up even more to what we can empower in our lives to bring about the Beauty, Love, and Creativity that is filled with so much Peace, Joy and Love for us and all around us. I Love you all, and I speak now to all of life, from people to animals, insects, trees, grass, all of vegetation, all of life on this planet and beyond. Love is all there is and we are all examples of it.


Love to you all,

Nancy Tate